The Wall Run – Michael Richins

The Wall Run. We once ran the distance of the wall from McNair Barracks to the French sector. We left at the crack of dawn and arrived at the end at the north side of the French sector at about if I remember correctly at 11:30 AM.

I wasn’t a fast runner but I got on the bus and was about 4th one on the bus. A lot of guys never finished and rode the subway back.

More on running. Col. Kattar had us run 7 miles with full combat gear and 12 miles on Friday. I felt sorry for the new guys. After a while the head Doctor ordered the reduction of gear weight because there were too many shin fractures of the troops. I had to run with the M60 machine gun and Jamie and me would trade off with the F**K you bag. Later this a guy with the 502 would call it the Steglitz Run. More stories to come.

  • F**k you bag = Machine Gun Spare Barrel Bag OD Green containing/carrying spare barrel, asbestos mitt, traverse & elevation tool, and tools for the M60 Machine Gun