6th Battalion – 502nd Infantry Regiment

A Company – updated 01/10/2021
Ashworth, Kevin T.kmacow –at– rocketmail.com11/9/19893/29/1992 
Avery, Ronald stockcarfan65 –at– hotmail.com2/1/19842/1/1991also in B, C, HHC, BB Drill
Baines, Jeffrey j.l.baines –at– gmail.com8/28/19918/27/1993 
Barrett, ThomasTherapy143 –@– gmail.com4/19/19845/5/1987 
Baskerville, Anthony A. anthonyb117 –at– aol.com4/1/19903/1/1993 
Bengtson, Kevin ‘Bull’ npoleontnt –at– yahoo.com12/28/198912/20/1992 
Beron, Tom tberon –@— fmi.com1/11/19861/9/1988 
Bobo, William wtbo2 –at– aol.com3/29/19864/19/1988HHC
Bow, Miguel BMIGU2 –at– AOL.COM12/10/198912/10/1991 
Boyden, Billbill.boyden –at– us.army.mil10/1/19885/1/1992 
Braun, Dan dano11b –at– yahoo.com2/1/19856/1/1988Weapons Squad 3rd Plt
Brettmann, Mike mjbin –at– hotmail.com1/1/198512/1/1987A/B/HHC co’s
Brimfield Sr., Terry terrybrim1 –at– yahoo.com12/11/19878/1/1991HQ PLT SGT
Bucaro, Anthony (Tony) tbucaro –at– hotmail.com11/10/198911/5/19921st Plt/1st Sqd
Buning, Dan dan_buning –at– yahoo.com12/1/19867/1/1989Co Cdr
Camp, Jonjoncamp –at– hotmail.com7/1/19878/1/1989Mortars
Coggins,  Ernest W ewcoggins –at- yahoo.com8/1/19863/1/1989 
Doucet, Daly dalydoucet –at– gmail.com3/31/19904/1/1993 
Espinosa, Ramiro Nmelkhunter65 -@– gmail.com6/29/198412/19/1985The best duty assignment I ever had.
Fennell, Chris keymookatt –at– hotmail.com5/29/19886/29/1990 
Gaffud, Ariel V. Ariel.V.Gaffud –at– us.army.mil3/11/19934/1/1994 
Gates, KeithGates.kta —@— gmail.com10/1/19864/1/1988 
Genet, EricERHGenet –at– gmail.com12/29/198412/19/1986Mortar Platoon
Goodman, James Sgtgoody –at– hotmail.com9/20/19928/9/19942nd Plt
Graham, Erikerik.graham –at– grahamclan.info1/1/19891/1/1993Also in S3
Granata, Anthony AnthonyG61 { –at– } comcast.net2/1/19852/1/1987 
Gregory, Perry pgregory1016 –@– gmail.com3/31/19891/5/1990 
Guerra, David dave –at– berlinbrigade.com11/1/198511/1/19873rd Plt
Gutowski, Robert A. “Guts” robgutowski –at– hotmail.com4/23/19874/23/1990 
Hernandez, Thomas 4hernkds –at– msn.com2/20/19865/24/1988 
Hocog, Efrain efrain_hocog –at– hotmail.com5/1/19904/1/1993 
Jackson, Glen Alan charisselillian –at– yahoo.com1/1/19841/1/1987 
Juillett, Timothy J. A6502nd –at– gmail.com2/1/19895/1/1992 
Kelly, Johnjkelly3428 –at– aol.com3/15/19857/15/1988CO
Kelly, Micheal niall –at– lovinhell.com1/1/199210/1/1994 
Kessinger, Robert rkesnger –at– hotmail.com8/1/198811/21/1992 
Kidd, Joejoe-kidd –at- t-online.de1/1/19821/1/1988 
Lemmon, Thomas thomas78681 –at– gmail.com6/23/19836/21/1986Mortar Platoon
Lewis, Stephen L gunfighter-6 –at– hotmail.com2/1/19845/1/1985 
Linares, Chris Chrislinares –at– comcast.net10/1/19924/1/1994 
Lucas, Jacklucasjd –at– msn.com6/1/19933/15/1994 
Mack, Stanley E. big2stan –at– yahoo.com11/1/19894/1/1994 
Mahan, Martinluvnleve –at– yahoo.com11/1/19852/19/1989PAC (w/HHC) & Commo
Measner, Jimros6 –at– optonline.net5/1/19841/1/1986
Morris, Jackiejackie.l.morris –at– us.army.mil5/27/199010/31/1992 
Nelson, Michaellitnin7561 –at– aol.com1/1/198511/1/1987 
Nimrod, Daniel daniel_nimrod –at– yahoo.com10/1/19882/1/1992 
Page, JoeJoe_Page_27406 –at– Yahoo.com6/1/19886/1/19903 Plt
Parkinson, Dave Dparkinson –at– iuoe139.org10/10/19894/6/1992Reunions every Labor Day since 1992 8-15 show
Peek, Randy L. peekster_4 –at– yahoo.com10/1/19853/1/1989 
Pennywell, Edrick pennywelle –at– bellsouth.net9/12/19902/2/1992 
Perry, Farrelltrp702 — @– gmail.com10/18/19854/1/19883rd Plt
Poci, Ben ravenmaster67 –at– yahoo.com1/2/19888/31/19911st & HQ Plt
Pugh, Jamie jpugh –at– state.pa.us11/1/19892/1/1992 
Quander, Ralph rquander68 –at– yahoo.com5/19/19885/28/1993 
Saunders, Dylan dylansaunders –at– msn.com10/12/19909/6/1992 
Schoffstall, Jeffschoffy –at– gmail.com9/1/19927/1/1994 
Schutte, Craig sschuttec –at– yahoo.com10/1/19875/1/1991 
Scutt, William R. wrscutt– AT –hotmail.com12/9/19927/31/1994SFC (Ret)
Sprouse Jr., Johnpostmanjsj –at– suddenlink.net11/1/19895/1/1992Supply Sergeant
Taylor, Darrin darrintaylor242 –at– yahoo.com10/14/198510/14/19872 Plt
Tucker, Thomas thom.r.tucker –at– gmail.com8/30/19909/1/1992 
Turner. JimJimbo8864 –at–  hotmail.com1/1/19861/1/1988 
Watson, Oliver owatson.osso — @– gmail.com1/28/19825/6/1986 
Weise, Brian D. shadowsdaddy40 –at– yahoo.com3/15/19933/5/1994 
Weston, Trent M. trent.weston –at– us.army.mil10/13/19927/20/1994also in C Co
Yowaish, Jimjyowaish –at– hotmail.com6/1/19871/1/19903rd Pltn., 1st Pltn & Drill Team
B Company – updated 01/10/2021
Albrecht, Jared shison1969 –at– yahoo.com6/13/19891/2/19921stPlt Wpns
Alexander, Chris gruntinf2 –at– yahoo.com5/21/19924/8/19941st Plt
Anderson, Jr.. Charles (Andy) chas1962 –at– hotmail.com11/1/19878/1/1990 
Barrett, ThomasTherapy143 –@– gmail.com4/19/19845/5/1987 
Belisle, Pete pete.belisle –at– yahoo.com4/1/19936/1/1994 
Beron, Tomtberon –@— fmi.com1/11/19861/9/1988 
Bruno, Jose A junseal99 –at– yahoo.com2/11/19872/11/198890 Gunner
Clarke, James H. Clarke1502 –at– hotmail.com12/1/19871/1/1990 
Colonel L. Shipmanshipmac –at– email.uc.edu8/1/19897/1/1993 
Correa, Melvin sfce7 –at– hotmail.com1/1/19831/1/19851st PSG
Davis, Keith kdavis22 –at– sc.rr.com11/1/198912/1/1992 
Deelman, Tomtdeelman –at– yahoo.com2/1/19879/1/1989 
Diehl, Damon A. diehl-da –at– comcast.net9/20/19875/14/1990 
Edwards, J. Scott james-edwards –at– uiowa.edu10/10/199110/30/19933rd Plt
Farmer, Paul paulfarmer04 –at– hotmail.com2/1/1986 Commo HQ PLT
Fleming, John R. dlf2245 –at– att.net6/1/19847/1/1987 
Ford, David P david.p.ford –at– us.army.mil1/1/19901/1/1993B/4/502
Grabiec, Alexander C. alexander.grabiec –at– us.army.mil5/1/19927/1/1993 
Griffith, Ricardo ricardo.griffith1 –at– us.army.mil10/1/19872/1/1992 
Hayes, Chris 20xclean –at– comcast.net11/16/19916/15/19941st PLT
Heath, Charlie charlieh3a –at– hotmail.com8/7/19886/1/1992 
Henry, Everet everethenry –at– hotmail.com3/1/19872/28/1990 
Henson, Chris chris.henson –at– us.army.mil1/1/19907/14/1994 
Hernandez, Herminio hernandez.herminio01 –@— gmail.com   
Herrera, Robert Bhwsapri –@— aol.com6/23/198412/1/1985 
Hershberger, Robert rhershy69 –at– hotmail.com3/18/19867/12/1990 
Hurst, Chad D. chad.hurst –at– us.army.mil1/5/19911/3/1993 
Jackson, Bryan L. bryan.jackson –at– us.army.mil12/1/19891/1/1991 
Jackson, W Chuck wilton.jackson –at– us.army.mil3/23/198312/20/1985B Co Plt Ldr &  A Co XO
Johnson, Ken ken.johnson2 –at– us.army.mil1/3/19908/1/1992 
Johnstone, Douglas A. Doug.johnstone –at– yahoo.com4/3/19894/3/19912nd plt. Grenadier
Keezer, Jason T jason_keezer —@– yahoo.com12/28/19881/21/1991 
Kelley, Brad G. rangerkelley171 –at– hotmail.com10/1/19927/15/19943rd Plt
Kelly, Bruce, Lbkviking2017 —@— gmail.com8/12/19887/31/1994 
Kennell, LaVon lavk9 –at– juno.com1/15/19907/15/1994MORTAR
Leigh E. Smith Jrsmitfamclan –at– aol.com2/1/19872/1/19902nd Plt
Lemieux, Steve Lemieuxsteve –at– wowway.com4/1/19938/1/1994Mortar
Lister, RonRonald.lister –at– gmail.com1/1/19901/1/1993 
Lopez. Anthony anthonyray04 –at– yahoo.com10/15/19892/3/1992 
Martinez, Joseph ranger002us —@– gmail.com4/2/199112/1/1993 
May, William wdswampy –at– yahoo.com3/1/19911/15/1993 
McCauley, DougDoug.McCauley -@- moscoe.com11/5/19898/1/1993 
McClellan, Roy RougeSpear –at– comcast.net10/15/19913/10/19932nd Plt then HHC
McGillivray, Greg RockStarPlumber –at– yahoo.com7/1/19877/15/1991Weapons Squad-Nijmegen
McPeck, Don mcpuck86 –at– aol.com3/17/19829/17/1984Mtrs
Medina, George “Tito”  Medinag5 -at– sbcglobal.net10/26/198510/26/1987 
Meyers, Christophercmeyers4 –at– hotmail.com2/1/19882/1/19901ST PLT WEAPONS SQD
Mongan Jr, Charleschuckmonganjr —@– gmail.com1/9/19906/30/2019 
Moran, Michael mike621812 –at– yahoo.com11/1/19896/1/1992 
Murphy, Raymond raymurphy —@— kc.rr.com12/17/19905/1/1992Not 100% sure on my deros date, it was late spring/early summer of 92 though.
Nelson, Michael L. mnelson66 –at– yahoo.com12/1/19877/1/1992 
Nixon, Tyler tylernixon –at– aol.com4/1/19913/4/1993 
Ortega, Adrian ortega_ad –at– aps.edu11/1/19929/1/1994 
Padilla, Guillermo gpadillajr63 –at– gmail.com1/1/19841/1/19871st Plt & 3rd Plt C Co. 4/6
Peek, Gary R. gary_peek –at– hotmail.com5/1/19878/1/1990 
Phillips, Donello dgep67 –at– gmail.com2/3/19898/27/1993 
Pineda, Robertwittenberg1517 -@-  outlook.com1/3/19938/25/1994 
Plohr, Robert A.  Jr.rplohr –@–  comcast.net11/1/198311/1/19863rd Platoon
Posch, Michael pmike68 –@—gmx.de1/1/19901/1/1994 
Rich, Kevin W. tolkiensrealm –at– hotmail.com 1/1/1994 
Rielly, Todd tcrielly68 –at– yahoo.com12/20/198811/5/1991 
Robinette, Larry cqdeputy6 –at– gmail.com1/1/19831/1/19881SG
Rodney, Glenn A. leasdaddy1992 –at– yahoo.com3/19/199012/19/19942nd Plt
Rodriguez, Jose Luis jose.luis.rodriguez –at– us.army.mil6/4/19847/3/1987 
Royston, Dwayne A FSGDroy –at– hotmail.com11/1/198412/1/1987 
Ruffin, Donnieruffino43 – –@-  outlook.com2/1/19832/1/1985 
Ryder, Brent dryderdavid –at– aol.com1/1/19881/1/1991 
Saldana, Ron ron_saldana –at– yahoo.com1/5/19915/15/19931st Plt
Schaiberger, Curt curtschai –at– yahoo.com7/1/19871/4/1990CSC Sniper Plt
Sinconegui, Carlos SINCO305 –at– AOL.COM9/9/198711/5/1989 
Smith, George E.  Jr.gcpsmith –at– comcast.net11/12/19821/6/1986C.O. B/4/6 until B/6/502 from 83-85
Sossa, Sergiosdsossa –at– gmail.com1/1/199312/1/1994 
Staley, Chris jimmi5555 –at– aol.com5/1/19921/1/19932nd Plt
Stearman, Brent bstearman67 ==@= gmail.com1/10/19875/21/1988 
Taborn, Tomtomtaborn –at– yahoo.com2/1/19878/26/19893rd Plt
Thalacker, Markthalackermark –at– hotmail.com8/24/19856/30/1988HHC & A
Thibodeaux, Pierre pierre.thibodeaux –at– us.army.mil 3/13/1993Mortar Platoon
Thompson, David dc.thompson50– @ –gmail.com1/1/19821/1/1984 
Thompson, Jeff thompson.jet –at– gmail.com5/1/19875/1/1990also in C, CSC
Todd, Russell russell21_98 –at– yahoo.com3/1/19925/1/1994 
Valladares, Luis lvallada164 —@– msn.com1/3/19906/16/19923rd Platoon
Vance, David dvancejr –@— cox.net10/1/198911/1/1992
Vandenbos, Dirk John dirkjvandenbos —@- gmail.com2/15/19892/6/1992 
Ward, James razorbackward –at— gmail.com6/5/19056/8/1905 
Ware, CT II (chuck)Chuckware8 – at — gmail.com8/22/19858/27/1987Any body from the Stinger section in Berlin Bde would like to talk.
Whitcomb, Jason jwhitcomb73 –at– hotmail.com2/15/1990  
White, Jeffrey, Bnursejeff.jw –@— gmail.com4/20/19898/20/1991 
Wilson. Barry D user514890 –@— aol.com9/15/198911/28/19913rd squad Alpha team leader in Bravo Co. 6/502 INF
C Company – updated 01/10/2021
Adney, John john.adney –at– xerox.com11/25/198511/20/1989 
Amos, Dion L. dionamos –at– yahoo.com12/2/198212/2/1984Drill Team from May 1983 until Dec. 1984
Aquino, Dennis A. dbluguy73 –at– yahoo.com10/1/199110/1/1993 
Baillie, Anthony tbaillie –at– live.com1/3/19889/10/1991 
Barrett, ThomasTherapy143 –@– gmail.com4/19/19845/5/1987 
Beerbower, Tom tombeerbower –at– hotmail.com3/1/19884/1/1992 
Bell, Adamadamcbell –at– aol.com11/1/19915/1/19943rd Platoon – 1st Squad – B Team SAW Gunner & HHC
Brant, Kenneth kgb_619 –at– live.com3/1/19894/1/1992 
Burns, John rathtar –at– live.com8/1/19881/1/1992 
Cartet, Steven scarter01360 –at– gmail.com1/3/19887/1/19901st Squad 2nd Plt
Cooper, Troy tcooper –at– thehanagroup.com1/1/19851/1/1988 
Couey, Marty marty.couey –at– us.army.mil7/15/19917/23/1994 
Crawford, Ron ronald.crawford –at– us.army.mil2/1/19911/1/1992 
Cummings, Jon bmx415 –at– hotmail.com6/1/19882/13/1992 
Daltom, Jamesjadalton —@— comcast.net2/23/19848/12/1985 
Dalton, Andy jadalton –at– comcast.net2/28/19848/1/1985 
Delaporte, Bruce bdelaporte –at– yahoo.com3/17/19917/1/1994OP ABLE SENTRY
Draney, Chris c1draney –at– msn.com7/13/19841/30/1987Motar Platoon
Duquette, Kevin firerescue834 –at– yahoo.com2/1/19928/1/1994 
Ebaugh, Terry tebaugh –at– gmail.com11/1/198511/1/1988 
Faidy, Patrick sarge919267 –at– yahoo.com10/9/198912/23/1993 
Faison, Congarry congarry.faison –at– us.army.mil12/28/19808/31/1982 
Fitzgibbons, Sean Fitzy022 –at– sbcglobal.net10/1/198510/1/1987also assigned to HHC
Franklin, Charles W. charles.w.franklin –at– us.army.mil5/1/19841/1/1989also A CO 5-502 7/1/1992 / 6/1/1994 
Fripp, Isaacifripp –at— yahoo.com7/1/19877/1/1989C.O. Cpt. Allan c. East (ACE)
Gonzalez, Manny mailto:Manuel.gonzalez.22 –@— us.af.mil11/1/19897/3/1994Wolfpack PLT SGT
Hagan, Steveshagan04 –@– gmail.com1/8/19861/8/1989Great to see some familiar names “all the way”
Haros, Paul paulharos –at– yahoo.com6/1/19937/1/19943rd PLT
Harvey, Juan D deallo –at– bellsouth.net  Mortar Plt
Haywood, Lorenzo renzowood1 –at– msn.com1/1/19821/1/1985 
Hernandez, Aurelio aureliohdz –at– hotmail.com11/19/19927/19/19941st Plt
Hierro Jr., Socorro jay.hierro –at– gmail.com5/1/19928/1/1994 
Hollifield, Michael mdhollifield –at– yahoo.com5/1/19903/2/1993 
Huppert, Troy troyhuppert –at– hotmail.com4/1/19904/4/1994 
Ivins. Joel boosnacks71 –at– hotmail.com9/8/19899/8/1993HHC Ambulance Driver
Jalbert, Keith Keithj30 –at– hotmail.com1/1/19937/1/1994 
Ken Ignaczdogpack.alpha –at– verizon.net2/22/19842/22/1986 
Kidd, Joejoe-kidd –at- t-online.de1/1/19821/1/1988 
Long, Louis longlf3 –at– aol.com5/1/19879/15/1990Also in CSC/6/502 & HHC/6/502
Lord, Paul E. ssgpel -@— gmail.com11/1/19917/23/19941stPlt & Camp Able Sentry, Skopje, Macedonia
Lowe, Chris chrislowe022 –at– gmail.com4/23/19874/23/19902nd plt/ hqt plt
Martin, Walter wam98502 –at– yahoo.com6/1/19906/1/19931st Plt
Martinez, Williamgrandpob1 —@— gmail.com1/1/19861/1/1989Eneyone who served in Berlin on this dates 1986-89 thanks for the wonderful memories.And I’m proud to have served with you and for this great country the United States of America.
Michael Goldsmitheagle11b85 –at– yahoo.com4/1/19903/1/1993Also in HHC/6/502
Milburn, Marshall Troytroymilburn —@– cox.net6/10/19799/5/1985 
Morones, Rafael Jrrmorones –at– zianet.com4/4/19906/1/1993 
Moye, Albertal.moye@mail.com10/10/198511/1/1987 
Navarro, Ernesto loboferoz00 –at– yahoo.com3/31/19893/31/19923 PLT
Nelson, Scott scott.e.nelson –at– us.army.mil11/28/198511/25/1987 
Persing, Kenneth k.persing71 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19901/1/19932nd Plt Medic
Plohr, Robert rplohr –@— comcast.net11/1/198312/12/19863rd Platoon
Porterfield, Harold hjp526 –at– aol.com8/1/19848/1/1988also in B
R. Erne, Tony tonyrerne –at– yahoo.com3/15/19852/15/1988Supply Sergeant
Ringler, Dale ringdmbb –at– aol.com1/1/19921/1/1994 
Rivers, Nathaniel Nathaniel.Rivers –at– US.army.Mil9/1/198310/1/1990also in C-2-6
Santiago, Secundino A.sastgo –at– hotmail.com4/21/19864/1/1989 
Savage, Todd todd.savage –at– us.army.mil9/1/19904/1/1994 
Sherrill, Barrysherrillrap –@— aol.com1/1/19841/1/1986 
Shouse, Ben wulfen42058 –at– yahoo.com11/5/19927/21/19943rd Sqd 3rd Plt
Siegel, John grimnight12002 –at– aol.com1/1/1989  
Snyder, Paul C. paulcsnyder –at– hotmail.com2/18/198912/12/1991CSC 6/502 Scouts (DOC Snyder)
Stevens, David J. David.j.stevens –at– us.army.mil1/1/199011/1/1992Mortars
Stone, Shawn sncstone –at– yahoo.com1/1/199411/1/1994 
Sturdivant, Rickrickey.sturdivant –at– us.army.mil10/17/198710/15/1989 
Suarez, Dan dbfrdan –at– yahoo.com7/21/198512/1/1986 
Trinh, Nguyen wynntrinh –at– gmail.com10/10/19919/13/1994also in C Co, HHC, USMCA
Tucker, Christopher ts12er –at– yahoo.com9/1/19927/13/19942nd platoon
Turner, Steven steven.w.turner —at- — usace.army.mil1/1/198711/1/1991Supple Sergeant
von Mayer, Wilhelm wvonmayer –at– gmail.com5/30/19937/15/1994Mrtr Plt
Warnock, Paul paul.s.warnock –at– us.army.mil1/1/19863/1/1988 
Weymouth, Dave dandbweymouth –at– comcast.net2/1/19842/1/1986 
White, Robert bobosworld –at– msn.com4/1/19891/1/1992 
Wisnosky, Dennis J.  Jr.jump10414 –at– aol.com1/1/19931/1/1994Operation Able Sentry
Zambrano, Alex D. adzambrano –at– hotmail.com1/10/199012/5/19913rd Plt/Scouts/CSC
Combat Support Company – updated 01/10/2021
Billings, Kevin kevin.m.billings– AT –gmail.com4/15/198310/15/1984 
Bolden, John A. deepeagle –at– hotmail.com1/4/198610/1/1986Mtr
Broadway, Michael dondeladondon –at– yahoo.com5/1/19848/1/1986best times
Byrum, Rick rum4by5 –at– yahoo.com2/12/198712/12/1991 
Chavez, Frank O.bronco5452 –at– msn.com6/17/198912/4/19894.2 Mortar
Combs, Lynn I lic_67 –at– yahoo.com8/25/19898/29/1991Four-Deuce
Cornett, Jeffery hunt4fun1 –at– verizon.net6/18/19867/19/1989Scouts
Fitsik III, Paul dragoon_trooper –at– yahoo.com11/21/198811/20/19904.2
Hale, James E. ljhale –at– sbcglobal.net8/8/19852/7/1987TOW Plt
Hicks, Gregory K. bq951 –at– cummins.com7/4/19867/4/1988 
Holliday, Lee ldholliday –at– hotmail.com1/1/19891/1/1992HHC, 4.2
Howard, Lowell Ray lowell.howard1 –at– us.army.mil1/1/198812/3/1989Scouts
Ivey, Johnwmjivey –at– yahoo.com4/1/19844/1/19864.2 Mtrs
Jeffary, Wooden,  jeffarywooden33 –@- gmail.com4/2/198411/12/1989Scout Plt
Jurgensen, Peter sgtrok –at– aol.com11/1/19881/2/1992Snipers & A co. 2nd Plt
Keezer, Jason T jason_keezer —@– yahoo.com12/28/19881/21/1991 
Kelly, Daviddavid.kelly1 –at– us.army.mil7/1/19897/1/1994B & C
Kinzie, Michael michael.kinzie1 –at– us.army.mil2/13/19832/22/1986Scout/Sniper
Lancaster, David lancaste –at– gdls.com5/1/19831/1/1987A Co.
Lewis, David A crashbabyqc –at— aol.com1/1/19899/4/1991AT Plt
Leyson. Kenneth C. kenneth.leyson –at– us.army.mil3/1/19842/25/1987 
Locklear, Anthonydeputyb716 –at– aol.com11/8/19892/28/1992Mortar Plt; C & B Co’s also
Long, Davidiiarts –@– aol.com3/27/19865/10/1989Scouts out!
Martinez, Ricardo (Rick) ricardo.martinez –at– us.army.mil1/31/19856/16/1988Scouts
McConnell Jr., William Dale Drmacatac –at– yahoo.com3/3/19863/3/19894.2 Platoon
Moore, Louis L.lchewylou –at– yahoo.com8/1/198712/1/1990 
Mullally, Michael mknh –at– hotmail.com3/1/198511/1/1987TOW Plt
Murphy, James jamesam –at– comcast.net8/8/19858/2/1987 
Murphy, James A jamesam –at– comcast.net8/8/19858/2/1987TOW Plt.
Neves, Don donnevesjr –at– sbcglobal.net1/1/19871/1/1989TOW Platoon
Poling, Jack Luv2Styx2 –at– aol.com7/1/19857/1/1987Sniper Platoon
Pone, Jeffrey jeffreypone –at– yahoo.com1/1/19878/1/1992 
Rousseau, Kyleroozak —@- yahoo.com2/14/19897/15/19934.2 mortars/ TOW platoon
Sallis, Ronald Ddawgsallis –@— yahoo.com4/15/198712/15/1990Scouts
Schlecty, Jeff j_tschlecty –at– yahoo.com2/1/198912/1/1991A/6/502
Shores, Ed els5690 –at– yahoo.com7/15/19881/13/1992also in HHC
Skomsvold, Daniel dskomsvold –at– gmail.com11/15/19882/2/1992also in HHC 6/502
Smith, Bradbjsmith63 –at– gmail.com5/1/19853/1/1987 
Takacs, Sandor (Mike) sandorm.takacs –at– gmail.com10/22/198611/21/1989Scout Plt
Willams, Mark Wilmeka4 –at– aol.com3/29/198910/1/1993AT PLT
Williams, Ray rswilliams62 –at– yahoo.com10/1/198511/1/19874.2 AND SUPPLY
D Company – updated 01/10/2021
Alexander, William we2celts –at– hotmail.com5/1/19916/1/1994 
Andel, Charles charles.andel –at– us.army.mil8/1/19908/21/1993AT Plt
Barrett, ThomasTherapy143 –@– gmail.com4/19/19845/5/1987 
Bertling, Samuel Arthur samnkc –@— knology.net12/12/19929/15/1994 
Copeland, Samsam.w.cope –at– gmail.com4/1/199311/11/1994 
Crawford, Ronronald.crawford –at– us.army.mil2/1/19924/1/1994 
Curt Parks, Curtcurtlparks –at– yahoo.com12/1/19891/1/1992 
Drake, Jason MUSTG7711 –at– aol.com2/1/19912/1/1994TOW Plt
Garza, Franciscotexasstone –at– sbcglobal.net8/19/19908/19/1992 
Harris, Karlkharris –at– meadeso.com10/28/19899/28/1992HHC Mechanic & w/ 40 Armor
Hidey, Robert (Bob) hideyb –at– aol.com9/20/19916/1/1992TOW
Imperial, Joe joe_imperial –at– hotmail.com2/23/19912/23/1993 
Marino, EnriqueStrike1771 –at– Bellsouth.net2/9/199110/27/1993 
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McKenzie, Timothy timmberlin )at( yahoo.com12/1/19913/1/1994 
Ramer, Davidjeanlafreak0 –at– aol.com1/1/19911/1/1993 
Rousseau, Kyle roozak –at– yahoo.com1/1/19898/1/1993 
Sweeney, Rick gonefishing280 –at– msn.com1/2/19915/17/1994 
Thompson, Brentbthomp.gdi –@— gmail.com9/1/19917/15/1994 
Wilkinson, Hunter R. hunterwilkinson –at– msn.com8/1/19914/1/1994WOLF PACK!!!!!!!!!!!
Williams, Mark mark.sherman.williams –at– us.army.mil3/29/198910/1/1993 
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Headquarters & Headquarters Company – updated 01/10/2021
Adam Csanyicsanyi261 –at– hotmail.com1/15/19937/1/1994Support Plt
Antonio Wardaward757 –at– yahoo.com4/1/19909/1/1994Medic attached to HHC
Arthur “AJ” Lawlerlawler.alex –at– verizon.net2/5/19941/6/1994Mtr
Avis, Johnjohnavis63 –@– gmail.com4/10/19854/10/1988 
Barrett, ThomasTherapy143 –@– gmail.com4/19/19845/5/1987 
Bob G. BorgensBirdofparadox –at– hotmail.com11/1/19924/1/19943rd PLT A co. & HHC Co. S3 Shop
Bradford S. Townsendbrad.s.townsend –@— gmail.com1/2/19907/1/1992Commo Plt
Bradley J. Bedwellbjb1138 –at– hotmail.com2/1/19937/1/199491B
Brian Abrassbabrass101 –at– aol.com4/20/19888/12/1990 
Brian Haynesbhaynes2370 –at– yahoo.com6/1/19891/1/1991 
Bruce Dean WestARMYPOPS3 –at– YAHOO.COM10/11/19896/13/1993 
Bryan Howardbryanhd –at– hotmail.com1/1/19925/1/1994Mtr Plt
Bryan J. Mannta455_76 –at– yahoo.com4/1/19897/1/1992 
C. Shane Balekcshaneb73 –at– yahoo.com5/1/19916/1/1994Scouts
Carl MorrisREDGLDWGRIDER –at– aol.com2/1/19898/1/1992 
Charles P. Starksperrystarks –at– hotmail.com11/1/19886/19/1994BN S4 NCOIC
Chris Casconechris_cascone –at– hotmail.com1/1/19938/1/1994Medic attached to Charlie Company 6/502
Christopher Lavalleelordhunan –at– comcast.net3/11/19937/1/1994support
Christopher McPeakecmcpeake –at– umich.edu6/1/19912/6/1994Maint
Cliff MitchellCliff_mitchell –at– mac.com1/1/19851/1/1987S3
Corey J Streichcjstreich –at– gmail.com4/25/19914/25/1994 
Daniel Herreradaniel.herrera –at– us.army.mil1/1/19886/1/1991 
Darin Kirkmandarinkirk –at– yahoo.com12/30/19925/15/1994 
David Helleryankees1_98 –at– yahoo.com3/1/19915/1/1994 
David Iannonegrafeo –at– hotmail.com1/2/19887/1/1994Also assigned to HHC BBDE
David M Tegethoffharley55 –at– aol.com8/1/19887/1/1989Med Plt
David Q. StoneDQSSQD –at– AOL.COM10/23/19853/3/1988Med Plt
David Williamsdavidwilliams4747 –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19898/1/1992Commo Plt (DS/DS & Provide Comfort)
Dennis W. Lushbaugh, Jr.lushbaugh –at– yahoo.com2/1/19939/1/1994 
Donald Bearddlbeard70 –at– yahoo.com1/12/19895/26/1991Maint
Edwin TorresOLYRUNNER –at– MSN.COM7/1/198310/1/1986Medic
Elvis Wellsewells –at– tarrantcounty.com12/15/19864/1/1988B co
Emmett Jonesejones4623 –at– gmail.com3/11/19937/12/1994Support Platoon
Frederick Browntactteam911 –at– aol.com4/1/19884/1/1990motor pool
George E. Gallowaygeorge.galloway –at– us.army.mil8/1/19909/1/1992Signal Communications Specialist
Hagan, Steveshagan04 –@– gmail.com1/8/19861/8/1989Great to see some familiar names “all the way”
Hugo AraqueHugoterri –at– bellsouth.net3/1/19916/1/1994 
James Bridierjdbridier –at– aol.com11/30/198911/30/1993Scouts
James D. BraddyJDBraddy –at– satx.rr.com12/1/19871/1/1990Med
Jeffrey Lowderjeffrey.lowder –at– us.army.mil7/1/19926/1/1994Scouts
Jody Mckeefryjoetmax23 –at– hotmail.com5/15/198710/15/1989 
Joel Smithjsmith315 –at– twcny.rr.com1/1/19851/1/1987also in B
John Ahrensbig_john65 –at– hotmail.com7/1/19851/1/1989Cook
John YoakumJoDo5957 –at– aol.com5/20/19837/31/19851984-85 served as Kontack Coordinator
Joseph Riverajorivester –at– gmail.com5/1/198512/15/1986Communications – RATT
Kenneth Brownbkenneth5436 –at– yahoo.com1/6/19882/18/2002PAC
Kevin Choatekchoate00 –at– hotmail.com5/1/19937/1/1994 
Kevin Warnickkp_warnick –at– hotmail.com11/18/19853/16/1992Med Plt
Kidd, Joejoe-kidd –at- t-online.de1/1/19821/1/1988 
Larry Hostetlerlarryhostetler –at– hotmail.com1/8/198610/31/1990G3 Plans also at COD
Larry McNeeselemcneese –at–  gmail.com12/13/198212/13/1985S4 Ncoic
Leroy.Altmangeraltus –at– hotmail.com1/1/19901/1/1990 
Mark Dawdawmark –at– yahoo.com11/10/198611/8/1988 
Mark J. BundySFC_Bundy –at– MSN.com8/1/19868/1/1989Med Plt
Matthew Kingdelusionalmatt –at– googlemail.com1/31/19906/16/1994Commo
Michael E. Championsurgpa –at– yahoo.com6/1/19846/1/1987CSB,Avn Det
Michael Scharlowscharlo –at– yahoo.com3/31/19909/23/1993 
Michael Treglazoffarmyzoff –at– gmail.com7/1/19921/1/1994Scouts
Norbert  Johnsonnorbert.johnson –at– us.army.mil12/21/19846/28/1986TAMMS/PLL 76C20 (SP5/SGT)
Paul Harpharpp –at– aol.com1/1/19917/1/1993Scouts
Peter Eric Farmerp.farmer –at– mchsi.com11/1/19835/1/1986Commo Plt
Porche, Kevinkporche –at– gmail.com6/15/19056/16/1905
Randy SermenoSermeno2010 –at– charter.net4/10/19889/30/1991 
Raymond F. Phillipsft_sumter_min –at– yahoo.com7/4/19833/18/1986Battalion Draftsman
Rayne Joneseaj_rsj –at– yahoo.com7/4/199310/5/1994 
Ric Jordanricjordy13 –at– yahoo.com2/1/19864/3/1988BN S4
Richard Sturms, Jr.olywarrior –@— hotmail.com11/9/198511/19/1987Medic Plt. (+2 OIF Deployments)
Robert McLaughlinrapier_boy –at– yahoo.com3/15/19918/15/1994
Robert T. Williamsrobert4682– @ –sbcglobal.net3/31/19842/1/1987
Schlecty, Jeffrey Wayne j_tschlecty -@– yahoo.com2/1/198912/2/1991
Scott Brownscottbrown –at– smarttech.com1/1/19851/1/1987S1 PAC
Starks, Charles PerryPerrystarks —@—hotmail.com11/1/19896/1/1994Deployed with the 6-502 to Able Sentury one and Operation Provide Compfort.
Stefan Morgansmorganvfmog –at– sbcglobal.net1/8/199012/15/1994 
Stephen A Bowersbeefalobart –at– yahoo.com8/1/19888/1/1990also in C Co.
Steve Rickardsteve.a.rickard –at– us.army.mil10/9/19891/17/1993 
Terry Marshelljtmarshell –at– yahoo.com6/12/19867/28/1989Commo
Terry Metcalfkorea503 –at– cox.net1/26/19938/15/1994Ammo
Thomas Tarjeftusapaint –at– hotmail.com1/1/19851/1/1987
Timothy Gossgosst –at– aol.com10/3/19931/13/1994 
Tom Beronthomas_beron –at– fmi.com11/1/19869/1/1988also in A, B
Tommy A. Corbettsgttom95 –at– aol.com8/14/19888/14/1992Support Plt
Waverly Bellwlbellsr –at– gmail.com11/15/19886/6/1990 
William Adamsbillandespy –@– cox.net12/15/198512/15/1988Bn Communications Chief and S3 Ops
William Dillwilliam.dill –at– gmail.com6/1/19937/10/1994S3 Operations
William Marksbhmarks –@– hotmail.com5/15/19883/10/1992Support Platoon
William S. Creagersusanscottc –at– yahoo.com1/1/19898/1/1991 

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