Chemical Agents – Eathel W. Southall Jr.

Happened on my 3rd tour within the 4/6 Inf. I lived at Duppel and I always ran daily. Myself, SFC Southall and W-4 Morrow with Field Station Berlin, were running the path along the wall toward the Wannsee, and just got to where the Russians always trained with Chemical Agents.

That day I got a dose of Mustard Gas. All on the left side of my body. Started Burning, face turned red. Made my way to the road where I flagged down a MP jeep. And they took me to the hospital. Where I was treated and released to S-2 in the Berlin Brigade building.

Where I had to give up all my cloths I wore and had to sign a paper that it would not get out about what happened. They even cleared my Medical Records of it so there were no accounts of it. Well, it took me 8 years of hard work, but I got it into my VA records after getting a letter from the W-4 that always ran with me. Plus, a great VA lawyer and I got my benefits for the so-called attack.

S-2 Told me they didn’t want to create an international incident with it. I still to date have a burning sensation in my left eye and my face will get red like a sunburn. So that’s my story and it did happen. No matter what the VA said and it had been taken out of my records. It’s in there now after going through a VA judge and all. It’s really bad that they stooped that low to keep it quiet.