Registry Update (Blog Post 002-19)

Happy Weekend Everyone, just a quick post to share that we are up and running. The registry submissions have been made and as of 09 February 2019 at 0945 HRS Central Standard Time / 1645hrs Central European Time it is up to date with the latest submissions.

If you visit the registry and see that you are not on the list it may be you have NOT submitted your registry information. While it is NOT mandatory to submit, how else can your old friends, buddies, that guy that owes you those 5 marks find you? Therefore, if you want to submit your info all you have to do is CLICK HERE

Also, if your do NOT see your unit listed in the BerlinBrigade(dot)com registry, please look for the higher unit. Meaning if you served in Company B, 4th Battalion, 18th Infantry please check the 4th Battalion, 18th Infantry unit registry and you will see all subordinate units of the battalion in that page. Why are they all in one page? The answer is solely based on numbers. At this time, there are only 131 entries to the entire battalion. Once the registry count crosses the 150 entries then will the battalion be broken down into individual companies on the registry. WHY? That has been the standard since I started the website back in 1997. So get with your buddies and get them to submit their info and let’s bump up those rookie numbers.


Still working on getting this up and running. I do not have a date set for completion. However, keep checking back here for updates.


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That about sums it up for this blog post.


Dave Guerra
A/6/502/Berlin Brigade/US Army