December 19, 2015

Don Fitzwater

The following gallery of images is provided as a courtesy by DON FITZWATER. Each photograph is a copyrighted photograph/image of the photographer credited. If you want permission to use the image please send a detailed email to the photographer directly. Please enjoy.

01-Bear Company 2nd Battle Group 6th Infantry after training with the West Berlin Police at the waterworks. 02-CPT Jack C. Davis and 1LT Kvederas 03-SGT Don Fitzwater with Bear Company 2nd Battle Group 6th Infantry Guidon 04-VOPO 05-VOPO Nears High Pressure Hose 06-VOPO Trains High Pressure Hose On Me 07-Sgt Don Fitzwater on Wildflecken Kasern Germany 08-Don Fitzwater(L) and Mel Wagoner(R) at a rest stop while convoying to Hildesheim 09-Brandenburg Gate