279th Station Hospital

279 Station Hospital – updated 21 April 2024
Aldrich, William william.aldrich –at– cox(dot)net9/1/19602/1/1962Physical Therapist
Ames, Edward L. e-ames –at– sbcglobal(dot)net7/1/19716/1/1973168 Med / Veterinary Food Inspector
Barker, Robert Lee northern_imager –at– live(dot)com10/22/196912/29/1970Medical Company – Registrar Division
Burton, Lynsunnyhillshome –at– aol(dot)com12/1/19686/1/1969
Christopherson, David sstrophy –at– frontiernet(dot)net7/1/19706/30/1971
Collins, Mickey mcollins3721 –at– comcast(dot)net1/3/19726/10/1973
Cooper, Tom huskerkorn –at– aol(dot)com7/7/19617/27/1964
Courtney, Carl c1courtney –at– sbcglobal(dot)net10/16/19699/29/1972
Crais, Thomas F. Jr.motsiarc –@– aol.com3/12/19705/28/1973Aviatioon Detachment Templehof
Creasy, Gilggcreasy –at– gmail(dot)com1/1/19672/1/1970
Evano, Andy “Bear” devan726 –at– yahoo(dot)com3/1/197112/30/1971
Gates, James R. spectrum_gates –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19747/1/1984Preventive Medicine
Gregory, D.J.galacticgadgets –@– rocketmail.com11/20/19721/20/1978also worked as civilian ambulance driver at Berlin MEDDAC
Henry, Patrick A. patahenry55 –@— hotmail.com5/1/19605/15/1963Have been living in the Kaiserslautern area for the last 38 years.  Have visited Berlin a few times since 1963 and it has changed so much that its hard to recognize any more to the time I was stationed there.
Higa, Glenngleh02 –at– hotmail(dot)com6/1/19707/28/1971168 Med Detch VS
Kaluf, Edward Pekaluf —@- comcast.net1/7/19572/8/1959
Lind, Mark R. marklind85019 –at– aol(dot)com1/10/19568/1/1958
McDaniel, Carl F. w3hcw –at– comcast(dot)net8/1/19454/1/1946
Mickler, Walter walt4837 –at– verizon(dot)net8/15/19597/19/1961Worked in hospital HQ and in personnel
Middleton, Marion mdmsjm43 –at– hotmail(dot)com4/1/19626/1/1964
Moskowitz, Williamwmoskowitz –@— aol.com6/12/195412/16/1955I came to Berlin in June 1954 landing at Templehof, and being picked up by an ambulance from the hospital. I was signing in, and there was a notice on the bulletin board that there was some trouble at checkpoint Charlie, and that everybody was to stay aw
Peters, Danannedanpeters –at– Yahoo(dot)com1/1/19688/1/1970
Peterson, Lee lap4555 –at– yahoo(dot)com1/5/19724/14/1975
Purkey, Harold E tn7410bx –at– hotmail(dot)com8/1/19623/1/1965
Reed, Harry A HARSGM –at– AOL(dot)com10/1/196110/1/1966
Sherman, Russell rsherman –at— pittsfordprinting.com1/5/19705/11/1972
Usry, Robert T. busry –at– bellsouth(dot)net8/1/19684/1/1972Lab Officer
Vytautas Daukantas, George gdaukant –at– lesley.edu5/1/19645/1/1967United States Army Medical Corpsman 
Whitlow, Auburn C whitlowace  –at–  gmail.com9/1/19618/1/1962
Zimmerman, Robert L.bobzimm2006 –@-  yahoo.com4/1/19709/1/1970

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