Spring Time In Berlin (a thought or two about Change)

Another Spring has sprung. Soon we will be casting off our winter gear and replace it with shorts and t-shirts. While that may be the case here in the States  it was not always the situation in Berlin. Heck, I remember one MAY it rained, sleeted and snowed all within thirty minutes. Talk about change. Then again, isn’t that what Spring is all about? Change.

Change is what made Berlin unique. Change is what continues to make Berlin unique. For those of us that served in West Berlin know fully well what change is and what it means. Serving in the US Army you get very intimate with change very fast. However, as we get older we find change a bit more difficult to deal with. However, knowing and experiencing change first hand it still baffles me how people can be extremely (and sometimes violently) opposed to change.

While I know that we are no longer in Berlin and no longer an active member of the US Armed Forces, it does not mean that change will not continue. On the contrary, there are new rules, regulations, policies, procedures that we have to follow whether we like it or not. The moment we forget that change is a necessary part of life is the moment that we have stopped growing. If you ain’t growing then you are dying.

You can’t fight it so either stick your head in the sand to avoid it (if you can) or face it head on. Personally, I prefer to continue growing thus I much rather face it head on.

Bring on Change…because whether we like it or not it is coming and there is more change to follow.