Great Sunday Everyone,

Here is another a quick update to share with you. The registry submissions have been made and as of 02 March 2019 at 0900 Hours Central Standard Time / 1600hrs Central European Time is up-to-date.

Another reminder about getting yourself on the REGISTRY: If you visit the registry and see that you are not on the list it may be you have NOT submitted your registry information. While it is NOT mandatory to submit, how else can your old friends, buddies, that guy that owes you those 5 marks find you? Therefore, if you want to submit your info all you have to do is CLICK HERE

Also, if for some reason you do NOT have a password to access the unit registry please know and rest assured there is a password. That password is located at the TOP and BOTTOM of the registry directory page ( I promise it is there and it looks a little like this:

Still working on getting this up and running. I can now say that we should have this up and running by the middle of April 2019. Please, keep checking back here for updates.

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UNTIL NEXT TIME, I Thank You for your time and continued support,

Dave Guerra
A/6/502/Berlin Brigade/US Army