16th Constabulary

16th Constabulary
Claus, Josephjcclaus –at– verizon.net10/11/19485/15/1951then on 10/1950 reorg to A 1/6
Decker, Donald W. Rudeck –at– aol.com1/1/19503/1/1952 
Goldstein, ManfredMannyg2255 –at– hotmail.com1/1/1946 HHC 16th Constabulatory
Groth, Charles E.storliet –at– excite.com12/1/19453/10/194716th.Constabulary
Koenn, John J.jjkoenn1 –at– juno.com6/1/19499/1/19537781 SCU (Roosevelt Bks)

If you do not see your information please consider having your contact info added to the REGISTRY.
Please send an email including the following information:
• Your Name:
• Your Unit Assigned:
• Date Arrived Berlin:
• Date Departed Berlin:
• OPTIONAL – What was your assignment/what did you do in Berlin? (i.e., 3rd Plt M60 Gunner)
• OPTIONAL – What State do you currently reside?

send all that to the following email address: registry@berlinbrigade.com