Boring Guard Duty? – Michael J. Richins

Who said guard duty was boring?

Since I had a security clearance when our company’s turn to guard the consulate, 4 powers Headquarters. Roving and ammo dump I was posted to guard the 3 inner caged ammo magazines. #3 access required 3 personnel to get in. The guard, 1 person from the red list and 1 from the blue list.

The 3rd magazine had the red eye surface to air missiles. 2 of the ammo dump guys tried to talk their way into the gate with only one from the red list. While standing at the gate arguing with one of the guys a wheeled overland forklift come flying around the corner and crashed through the gate knocking me down.

While being tossed to the side I was able to stick one 12-gauge shell into the riot shotgun. The guy who tried to get in the magazine rushed me but wasn’t fast enough I got the draw on him and his eyes got really big as I squeezed the trigger and he stopped. So, I had 2 prisoners and used the red phone to send out the alert.

This post special orders were a shoot first no warning shot orders. This was late 1975 or early 1976. Those who were there at the time probably remember me as Snipe. That was what everybody called me at that time. Then there was the time when on roving patrol I drew down with my M16 and made a state department guy show id and sign in like he was supposed to. Some of the guys said man you get all of the action.