Signal Support Company

Allston, Joe allston_5  –at–  yahoo.com6/24/19802/8/1982 
Anderson III, Joseph smokinjoe2191968@yahoo.com1/1/198812/1/1989 
Angelo-Roberts, Mary maryar  –at–  aol.com2/1/19748/31/1977 
Babin, BryanBBabin  –at–  BabinNet.com1/1/198612/1/1991Com Center
Bailie Sr., Stoughton B sto.bailie  –at–  gmail.com3/17/19903/16/1993 
Basker, Jeffrey jbasker  –at–  carolina.rr.com7/1/19817/1/1984 
Berry, Charlene Charleneberry  –at–  live.com1/1/19911/1/1993Radio Repairer – 29E
Brown, Stephen L. steveb  –at–  imaglive.com1/10/19723/19/1973Radio Rm/Duty Trains
Bunting, Tracy Trace59 –at— outlook.com6/1/19791/1/1982 
Butler, Barbara Lbocallaghan –@– suburban-hemonc.com11/15/19786/15/1982I was married while in Berlin. My last name has been O’Callaghan since 1981.
Butler, Victorvictor.butler –@— charter.net2/5/19824/7/1985 
Butler, Victor T victor.butler  –at–  charter.net2/1/19824/1/1985 
Cahoon, Roger cahoon3  –at–  sbcglobal.net10/1/197411/1/1977Communication Center
Caspersen, Charles E chuckcaspersen  –at–  yahoo.com2/1/19878/15/1991NCOIC Fixed Radio Branch
Cintron-Hernandez, Denis dennis.cintronhernandez  –at– 
Cornett, Daviddavid.cornett45  –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19844/1/198626V DCS Maintenance Clay Compound
Crain, Thomas craint95 –at– yahoo.com10/1/19885/1/1992 
Crapse Jr., Lester E (Gene) Lestc2000 –@— yahoo.com1/1/19741/1/1976Commo Officer/ Platoon Leader for 4/6 Inf,  CO Signal Support Company
Davis Jr, Leo ldavisjr  –at–  cfl.rr.com6/1/19827/23/1987Maint. Div.
Denney, Darrell da_denney  –at–  comcast.net5/20/19864/28/1989 
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Hill, Paul paul.hill  –at–  alconlabs.com7/1/19847/1/1986 
Johnson, Kenken.johnson182  –at–  hotmail.com7/1/19887/1/1990USA Signal Support Company & HHC, Andrews Barracks
Jones, Brucebrucejones1952 –AT— yahoo.com2/1/197612/1/1978SATCOM
Jones, Rickie l.xxironworkerxx1 –@— yahoo.com4/23/19773/15/1979 
Kavanaugh, Timothy tjk818  –at–  hotmail.com7/16/19762/16/1978 
Krenn, Jim jdkrenn –at– comcast.net6/5/19786/8/1990AUTOSEVOCOM Maintenance
Laflamme, Jacques jacques.laflamme1 —@– verizon.net9/1/198510/1/1987 
Loasching, Robert robert.loasching  –at– 
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Michel, Johnmicheljohn  –at–  hotmail.com2/10/19881/7/1992 
Mroczka, Mike springer_mike2005  –at–  yahoo.com1/11/196711/11/1969 
Munden, Vondavondam1016  –at–  msn.com7/1/19886/1/1991 
Nelson, Dongtbullitt  –at–  yahoo.com12/1/19863/1/1988CommCenter
Pabelick-Hilton, Tracy tracylscott76549  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/19822/1/1985 
Parrish, Philip P Knight_side  –at–  yahoo.com3/20/19889/20/1992BDE Commo Section
Pauly, Krispauly4463 –@— reagan.com9/1/19818/1/1984Radio Room Clay HQ
PeLong, Samuel spelong  –at–  gmail.com6/1/19886/22/1990 
Pestaner, Jim pestaner  –at–  hotmail.com7/10/19857/9/1988 
Peterson, David M. dmp  –at–  ufl.edu3/1/19898/1/1991 
Redinger, Michael  L. m_redinger  –at–   
Reese, Richard Essgre –@— yahoo.com1/10/19886/15/1993 
Rice, David R. drice  –at–  parasys.com3/1/19863/1/1989Berlin Brigade Radio Room at Clay Headquarters
Roberts, Chuckrobertscf  –at–  aol.com8/5/19758/1/1978Comm Ctr and CMDSA
Ruiz, Hector crownhector –@— yahoo.com12/5/198912/5/1992 
Sehr, Gene geno38  –at–  hotmail.com2/1/19903/1/1992 
Shepherd, Jack jack.shepherd  –at–  fuse.net10/1/19543/1/19577781 AU
Smith, Odell odell.smith1  –at– 
Snyder, Dennis J.jsnyder322 –@— aol.com1/1/199212/1/1994Comm Center
Snyder, Mike meikel50atyahoo.com4/1/197512/20/1977Teletype Maint
Stanley, Darraldarralstanley  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/19869/23/1992 
Stewart II, Stanley sstewartii —@— aol.com8/1/197612/1/1981Living in NC
Sutherland, Edward L elszroc  –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19898/1/1992 
Taylor, Mark mark.a.taylor –@— verizon.com2/1/19836/1/1986 
Tipton, Therman thermantipton –@— hotmail.com7/1/197410/1/1977 
Treadaway, Joan joan.treadaway –@– gmail.com7/1/198711/1/1988Berlin Brigade Radio Room at Clay Compound as a 31C
Vallez-Good, Christine escargome  –at–  yahoo.com1/10/19757/15/1977 
Ward, Robert l bobward1821  –at–  hotmail.com1/3/19815/26/1983CMDSA
Watson, Richard E. rewatson  –at–  rr1.net3/8/19793/8/1982 
Whitt, Jim E. whittjew  –at–  yahoo.com2/1/198512/1/19943 Tours
Williams, John Agonimedes  –at–  hotmail.com8/16/19885/13/199232D tech controller

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