Eine RATT-Rig mit Brotchen, Bitte – John Reuter

I remember going to the zone (West Germany) and we off loaded our trucks off the train. We were in a convoy to Wildflicken and stopped in a Forest outside a town if I remember right was called Jossa, I could be wrong, I had the RATT-rig and had to drive up the highest peak with my gamma goat. After setting up my radios and making contact with Berlin Brigade HHC I settled in to relax.

Within 2 hours I had about 5 kids from the town checking out my rig. They didn’t speak English but they had fun jumping in and out of the gamma goat. I gave them some c-rations for them to take home. They left and I enjoyed there company.

A few hours later they returned with about 5 pounds of cold cuts and brotchen, what a wonderful surprise that was, I guess one of the kids dad was the town butcher. To say the least my platoon got to eat good because of those kids. That was so many years ago and it still feels like yesterday.