Avilla, Kathy Birdwellkathy.avilla –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19821/1/1985 
Ayers, Aaronayers_1 –at– yahoo(dot)com3/21/19933/21/1994Operating Room
Baker, Garygbkr61 –at– yahoo(dot)com7/20/19857/20/1987O.R.
Barker, Robert northern_imager –at– live(dot)com10/22/196912/29/1970Registrar Division
Beemer, Haroldhk.beemer –@– gmail.com11/1/198611/30/1991First Sergeant
Bjornson, Darrel dcbjorn –at–  yahoo.com5/1/19746/1/1976279 Station Hosp.
Bliemeister, Michael Michael.Bliemeister –at–
Boerstler, Sandra Lee FREINKE100 –at– AOL(dot)com1/1/19851/1/1994 
Boyle, Neil nsboyle -@– nsboyle.com7/1/19847/1/1988Healthcare Administrator, Chief, Clinical Support Division
Caruso, Joejoe –at– spokanefloors(dot)net5/1/19847/1/1987DENTAC
Castro, Raymond R. pyro23s –at– hotmail(dot)com1/1/19928/1/1994Houston Firefighter
Clemons, Ron ronclemons64 –at– gmail(dot)com6/8/19866/11/1989 
Cook, Janejanefrance –at– hotmail(dot)com12/1/198910/3/1993OB-GYNWard 2B
Davidson, Michael dudadavidson –at– cox(dot)net10/15/199010/15/1990Internal Medicine.
Desmond, Guy A. Guy.a.desmond –at–
Elliott (David), Ednacsc2700 –at– aol(dot)com5/20/19795/10/1982Worked at Hospital Pediatric Clinic for 2.5 yrs
Fazekas, Bob bfaz616 —@— hotmail.com11/1/198711/1/1989Served in the DENTAC 87-89
Frost/Silvas, Shawna shawna.silvas –at– 
Gates, Jamesspectrum_gates –at- yahoo.com1/1/19747/1/1978 
Greenlee, John C jcgdvm –@– aol.com6/15/19594/13/1962168th Med. Det. Veterinary Services:  6 or 7 people TDY to Berlin from Frankfurt. Those of us unmarried lived in the top floor of one wing of the hospital. Our office was on the hospital grounds.
Gregory, D.J.galacticgadgets –@– rocketmail.com11/25/19721/6/1978cast tech., and civilian amb. driver in new building
Griffin, Stephen stephenfgriffin –at– msn(dot)com8/1/19858/1/1987Surgical Clinic
Hayes, Jimflandall –at– yahoo(dot)com11/23/19871/19/1990 
Hearns Jr., Joe S. berlinjoe –at– yahoo(dot)com3/15/19884/15/1994168th Med Det (VS)
Hume, Michael berlinerbears –at– aol(dot)com10/5/198310/23/1986Medical Supply
Jackson, Steve inspsfj –at– comcast.net3/3/19793/4/1982168th Med Det (VS)
Kennel, Dietmar dietmarkennel —@– me.com1/11/19885/31/1993I worked as a local national dental officer (general dentist) for 3 years at USAHB
Luscomb, Richard Ldrluscomb -@– gmail.com7/1/198212/1/1983Chief of Mental Health at the hospital – Psychologist
Martinez, Reinaldo L. syclonepr –at– yahoo(dot)com10/3/19892/24/1992 
Matos, Edwardmatosed –at– hotmail(dot)com12/30/197912/30/1982168th Med Det (VS) (JA)
Minter, Jonminterje –at– resurgens(dot)com1/1/19861/1/1988Chief ER/Ambulatory Patient Care
Moran, Michaelmoranmichael –@— hotmail.com1/1/19821/1/1985168th Med Det (VS)
Oginski, Gregorygregory.oginski –at–
Picart, Jose D. jose.picart1 –at– 
Rohrbach, Edjohann1379 –at– aol(dot)com8/19/19908/1/1994Physical Therapy
Schwab, LawrenceLrschwab –at– aol(dot)com1/1/19881/1/1989PSNCO
Severance, Garygas137@gmail.com5/26/19055/29/1905Dept. of Psychiatry
Silvas, Genaro genaro.j.silvas –at– 
Simons, Smokeyhawker1fan –at–  msn.com9/1/197610/1/1979 
Steadman, Billmrwes –at– att(dot)net12/17/19898/15/1994168 Med (Det)(VS)
Tayon (Maiden-Pribble), Laurel ltayon –at– hotmail(dot)com5/31/198011/18/1982ER Medic
Vores/Garcia, Beckie beckiejg –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/1989 DENTAC
Wurth, Ericeric.wurth –at– Army Hospital
Wysocki, Gary M. garywysocki –at– att(dot)net11/28/19792/28/1982Admin NCO, Barracks Sergeant

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