Buzz In The Sky – Chris Hoover

Summer 1969 – late Sunday morning in barracks. Slept in late after a Saturday night. All the others were up and gone in my bay. Suddenly, my deep sleep was interrupted by a loud roar that shook me out of bed. I roused and went to the window to lock eyes with the pilot of a MiG in his jet flying above and between our barracks and noting a circling flight of MiGs waiting their turn.

The door flung open and our Battalion Col and a Sergeant Major unknown to me, rushed in saying, “Soldier, what did you see?” The MiGs parading by the window answered that question. I figure our brass had some fore warning to explain the presence of our Colonel and a big shot NCO. I do not recall being scared as in the 60s, this kind of stuff was known and not uncommon.

Another time, in convoy in East Germany on way to Hoenfelds, a line of tanks hidden behind a line of trees on top of a hill, burst out and raced down to the road’s edge and swiveled their guns in our direction. Raised hardly an eyebrow…. Brigade life in the 60s.