Allied Staff Berlin

Allied Staff Berlin
A O (Lee) Le Fortjaxjock –at– bellsouth.net6/1/19686/1/1971US Army NCO in G1/4.US Army NCO in Typist Pool.
Ben Boxlerbnboxler –at– yahoo.com5/30/19755/30/1978 
Brenda Garrett (Hauser)brendahauser –at– arcor.de3/22/198510/19/1990ASB
David Swierczewskikc_ks –at– yahoo.com1/3/19702/28/1972Communicatio Center
George Garriottgeorgegarriott –at– yahoo.com1/2/198612/21/1988 
Holman, Sanfordseholman —@— verizon.net3/1/19839/16/1986This was my company command tour. It was a rare broadening military assignment for the time – almost instant credibility. 
Jacques R Tosellijtoselli –at– yahoo.com12/25/196712/30/1969EMAB (Etat Major Allie de Berlin)
John Jm Sourenarminius66 –at–  french armed forces germany
John R. Vanderveldejohnrvande –at– sbcglobal.net4/18/19528/25/19537880 MID
Ralph Schulze-mail –at– west-alliierte-in-berlin.de9/16/19849/30/1994DOL / Maint.Div / Combat sec
Rebecca Jacombs-Craiubex_1973 –at– hotmail.com1/1/19901/1/1994 
Tom Panettatom_bpcast –at– msn.com5/1/19821/1/1985Illustrator

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