February 13, 2016


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• US Army Homepage // Official website of the United States Army

• Turner Tankers // The official website for the 40th Armor. The only American Armor unit located 110 miles behind the iron curtain.

• The Live Drop (a HUMINT Experiment) // The Live Drop is Mark Valley’s podcast dedicated to ALL things Cold War, Spy, Spycraft, Berlin, and those shadowy figures that ended up helping to end the Cold War.

McNair Museum in Berlin // Very nice website dedicated to the Allies, especially those that were based at McNair. (07/07/18: this website is INACTIVE).

Die Geschichte des 6941st Guard Battalion // German Story of the 6941st Guard Battalion

German-American Volksfest // It’s back, it’s bigger, it’s better and in 2017 it’s in the American Sector!

Voices Under Berlin // The official website for T.H.E. Hill’s book “Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary”. Read this unique story set in Berlin during the mid-1950s.

The Day Before the Berlin Wall // The official website for T.H.E. Hill’s latest book “The Day Before The Berlin Wall”. Set in 1961, just a couple of the days before the Berlin Wall went up.

Berlin 1969 (on the hinge of history) // R. W. Rynerson’s informative and first hand account of the U.S. Army Berlin Brigade from 1969 to 1971.

Berlin Brats Alumni Association // The place for Berlin Brats news and info on reunions, alumni, and contact information.

Berlin’s Europa Center // Home of the Waterclock and the Irish Pub (careful it is in German, Bitte)

Travels Through Germany // Don Burleson’s Website about all things travel in Germany

Gator Farm Tactical // Dan Southard’s Southern Arizona Firearms Training Organization

American Church In Berlin // Established in the 19th century, the American Church in Berlin (ACB) is an ecumenical, international church located in Luther Church on Dennewitplatz in the Schoeneberg district of Berlin, Germany

Victis Honor: A Tribute // Scott T. Bowman’s website about his first book Victis Honor: A Tribute about his father, the late Colonel Stephen L. Bowman, the Berlin Brigade’s last Deputy Brigade Commander. (07/07/18: This dot com is active the content is NOT)

German Missions In The United States // Official website for the German Embassy in Washington, D.C., German Consulates in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York, and San Francisco

Allied Museum in Berlin (Outpost Theater & Nicholson Memorial Library) // Committed to recording and illustrating the Western Allies’ role in, and commitment to, Berlin and Germany as a whole from 1945 to 1994.

West Allierte in Berlin e.V. // In German, Ralph Schulz’ website dedicated to the Western Allies in Berlin.

Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation // Dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of the greatest humanitarian/aviation event in history, The Berlin Airlift.

320th Field Artillery Association // 320th Field Artillery Association Rodger Jacobson Chapter Website

Berlin U.S. Military Veterans Association  // The Berlin U.S. Military Veterans Association

VFW Post 10506 “Last Outpost” Berlin // You are invited to visit the website for BERLIN, GERMANY based Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 10506.
***6 JUNE 2017: LastOutPostBerlin dot com is NOT functional this time. When we are notified of its re-activation or website address change we will reactivate this link***

6941st Guard Battalion // Website dedicated to those individuals that worked hard to do a job that was the Most Valuable Support to the Allies and their mission in Berlin. (note: content is in German)

BERLIN-PATROL // Berlin-Patrol is self described as “as a project initiative is a series of events with focus on the time period 1945 to 1994 in Berlin.”

The Berlin Observer // “Another issue hits the streets.” This website offers a recap of all the US Forces in Berlin News. Check out their Archive Section and see how you can contribute.

Deutsch-Russiches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst // Museum established in the former East German (and East Berlin) home of the Soviet Forces in East Germany.

Cold War Veterans Association // An aligned organization representing the Cold War Veterans community.

Save Teufelsberg // Find out what you can do to help save the Teufelsberg grounds and facilities.

Cold-war.org // The Cold War Museum website

Cold-War.org – Berlin Chapter // The Berlin Chapter of the Cold War Museum

Rockin’ the Wall // The compelling story of rock and roll’s part in bringing down the Berlin Wall and smashing the Iron Curtain. (07/07/18: this page is non-functional)

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