End of 2018 Update

Happy Holidays from Berlin Brigade dot com

Happy Holidays Everyone,

2018 is all but in the books. 2019 is just a couple of sunrises away.

Another year moves into the past and another year is just ahead, untainted, unblemished, full of promise and hope.

However, don’t be fooled 2019 is another year promising to deliver CHANGE. LOTS AND LOTS OF CHANGE.

As Veterans of the US Army Berlin Brigade, we know what change is all about. Our time in Berlin was nothing but chock full of change. There were no two ways around it, while it was a unique time in a unique place, NOTHING ever since has come even close. I am not sure if it is a good thing or bad, only time will tell that. In the meantime, all we have is this moment.


The BerlinBrigade(dot)com website has been re-vamped, updated, and about 99.997% operational. Most data is current, online, available, and remains FREE OF CHARGE (all the time).

While the Registry, Podcast, Veterans Business Directory, and Links pages are up-to-date, one major component remains offline: GALLERY. The Gallery section is still being compiled and will be made available most certainly before 13 January 2018.

A minor issue does remain with the Podcast. Past episodes will slowly return to the available listening list. As of today (29DEC18), episodes 92, 93, & 94 are online.


2019 marks the 22nd year of the website, BerlinBrigade.com. I am honored to continue carrying the torch, along with the support and confidence of everyone that has submitted to the registry. Thank you for allowing me the honor and privilege to continue to do so. I hope to continue doing this for a long time to come.


I am extending an invitation to you to be a GUEST on the Berlin Brigade Podcast. The time is overdue to return to having past members of the Berlin Brigade to share their story about their time in Berlin. It does not matter when you were in Berlin, what does matter is you sharing your story with not just us but with the world about our time in Berlin. Remember, no one else knows what we know, lived how we lived, and took away what we took away. So please consider being a guest. To do that all you have to do is drop me a line at Dave@BerlinBrigade.com

Danke und Glückliches Neues Jahr,