Spring Time In Berlin (a thought or two about Change)

Another Spring has sprung. Soon we will be casting off our winter gear and replace it with shorts and t-shirts. While that may be the case here in the States  it was not always the situation in Berlin. Heck, I remember one MAY it rained, sleeted and snowed all within thirty minutes. Talk about change. Read more about Spring Time In Berlin (a thought or two about Change)[…]

It’s 2017 & How Are You?

Greetings all, It has been a while since I last posted on this blog page. A lot has happened and I do hope you had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and continue having a HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Yep, it has been that long) I have talked about the December 19th terror attack in Berlin on the other Read more about It’s 2017 & How Are You?[…]

We Went To Berlin

We went to Berlin and helped bring down the Berlin Wall and won the Cold War because things like oppression, censorship, and dictatorships are BAD! Who are we? We are the couple hundred thousands  (give or take a thousand) of United States, French, and British Forces that went to occupy Berlin after the end of Read more about We Went To Berlin[…]