This Day In Berlin Brigade History – 17 AUG 87

Former Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess, 93, dies while serving a life sentence at Spandau Prison in West Berlin. He was the last prisoner and Spandau Prison is soon torn down in an effort to prevent the prison from becoming a Nazi shrine. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

This Day In Berlin Brigade History – 17 AUG 62

Peter Fechter dies at the foot of the Berlin Wall. Bystanders are not able to help due to the threat of being fired upon by East German Border Guards as they approach the wall. Save Save Save Save Save

This Day In Berlin Brigade History – 15 AUG 61

Conrad Schumann, the first East German border guard to escapes by jumping the barbed wire to West Berlin. The first concrete elements and large square blocks are used on this date to begin replacing the barbed wire barricades. Save Save Save Save Save Save

June 12, 2016 Update

Good Day All, Just a quick post to let you know an update had been made to the registry. UNITS UPDATED: 42 Engineer • Company C, 4/6th Infantry • Company B, 5/502nd Infantry  • Company C, 4/18th Infantry • Company F, 40th Armor Also stay tuned for a very special gift from me to you Read more about June 12, 2016 Update[…]

We Went To Berlin

We went to Berlin and helped bring down the Berlin Wall and won the Cold War because things like oppression, censorship, and dictatorships are BAD! Who are we? We are the couple hundred thousands  (give or take a thousand) of United States, French, and British Forces that went to occupy Berlin after the end of Read more about We Went To Berlin[…]

Happy Boxing Day & Feast of St. Stephen

Greetings Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day. Today is BOXING DAY and Feast of St. Stephen. We don’t celebrate, Boxing Day, much here in the United States but this day is thoroughly celebrated by our good friends across the pond.  It was in Berlin that I first heard about the holiday that Read more about Happy Boxing Day & Feast of St. Stephen[…]