Website Update for Sunday June 26, 2016 updated by David GuerraGreetings all,

Just a quick note to pass along the following:

The following units have been updated

  1. HHC, 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry
  2. Co. B, 3rd Battalion, 6th Infantry
  3. Co.C, 3rd Battalion, 6th Infantry
  4. HHC, 3rd Battalion, 6th Infantry
  5. HHC, 4th Battalion, 18th Infantry
  6. HHC, 4th Battalion, 502nd Infantry
  7. Co. B, 5th Battalion, 502nd Infantry


Episode 73 of the Podcast goes live. In this episode, we answer some email, an update on the Gettysburg Reunion, and some other goodies. So be sure to check back this coming 4th of July Weekend.


*The UNKNOWN UNITS page is for those individuals that have submitted their registry information but fail to put a proper unit designation so that the information can be added to the proper unit page in the registry. For example, when a registry submission arrives stating the individual served with Bravo Company and nothing else then it gets filed to the UNKNOWN UNIT page. The registry submission will stay there until more information is provided.