052200SFEB16 – Website Update


Welcome back to the weekly update on the BerlinBrigade.com website upgrade project.

Here is the latest updates done to the website:
REGISTRY pages added

  • 4th Battalion 18th Infantry
  • 2nd Battle Group 6th Infantry Regiment
  • 3rd Battle Group 6th Infantry Regiment
  • 287th Military Police
  • 272nd Military Police


  • Additional Individual Gallery Pages
  • Links page
  • Completing the Commerce page
    • New T-Shirt design coming soon
  • Sound & Vision
  • Social Media Landing pages
  • any other pages that are not listed here

That’s it for this week.

I Thank You for Your Time And Support,
David Guerra
Owner and Founder, BerlinBrigade.com

2 thoughts on “052200SFEB16 – Website Update

  1. Hello to the Brigade,
    I met members of your group this past week– at a viewing of Mr. Spielberg’s movie; “Bridge of Spies”.( The film has its own Facebook page too.)
    Your members love the movie and have seen it several times and they thought— I should reach out and say hello. Tom Hanks** portrays my father, James B. Donovan in this movie. The U-2 pilot and Russian spy exchange took place this month in Berlin. I am hoping all your members got a chance to see this movie and perhaps read my dad’s book on this event “Strangers on A Bridge”( Amazon) .
    Over the months I have met several military men and women at my speeches –who lived thru the cold war in the 50’s and 60’s in Berlin and now I will recommend your organization to them, in case they have no knowledge…..I so hope you all enjoy the movie– they condensed the timing of some things/seasons – to accommodate a 2 hour movie……wish us luck at the Oscars!—

    1. Thank you for sharing with us.
      We are all very excited the movie got the nomination and have our fingers crossed for the Oscar.

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