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Officially launched on January 1, 1998, after having an online presence since 1997, the purpose of is to give the veterans of the US Army’s Berlin Brigade the opportunity to show our pride and dedication. We can now show the world what went on 110 miles behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War and, ultimately, for the world to see what we did to win that war.

It is now 2015 and over 25 years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The world has changed some say for the better and some say for the worse. Nonetheless, the world has changed and continues to change. Gone are the days of the “Evil Empire”.

It is not uncommon for American and former Warsaw Pact soldiers go on patrols together, conduct joint operations in far off lands. Where once we stood toe-to-toe as adversaries we now see the face of friends staring back at us when we look towards the East. Today, we have a peace that can be traced back to one place in the history of the world: Berlin. At the gates of Checkpoint Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, the soldiers and airmen of the Berlin Brigade stood defending Berlin, the wonderful citizens of Berlin and everyone’s determination and commitment to freedom.

From out of the ashes of World War II to the Berlin Airlift to building of the Berlin Wall to President Kennedy’s famous “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” speech to the La Belle Disco Bombing to the Fall of the Berlin Wall and finally to the re-unification of Germany, the soldiers of the Berlin Brigade stood along side with the other Western Allies in their commitment to ensuring that the mistakes of the past would never be repeated.

Professionals in every sense of the word members of the Berlin Brigade rose to any occasion. Whether it was an ALERT at four o’clock in the morning, marching around the Siegessäule (Berlin Victory Column) with the Allies at the Allied Forces Day Parade to deploying as part of a United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Bosnia or to playing an active part in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, all CALLS were answered. They answered those calls with pride, dedication, and professionalism. They did this by serving side by side with the British and French Allies in the occupied city as well as with the citizens of Berlin, and when deployed forward with other UN member nation forces and allies.

Doughboy City, Ruhleben, French Commando School were some of the places where we worked and trained and prepared to do our job and support of mission and ensure that the reasons for being in Berlin were sustained. The German-American Volksfest, British Tattoos, German-French Volksfest were some of the places where we played. Though U.S. soldiers 24-hours a day, rest and recreation was still needed.

The Kufurstendamm or Ku’damm was the center of Berlin before the wall came down. That’s where the majority of the recreating went on. The Ku’dorf, Irish Pub, Europa Center were some of the places to go and enjoy what the city had to offer.

Wildflecken, Bad Tolz, Grafenwoehr, and Hammelburg are names not to be forgotten. The members occasionally rotated to West Germany to conduct training that could not be done in Berlin. The night rides on the duty train through East Germany were unforgettable and an spectacle each time the train traveled through the Soviet Zone of Occupation.

One day, as quickly and as crazy as the Berlin Wall went up, it came down. The dream of peace that every soldier dreams was realized. The divided city known as Berlin was no longer divided and quickly old border lines became faded and blurred. Then as Germany Unity was realized and the governments of old adversaries started to change, for a better future, the Cold War came to an end and the Berlin Brigade’s mission was accomplished.

Though the history of the Berlin Brigade was brief, 1945 – 1994, the memories and experiences that each member carries with them will always include PRIDE, MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT, VICTORY, and PROFESSIONALISM.

In this website you will find the stories, memories, images, and names of those US Soldiers and Airmen that served in Berlin as a member of the most famous, illustrious, prestigious, and unique unit in the history of the Unites States Army. We asked that you take the information here and use it to learn about those that served in Berlin from 1945 to 1994 and how we lived in a place and time that every one of us dreamed would end and now we treasure so dearly.

This website is dedicated to each and every member that ever served in the Berlin Brigade and to all free men, everywhere, for they are all “citizens of Berlin.”
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About David Guerra (podcast host, webmaster and founder of

David Guerra is a native Texan, who comes from a long line of military men. His two grandfathers served in the and fought  World War II. Two of his uncles entered military service during the Vietnam Era by Special Presidential Invitation, one served a most honorable tour in Vietnam while the other served in a secret missile site in West Germany (it was the Cold War). David’s father also signed on with the U.S. Army and made a career out of it. Duty stations took them to Ft. Dix, New Jersey, Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and Ft. Rucker, Alabama.

In 1985, David followed the family line and signed up to become an Infantryman (11B). His first assignment was to none other than the BERLIN BRIGADE in West Berlin. He credits his time in Berlin for helping shape him into the person and professional he is today.

After the Army, David returned to Texas. He now works on computer, plays guitar & bass, and is a full time dad to his daughter (Helene) and son (Oskar). Dave holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management and an Masters in Business Administration.

During the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 2009) David and his family returned to the city of Berlin for visit. This visit recharged Dave’s batteries and rekindle the flame with the city of Berlin that were both very long overdue.

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