USASAFS – updated 20 September 2021
Barbour, Ronaldronaldgenebarbour  –at–  yahoo.com9/1/19749/1/1977 
Begue, Joejsbegue  –at–  aol.com6/1/19737/1/19862 tours; 1973-1976 and 1983-1986
Bibby, Randall olenole  –at–  yahoo.com12/17/197511/7/1977 
Borman, Johnjhampster55 –@— yahoo.com3/1/1972 
Brown, Timtabrown332 -at– yahoo.com10/7/197110/10/1972Worked at Site 4
Brown, Timothy A. tabrown332  –at–  yahoo.com10/6/197110/10/1972 
Carvalho, Joseph A. kohala1 –at- yahoo.com1/1/19655/19/190578th USASA SOU
Clark, Reginald regclark7  –at–  comcast.net10/1/19656/1/1967 
Daniels, Daviddavid.daniels54 –@— yahoo.com1/1/197710/1/1980Served 2 tours at FSB – Jan 1977-Oct 1980 and July 1983- Oct 1986.
DeBuchananne, George AGVDEB  –at–  Verizon.net5/1/19668/29/1969 
Ellis, Toni (Sperduti) TonitheTGR  –at–  aol.com11/15/19739/15/1976German Linguist
Etienne, Bobbobetienne   –at–   aol.com10/1/19628/1/1964 
Gonyer, John fdsci  –at–  msn.com1/8/19644/25/196778th & 54 USASA
Greenwell, Robert L. rgreenwell  –at–  prodigy.net2/12/19621/21/196478th USASASOU
Humphrey, George Wwhumphrey  –at–  usa.net4/1/19622/1/196478th USASA SOU 059
Johnson, Lee A lee.johnson35 –at– gmail.com12/1/19712/1/1973 
Jones, Robert F.juliae.jones33 -@– gmail.com8/27/19773/14/1979 
Kenly, Daviddavid  –at–  arrowflight.com1/3/19679/30/1969 
Lawrence, JamesJfldll –@— aol.com1/20/19728/5/1974 
Leger, Ronnyrleger -@– pacbell.net9/1/19628/1/1964 
Lock, Jimkglock2  –at–  aol.com9/1/19698/1/197105H
Lynskey, Norman T.ntl6568 –@– yahoo.com8/2/19652/28/196878th USASA SOU, 54th USASA SOC, USASA Field Station Berlin
Mark Gerow, Markmmgerow  –at–  bellsouth.net7/1/19777/1/1980 
May, William (Bill)wlmay  –at–  hotmail.com11/7/197512/7/1977 
McGary, John bmcgary  –at–  comcast.net12/2/196510/30/196778th and 54th Ops
Morrison, James C jimmorrison95 —@- gmail.com3/2/19696/15/1971 
Norman, Mikemohavemike93 –@— gmail.com9/1/19625/1/196478th USASA SOU
Pagani, Michaelbigboss120  –at–  cs.com5/1/19618/1/1963 
Pellington, Robrl  –at–  rlpellington.com11/1/196212/1/196478th USASA-SOU – “D” Trick Section Chief
Plaisted, Ronaldrkapay– AT –outlook.com1/1/19661/1/1968 
Shaffer, Michaelms  –at–  michaelshaffer.com5/31/19669/20/196778th USASASOC
Shuford, David H.dshuford  –at–  charter.net10/1/197511/1/1978 
Smeckert, Duane ‘Elmer’ e1mer  –at–  yahoo.com4/20/19779/15/1979 
Smith, Noelnoel  –at–  nasandassociates.com12/1/19599/1/196278th USASA
Snook, AlBullheart5042 –at- mac.com1/1/19665/22/190554 ASA
Stoneburner, Davewickett10  –at–  hotmail.com9/1/19765/1/1979 
Swanigan, Darrell othrbro  –at–  gmail.com7/15/19639/15/196578thASASOU
Tarilton, Stephen A. Tariltontinker  –at–  aol.com7/25/19617/28/196378 th USASASOU
Tetlow, Stanley E. setetlow  –at–  cox.net1/15/19696/20/1971PAC
Twaits, Leeltwaits  –at–  msn.com2/1/19632/1/196578th USASA SOU
Vroom, David S.davidvroom26 –at– gmail.com9/15/198510/27/1989also in DEH
Wertz, Keithwertzkeith  –at–  gmail.com3/28/19773/28/1979
Wise, Bobbobnjean71   –at–   frontier.com11/1/19623/1/196578th USASASOU

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