US AIR FORCE (TEMPELHOF) – updated 04/02/2021
Baker, Mike rmsbaker –at– comcast.net7/1/19767/1/1978 6912 SS
Beattie, Thomas tombeattie23 –at– yahoo.com5/1/19809/1/1983Controler1946 CS
Chittum, Michael chittum –at—- sbcglobal.net12/1/19662/1/1968USAF 6912th Security Squadron6912
Dick, Mike Michael.Dick –at– Park.edu5/23/19675/2/1970 6912 SS
Goetz, Walter G. waltg753 –at– aol.com11/1/196711/1/1970 6912 SS
Heatwole, Ronald Rheatw1996 –@— comcast.net10/1/19708/1/1972 6912 SS
Heptinstall, Terry codelin1 –at– hotmail.com12/27/19751/10/19771946 Comm Sqdn1946 Commo Sqdn
Hill, Lloyd email4lkh –at– yahoo.com4/15/19815/21/1986ATC Radar Maintenance1946TH Comm Sq
Koegle, David dkoegle —@— hotmail.com1/3/19728/1/1975Baker Flight, PIT Operations6912SS
Lennon, Paul E. paul.edward.lennon -@— gmail.com12/1/19586/1/1960Operating Location Assignment # 2 ATC807th TACONRON
McMullen, Mike railkill –at– aol.com8/1/19728/1/1976BARTCC TCA1946 Comm Sqd
Miller, Dougdmiller –at– gv.net10/1/19668/1/1969German Linguist @Tempelhof6912 SS
O’Connor, Tom oconnor6555 —@— gmail.com3/1/197610/1/1979Just looking to hook up with other folks who know, TCA, Nicks Ribs, and the Marienfelde site6912SS
Petti, Stephenspetti44 –@– gmail.com2/13/19642/13/1967AFSC 294501946 Commo Sqdn
Sanchez, Steve mrsteve36 –at– yahoo.com9/1/19907/1/1992Calibration Technician & Club Silver Wings MgrLog Sqdn
Sheridan, Homer (Gene) gene.sheridan –@– att.net7/25/196210/27/1964Radio Maintenance at Templehof Central Airport1946 Commo Sqdn

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