592nd Signal Company

592nd Signal Company
Babowitch, Deborah Lundeen pdbabo –at– msn.com1/1/197412/1/1975 
Bell, Charles fredbell842 –@— outlook.com1/1/196912/31/1969control center 32d20
Boyce, Terryterboyce– AT –gmail.com11/1/19693/2/1972 
Campbell, Malcolmmal.matrix –at– yahoo.com10/1/196312/1/1994Crypto Tech
Conrad, Dandconrad1180 –@— gmail.com8/15/19738/15/1975Was NCOIC of the Berlin MARS station, DL4QF in Andrews Kaserne.  Many fond memories.
Crockett, Daniel dan.crockett –at– gmail.com12/1/196112/1/1963 
Cross, Stevescross611 –at– gmail.com1/1/19724/23/1973Foward Platoon/Duty Train
Cruz-Guadalupe, AngelCRUZAANGEL —@— aol.com11/22/195910/15/1964
Curry, Arthurapcurry2 –at– hotmail.com12/1/19652/1/1967 
Davis, Frank davisfrank3 –at– aol.com1/1/196912/1/1969 
Day, Timothyt.day1 –at— cox.net6/1/19698/1/1970 
Denitto, Gary T.garytdenitto –at– gmail.com6/1/196212/1/1964Served as lead communication vehicle escorting troop convoys & commo support on the U.S. Military duty train 
Durshimer, Frankfdurshimer —@— comcast.net1/3/19735/5/1977Radio Plt
Edward E. Muncyemuncy39 –at– twc.com10/12/19604/12/1962 
Fabian, Dan danfabian –at– knology.net11/1/19709/1/1975Teletype Maint
Fesler, Waynewfesler –at— comcast.net8/8/19611/10/1964 
Freeman, Corky corkyf56 –at– gmail.com8/1/196612/15/1968 
Gibson, Gerald baerbel.gibson –at– gmail.com12/1/19624/1/1966 
Good, Christine escargome –at– yahoo.com1/4/19758/1/1977 
Graham Stewartstmydhu –at– yahoo.com2/17/19627/5/1963 
Hackett, ThomasTHACKETT7499 — @— GMAIL.COM1/1/19701/1/1972 
Halas, Frankfhalas –at– comcast.net1/26/196310/20/1964Commo for duty trains, convoy, Spook, Potsdam
Harris, Bobrharris413 –at– comcast,net1/12/196912/23/1969 
Harvey Duain MorganDmor24 –@- verizon.net10/19/20644/19/2067 
Henry Warehakware1 –at– aol.com4/29/19675/27/1968Comm Center @ Signal Support Co.
Herr, George lsal8979 –at– gmail.com2/1/19726/1/1975Maintenance Supervisor Special Ops.
Hilley, Chuck nneagl –at– aol.com1/15/19637/15/1966 
James E. Ingramjkingram22 –at– yahoo.com10/6/197110/7/1974Tech Control
Jay Davesjeda –@— umich.edu11/5/19691/15/1972 
Jerry Claytonmyzterian –at– msn.com6/16/19724/23/1974tech control
Jerry R. Brayjerrybray57 –at– gmail.com1/20/19726/15/1973 
Jim Buccinijimbuccini  –@– gmail.com9/8/19708/21/1971 
John Aronsonjohnnyangel0409 –at– gmail.com12/30/19635/24/1966 
John D. Alkirejohn.alkire –at– comcast.net1/1/19711/1/1974Started the BAAA (Berlin American Auto Assoc)
John LutzelL1106410 –@— Comcast.net10/1/19604/1/1962 
John Pooleritapoole417 –at– msn.com10/23/19702/21/1972 
Keith Fauscetttarheel855 –at– aol.com4/4/19782/12/1979 
Kenneth Deasonsunsetgap66 –at- gmail.com6/1/19699/1/1971Tropo Section
Lamarche, Bruce blamarche –at– verizon.net1/1/19701/1/1972High Freq. Transmitter Site (T-Site)
Larry Abramsonlcabramson –at– hotmail.com5/1/19717/1/1974COMSEC
Larry Edgaredfos95031 –at– yahoo.com7/1/19601/1/1963 
Lee D Angevine ldangevin –@— msn.com5/11/19715/8/1974 
Logan, Bruce bruce.logan –at–  gmail.com4/1/19638/1/1966 
Louis J. OshierOshierlj –@— aol.com10/1/19636/1/1967at Transmitter Site
Louis Sainzwudwzrd –at– aol.com12/13/195810/13/1963wire maint
Manny ( Lee) Englishmannyenglish –at– yahoo.com2/6/195912/11/1960 
Mario Villegasmvvillegas1 –at– gmail.com1/11/19696/5/1970 
Martin, Steven G.shimone51 –at– gmail.com6/1/19698/1/1971 
McGarr, Larrylarrymcgarr952 —@— gmail.com9/25/19743/21/1978Worked in the Berlin Brigade Radio Room as an 05B.  Also served as the battalion legal NCO in 1975.
Meachum, Dondmeachum09 –at– yahoo.com10/1/19677/1/1970Tropo Site
Merrell Pondermerrellponder –at– att.net4/1/19696/1/1970 
Michael Snydermeikel50 –at– yahoo.com5/1/197512/1/1977Worked in TTY maintainance
Michael W. Kilmermwkilmer –at– yahoo.com10/22/19608/30/1962 
Morgan, DuainDmor24 –@— verizon.net11/1/19644/1/1967Might be better known by my first name (Harvey)
Okeson, Allanamokeson –@ — wowway.com3/1/19628/1/1963 
Paul Jamespj –at– digitalmarble.com4/1/19746/1/1974 
Paul L. Tereskypteresky –at– comcast.net1/11/196110/10/1965CSC
Pete Kingpeter.j.king –at– boeing.com7/1/19735/15/1974 
Peter Lynchpeter.lynch332 –at– yahoo.com9/15/19695/20/1970Tech Control
Randy Simsrandbsims –at– farmerstel.com1/1/19687/1/1970 
Ravo, Frankfravo1 –at– aol.com4/1/196211/1/1964 
Ray Grozdanovichraygroz {at}  aol.com3/15/19629/1/1963Troposcatter van,(TST)
Relf, Garygjrelf03 –at– aol.com2/1/19623/15/1965Comm Center
Richard H. Shadionsradrick6913 – at — yahoo.com11/3/197212/19/1974 
Rick Shadionsradrick6913 –at– yahoo.com11/10/197212/19/1974 
Robert Andereggjacobs51angels –at– comcast.net12/20/19705/1/1973comm.ctr photo studio and lab
Robert Andrewswhitewatersolo –at– yahoo.com5/12/196712/8/1970Forward platoon [Special Troops]
Robert Huberrkhuber –at– netins.net6/1/197111/1/1973Radio – Teletype
Robert Kausbob_kaus –at– yahoo.com9/10/19605/10/1962 
Robert M. Hayesrhayes1 –at– utk.edu7/16/19691/1/2071 
Rochnowski, Donnymphfisher )at( gmail.com8/1/19661/1/1968 
Ronald L. Bellernursebvh –at– hotmail.com   
Roy (Andy) Williamsrawill2006-t –at– yahoo.com8/1/196812/1/1969 
Roy Vanlandinghamroyvan2006 –at– gmail.com1/1/19661/1/1969 
Sjaarda, Dondonsjaarda –at– verizon.net11/12/19704/19/1972Radio Teletype/Crypto Shack
Taylor, Clyde A. taylorclyde701 –@— gmail.comJul-696/30/1972Plt Ldr   CE Division
Taylor, Steven A. sataylor21 –at– msn.com4/12/197312/1/1975BB Comm Center
Testolin, Thomasttcandme –@— att.netJan-71Jan-74Comm center specialists
Testolin, Tom ttcandme —@— att.net5/24/19055/27/1905Just trying to connect with brothers from the unit.
Tom Hartney, Tomthardhar –at– aol.com1/31/19617/29/1964 
Tony Diodato, Tonydependablecarsvc –at– aol.com12/5/195510/3/1957 
Valentin, Alfredoavalentin1 —@– stny.rr.com1/1/196812/31/1970 
Walt Stupinski, Waltayonnebay –at– email.com1/1/196812/1/1968Co. Armorer
Wetzel, James J.jjwetzel –@— hotmail.com12/27/19643/19/196732G20
Zigmont Jr, Victor J poppop1721 —@– yahoo.com8/1/19681/1/1969Comm Station @ Clay until Orders to Vietnam
Zuckerman, Bruce brucezuckerman )at( hotmail.com4/1/19723/1/1973Radio Room & Duty Train HSD

If you do not see your information please consider having your contact info added to the REGISTRY.
Please send an email including the following information:
• Your Name:
• Your Unit Assigned:
• Date Arrived Berlin:
• Date Departed Berlin:
• OPTIONAL – What was your assignment/what did you do in Berlin? (i.e., 3rd Plt M60 Gunner)
• OPTIONAL – What State do you currently reside?

send all that to the following email address: registry@berlinbrigade.com