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March 2017 – Registry Update

Registry Update Notice

Through this blog post I want to share with you the following unit registries have been updated with information collected through March 11, 2017.

592 SIGNAL • 592 Signal • CSC 6/502 • A 3/6 • B 3/6 • C 3/6 • HHC 3/6 • A 2/6 • Sig Support • 279 Hosp • USAF (TCA) • AVIATION DETACHMENT • 287 MP

As always the password to enter the registry can be found on the Berlin Brigade dot com home page and the Registry main menu page.

Next Update is scheduled for early April 2017.


Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and we are another year old.  But are we another year wiser? This past year has given us plenty to be thankful for.

We have gone through an election season.  We’ve all aged one more year.  We’ve seen a lot a good and a lot of bad happened to the world, to our nation, and to ourselves.  Yet, here we are, at the precipice of another holiday season.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. As always there is so much to be grateful because of all the good and bad that we experienced since this time last year.

I want to take this time to say thank you.  It is an honor to be part of something that continues to be bigger than each of us.  This website has been such a labor of love as it has brought me in contact with so many people that I know I am blessed.

I am blessed as the honor of fostering, cultivating and guarding the history of the Berlin Brigade has been bestowed upon me.

Serving with the United States Army Berlin Brigade has given me such a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime not just to be in that city but to be the caretaker of our time there.  It is such a wonderful feeling when people ask about our time in Berlin, about our time 110 miles behind the iron curtain.  I especially love answering questions that deal with the citizens of Berlin because interacting with them and living among them help put everything we did in the city much into perspective.

When talking about my fellow soldiers though we come from all places in the United States we had one thing in common, we were American soldiers in Berlin doing a job that might not have been thankful but in the end only saw that wall fall we knew it was appreciated.

And for reasons like that I do appreciate everything that I learned an experienced during my time in Berlin and especially after.  In meeting, talking and getting to know my fellow veterans of the Berlin Brigade and for that I am grateful and thankful.

I wish you, your family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Wonderful and Joyous Holiday Season.

Thank you,



Last Reminder To Sign Up for the 2016 Berlin Brigade Christmas Card

If you have not already done so and you are interested you have until 6:00 Eastern Time this coming SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2016 to sign up to receive in the mail the

The Berlin Brigade Christmas Card has become a yearly tradition to over 300 recipients. This year’s card will be the best card ever and we hope you will be on the list when the cards go out in mid December.

To sign up please click on the image below and you will be take to the page to submit your mailing address:Sign up to get the 2016 Christmas Card