U.S. Army Aviation Detachment

Aviation Detachment (TCA)
Bounds, Michael Jr.michael.bounds –at– us.army.mil1/6/1992 0:004/8/1994 0:00 
Brooks, Bill wdbrooks49 –at– hotmail(dot)com9/15/1981 0:009/21/1984 0:00Aviation XO
Bush, Richard rrbush –at– aol(dot)com5/1/1985 0:0010/1/1988 0:00 
Carlson, John D. mudskipper1 –at– earthlink(dot)net   
Christensen, Kelly kmchris13 –at– hotmail(dot)com9/1/1983 0:009/1/1985 0:00 
Demoro, Rich rich.demoro –at– verizon(dot)net9/26/1968 0:009/11/1969 0:00Crew Chief on a UH-1B tail # 63-0551
Guzman, John “Gus” avnxman –at– aol(dot)com9/1/1975 0:009/1/1978 0:00Avionics
Hamilton, Richard A. alamosafeindiana –at– aol(dot)com6/1/1985 0:006/1/1988 0:00 
Hanson, Bruce tah27 –at— live.com10/10/1967 0:001/1/1969 0:00Aviation Detachment
Klems, John tennajohn –at– gmail.com10/1/1978 0:008/30/1981 0:00Avionics Tech
Kurinec, Frank ksundk — @– bellsouth.net9/1/1976 0:007/1/1979 0:00Pilot
Lawless, William A. w.andl.lawless –at– sbcglobal(dot)net2/15/1961 0:004/15/1964 0:00Air Section Crew Chief
Newland. David daven0777 —- AT —-  comcast.net1/20/1979 0:001/20/1982 0:00 
Schwab, Sam sam –at– schwabagency(dot)com6/1/1982 0:006/1/1985 0:00 
Thomas. Jerome jtho67 –at– gmail(dot)com10/7/1968 0:001/25/1970 0:00Tempelhof
Waters, Robert crusty2577 –at– hotmail(dot)com11/23/1982 0:0012/1/1985 0:00 

If you do not see your information please consider having your contact info added to the REGISTRY.
Please use the NEW REGISTRY SUBMISSION page to provide the following information:
• Your Name:
• Your Unit Assigned:
• Date Arrived Berlin:
• Date Departed Berlin:
• OPTIONAL – What was your assignment/what did you do in Berlin? (i.e., 3rd Plt M60 Gunner)
• OPTIONAL – What State do you currently reside?