C Rations – Michael J. Richins

Everybody has their favorite C-Rats meal and some everyone liked. Sgt. Street (we called him Sgt. Strasse German for street). Man, he could play a set of spoons or just his hand on his thigh (really talented).

He would open a case upside down so you couldn’t see the menu label and you would pick your meal blindly. Then let the trading begin. One of my favorites was the eggs and ham chopped.

Jaime always had Tabasco sauce. I was his assistant M60 gunner till he got out of the Army and I became the gunner under Sgt. Kurt, a Navajo guy, who would teach us some words to talk in code to each other. The Apple sauce and fruit cocktail was #1.

I didn’t smoke so I always had my little stash of cigs from the accessories pack saved up. Some guys would run out of cigs and would say, “Hey Snipe, you don’t smoke let me have your cigs.” I would come back with man those peaches look good I’ll trade ya. “No way, Snipe.” Well don’t eat them you’ll be wanting these cigs soon. In a couple of hours, they find me to give me the goodies. Things like the beef and potatoes were nasty unless you could heat it up.