052200SFEB16 – Website Update


Welcome back to the weekly update on the BerlinBrigade.com website upgrade project.

Here is the latest updates done to the website:
REGISTRY pages added

  • 4th Battalion 18th Infantry
  • 2nd Battle Group 6th Infantry Regiment
  • 3rd Battle Group 6th Infantry Regiment
  • 287th Military Police
  • 272nd Military Police


  • Additional Individual Gallery Pages
  • Links page
  • Completing the Commerce page
    • New T-Shirt design coming soon
  • Sound & Vision
  • Social Media Landing pages
  • any other pages that are not listed here

That’s it for this week.

I Thank You for Your Time And Support,
David Guerra
Owner and Founder, BerlinBrigade.com

2 thoughts on “052200SFEB16 – Website Update

  • Hello to the Brigade,
    I met members of your group this past week– at a viewing of Mr. Spielberg’s movie; “Bridge of Spies”.( The film has its own Facebook page too.)
    Your members love the movie and have seen it several times and they thought— I should reach out and say hello. Tom Hanks** portrays my father, James B. Donovan in this movie. The U-2 pilot and Russian spy exchange took place this month in Berlin. I am hoping all your members got a chance to see this movie and perhaps read my dad’s book on this event “Strangers on A Bridge”( Amazon) .
    Over the months I have met several military men and women at my speeches –who lived thru the cold war in the 50’s and 60’s in Berlin and now I will recommend your organization to them, in case they have no knowledge…..I so hope you all enjoy the movie– they condensed the timing of some things/seasons – to accommodate a 2 hour movie……wish us luck at the Oscars!—

    • Thank you for sharing with us.
      We are all very excited the movie got the nomination and have our fingers crossed for the Oscar.

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