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Last Reminder To Sign Up for the 2016 Berlin Brigade Christmas Card

If you have not already done so and you are interested you have until 6:00 Eastern Time this coming SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2016 to sign up to receive in the mail the

The Berlin Brigade Christmas Card has become a yearly tradition to over 300 recipients. This year’s card will be the best card ever and we hope you will be on the list when the cards go out in mid December.

To sign up please click on the image below and you will be take to the page to submit your mailing address:Sign up to get the 2016 Christmas Card

This Day In Berlin Brigade History

Another Everyday Unique Event that could only happen in West Berlin.


A Soviet tour car stopping at the north end of the Four Ring. This was not the only place we would see these guys, they were everywhere.

Thanks to BRUCE CLEMENS for this photograph. You can check out the other images Bruce has graciously provided by visiting his page on the Galley (click here).




This Day In Berlin Brigade History – 9 September 1945-1994

02-CPT Jack C. Davis and 1LT Kvederas

Not every day in the Berlin Brigade was full of history making events then again being in West Berlin was history in the making for all members of the US Army Berlin Command, Berlin Garrison, US Army Berlin Brigade or whatever it was known any time during the almost 50 years of US Forces in Berlin after World War II.

Here we see CPT Jack C. Davis and 1LT Kvederas participating in the uniquely daily routine of Wall Patrol.  Photo is part of the Gallery Archive of Don Fitzwater when he was a member of Company B, 2nd Battle Group, 6th Infantry Regiment.

Veterans, 2016 Elections, and Hope & Change

The following is something I recently posted on my Facebook page –


FullSizeRender(3)I would like to take this time to talk about something that is really close to my heart.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can join just about any group on just about any topic. Those that know me know that I am Veteran (former active duty US Army Infantry) and am I member of several veteran groups here on Facebook. There was a post today that made me think about the last 8 years and the 8 years before that.

The post read, “I sure hope that whatever party takes on the presidency will make this a top priority and gets those Vets the help they need…”

Folks, whether it is Veteran Issues, LGBTQ, Race relations, Elder issues or anything else, the past 16 years have taught us that we can NO LONGER hope. Those days of hope and change are gone! Those days of wishing and praying for a better future are out the window.

What needs to be done is to STEP UP, TAKE A STAND, and DELIVER A MESSAGE that is clearly UNDERSTOOD and ACTED UPON.

We can no longer act like pawns and puppets. The days of looking for someone to take care of us ended the day we became members of society. There is NO expectation of anything. My grandparents and great-grandparents worked for what they had. My two grandfathers did not even expect to survive when they were called to go and fight against Nazism, Fascism and Imperialism during World War II but they made it back after working hard to help win that war.

I stepped up and did my part when I joined the US Army and was at the front-line against Communism in West Berlin. It was touch and go but we won the Cold War without it ever getting hot.

Now, we fight a different war and yet people seem to look at it as if it is a problem that belongs to others and nothing they should be bothered with. Unfortunately, it is a problem that belongs to us. Right here, RIGHT NOW!

In World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf War, OIF & OEF, the only hope was to come home without getting your ass shot off. Many did but many did not come back in one piece or did not come back at all.

We owe it to them, the ones that are gone, the ones we will never see again, the ones that we called our friends, our buddies, our brothers, to stop hoping and start acting on making a change. We owe it to our battle buddies today that are suffering because of the “hope and change” and the “promises” that things will be different. We owe them the opportunity they never had or don’t get a chance at.

We are still soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen and though we might be a little slow on the draw, the time has come to stop hoping for a change and start ACTING TO MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN.

Thank you for your time and let’s get out there,
David Guerra
Infantry, US Army (Veteran)

June 12, 2016 Update

Good Day All,

Just a quick post to let you know an update had been made to the registry.

UNITS UPDATED: 42 EngineerCompany C, 4/6th InfantryCompany B, 5/502nd Infantry  • Company C, 4/18th InfantryCompany F, 40th Armor

Also stay tuned for a very special gift from me to you this coming weekend (June 17 – 19). I think you are going to like it.

Recapping from the last episode of the Podcast
• If you have any information or were there when a proposed march to Steinstucken by US Forces after the construction of the Berlin Wall began was either in the planning stages or you and your unit mustered.

That’s it for this week.
Until next time,
(A/6/502 ’85-’87)


Weekend #1 of 2016

Greetings all,

How are you doing? Hopefully, this first full weekend of 2016 finds you in good health and in good times.

Tomorrow is Monday again. Hopefully, it will be a little kinder and gentler than last Monday was. Hey, a fellow can hope and dream (pun intended).

Seriously, just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you THANK YOU for your continued support and patience on the website update. I am happy to report 2nd, 3rd, 4th Battalions of the 6th Infantry Regiment and 4th, 5th, & 6th Battalions of the 502nd Infantry Regiment are now online.

I am expecting to have all remaining Infantry Units online by close of business on Friday, January 15, 2016. Then the rest of the units will follow in the order I have them posted on the Registry homepage.

Also, I want to make sure you are aware of the the latest podcast episode is online.  Episode #64 of the Podcast. In the episode, I mention that I am looking for people to interview. I am very interested to talk to someone from the Helmstedt Support Detachment.

The job those individuals had at HSD is certainly one of the most unique and under-appreciated jobs in the entire Berlin Brigade. Being 110 miles from Berlin, those at HSD knew that if things ever went hot, they would be all that was left of the Berlin Brigade.

So if you previously served at Helmstedt Support Detachment and you want to share your story, your unique insight to working at HSD, I know we would all like to hear from you.

What if you want to be interviewed but never served at HSD? That’s alright, we want to hear from you as well. Your story matters and it always will, so why not share it with the rest of us.

Please drop me an email

Well everyone, that’s it for this brief update. Have a great week and I will talk you soon.

Thank you,
David Guerra
Owner & Founder,