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1. When was the Berlin Brigade an active unit of the United States Army?

A. In various forms and names the US Army had a presence in West Berlin from 1945 to 1994

2. Where can I find Berlin Brigade Patches, Insignia, Occupation Ribbon, Airlift Medal & Ribbon?

A. On the internet you can try any auction website such as E-bay or Yahoo Auctions (keyword Berlin Brigade) or you can go the to purchase a patch or two.

3. Is affiliated with any association or government organization?

A. NO! is not affiliated with any Veteran’s Association. will not like to take a side when it comes to political issues. This is due to maintaining a non-biased standing among our website visitors to ensure that everyone has a pleasant visit to the and help guarantee return visits to this website.

4.  Can I join the Veteran’s of Foreign War (VFW) if I was stationed in Berlin?

A. Yes you can under these general provisions: According to the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars website, it states in its “eligibility listing”, whioh lists campaign periods and authorized service medals to determine eligibility for membership that:
U.S. Army personnel with the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal award for 30 consecutive or 60 non-days of duty in Berlin for the period beginning 14 August 1961 and ending on 1 June 1963 are eligible.

Most veteran’s of the Berlin Brigade fall under this category:
U.S. Army personnel awarded the Army of Occupation medal for a minimum of 30 consecutive days of  duty in West Berlin for the period beginning 9 May 1945 and ending on 2 October 1990 are eligible.

If your local VFW questions this then please have them contact their National Headquarters as it is from the National Website that this information is obtained.

5. How can I assist with and/or support the future of

A. You can assist by any of the following manners:
– You can make purchases of merchandise on the Electronic Commerce page or at the store
– You can submit images via email to the new and ever exapnding Image Gallery

6. What are the acceptable image formats for submitting images to

A. You can submit images, via email, that meet the following criteria:
– JPEG or  GIF or PNG image formats only please
– If you absolutely, positively must submit in a different format please be advised that this will delay posting.
–  Minimum dpi is 72 anything smaller will create pixelation (stair stepping) when the images are processed for posting
–  Height and Width must be no smaller than:
• 250pixels wide by 188 pixel length for LANDSCAPE images
• 188pixels wide by 250 pixel length for PORTRAIT images

B. You can also submit via regular US Mail
–  It is recommended that you send high quality color-photocopies of  the images you want posted.
–  High-Quality Color Photocopies should be made at 1:1 ratio (nothing smaller please)
–  If you choose to send original images/photos please send NO MORE than 20 images at a time.
–  If you choose to send original images/photos and you want them back be sure to include a postage paid envelope with your return address.

7. Is my registry information ever given or sold to other parties?

A. All information that is posted online to the registry is there. does NOT sell the registry database. If your information is online then that is how it can be retrieved via web browser. If you do not wish to have your information posted on the registry simply send an email to stating that you wish to be removed. All removal requests are done immediately.

8. What if I don’t want to use my private email address in the registry?

A. recommends you use a public email address from places like, or and that way you can keep your private email address PRIVATE.

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