27Feb2016 Website Update


Welcome back to the weekly update on the BerlinBrigade.com website upgrade project.

Here is the latest:

  1. REGISTRY UPDATES (the following unit pages were updated)

    1. 1st Battalion 6th Infantry
    2. 2nd Battalion 6th Infantry
      1. A Company
      2. B Company
      3. C Company
      4. Combat Support Company
    3. 3rd Battalion 6th Infantry
      1. A Company
      2. B Company
      3. C Company
      4. Combat Support Company
      5. Headquarters & Headquarters Company
    4. Combat Support Battalion
    5. 4th Battalion 6th Infantry – B Company
    6. 4th Battalion 502nd Infantry – A Company
    7. 5th Battalion 502nd Infantry
      1. C Company
      2. Headquarters and Headquarters Company
    8. 6th Battalion 502nd Infantry – Headquarters & Headquarters Company
    9. 4th Battalion 18th Infantry – C Company
    10. 42nd Engineer Company
    11. 3rd Battle Group 6th Infantry
    1. COMMERCE page – new links added to include the individual unit coffee mug & stein page
    1. Additional Individual Gallery Pages
    2. Sound & Vision
    3. Social Media Landing pages
    4. any other pages that are not listed here

That’s it for this week. As always, I Thank You for Your Time And Support,

2 thoughts on “27Feb2016 Website Update

  • hi— I am watching the Oscars—- I just want to thank Mr. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, the Coen bros. and Matt Charman…and the production crew– for getting Berlin* during the Cold War* and all its intrigue just right…… share this if you have seen “Bridge of Spies” and I am humbled that my father, James Donovan is out of the shadows of history….and that you are all so enthusiastic about his moral code……thank you. I raise my glass ( champagne) to YOU. regards, Jim Donovan’s daughter

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving us this very nice message.
      We have our fingers crossed for BEST PICTURE.
      Go Team BRIDGE OF SPIES!

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