161841SJAN16 – Website Update


Here is the first of the weekly website updates.
Of course, there will be other posts on other topics but you can count on at least one weekly update that is strictly to keep you up to date on the website upgrade process.

Here is the latest updates done to the website:

  1. REGISTRY pages added
    1. 40th Armor, Company F
    2. 320th Field Artillery
    3. 94th Field Artillery
    4. 42nd Engineer Company
    5. Berlin Brigade HQ
    6. US Command Berlin
    7. 279th Station Hospital
    8. MEDDAC
    9. Family Members
    10. 592nd Signal Support Company
  2. A new page icon is now in use. The icon will be used when new pages in the REGISTRY are brought online. new
  3. A new page icon is now in use. The icon will be used when pages on the REGISTRY have be updated. updated
  4. BERLIN BRIGADE VETERANS BUSINESS DIRECTORY work has begun. The following pages have been added and now available for access:
    1. Bunk Beds West – Milwaukie, Oregon
    2. Coventry Health Care – Franklin, Tennessee
    3. European Starr Automotive, Inc. – Venice, Florida
    4. Expert Team One Realty, LLC – Flagler Beach, Florida
    5. HarbourTouch – Staten Island, New York
    6. LegalShield – Rio Rancho, New Mexico
    7. MG Restoration – Hurricane, West Virginia
    8. NorthLake Computer Services – Charlotte, North Carolina
    9. Rio Records Service – McAllen, Texas
  5. PODCAST #65 will come online before JANUARY 23, 2016
  6. PASSWORDS are OFF (at this time)
    1. Please note once all REGISTRY pages are online the password feature will be enabled.
    2. There will be one master password post to access all the registry pages.
    3. This password will be posted as a image. So be on the look out for that.
    4. YOU will be notified by Blog and Home page notices at least two weeks before the password goes into effect.
    1. 9 additional BBVBD pages
    2. The BBVBD Add/Deletions/Change page
    3. Additional Individual Gallery Pages
    4. Links page
    5. complete the Commerce page
    6. Sound & Vision
    7. Social Media Landing pages
    8. any other pages that are not listed here

That’s it for this week.

David Guerra
Owner and Founder