320th Field Artillery

320th Field Artillery – Last Update
Adrian Gerrard Felderadriangfelder   –at–   aol.com2/2/19898/7/19926th BN FIST
Alan L Chapmanbull774ever– AT –yahoo.com4/5/19873/1/1991 
Anton Schneiderajschneider3  –at–  hotmail.com2/15/19895/10/1991 
Brad Neelsteelneel21  –at–  hotmail.com1/8/19921/4/19946/502 F.I.S.T.
Brent Nunleykmvyhp  –at–  gmail.com3/28/19923/15/1994 
Brian Chaneybriandalechaney  –at–  yahoo.com11/1/198912/1/1991A Team Section 3
Brian K. Martinbmartinga  –at–  yahoo.com2/10/19876/20/19925/502d FIST
Brooks Trappiobrookstrappio  –at–  hotmail.com5/1/19872/1/1993 
Bruce Robertsbruce.d.roberts –at– us.army.mil6/1/19905/1/1994 
Carl Johnsoncjohnson  –at–  joneshs.k12.ok.us7/24/19887/24/1991 
Chris Mazurosflcerberus  –at–  aol.com8/1/19898/1/1991FIST
Curtis Ferrellferrell.curtis  –at–  gmail.com12/15/198812/10/1992Supply Guy
Dave Luskshakenup2001  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19871/1/1988 
David BrackettDnkosovo  –at–  aol.com5/1/19914/1/1994 
David I Rivera-Perezdavid197116– AT –yahoo.com2/1/19912/1/1994FDC
Don Massondonma59  –at–  yahoo.com1/6/19905/22/19945th Bat FIST
George Jordangjmj09  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19861/1/1989 
Harry Edward Ecklekaren_g32  –at–  yahoo.com12/23/194511/1/1946 
Ira Careyira.carey  –at–  hotmail.com4/1/19876/1/1990 
James Ertellertman17  –at–  aol.com4/1/19915/1/1993FIST 6/Bat
James Solanosolano_j  –at–  yahoo.com3/3/19913/3/1993 
Jason Baconjason.b.bacon  –at–  us.army.mil12/28/19912/3/1993 
Jason Howelllast email address not working2/5/19928/15/1994FIST
John Coolcool.john23  –at–  yahoo.com9/1/198411/3/1987A-Team FDC also with C/94FA
John Looneyj67bubba  –at–  hotmail.com8/12/19908/12/1993 
John R. Placeaplace62  –at–  aol.com12/8/198611/25/1989 
Jose A. Gonzalez, Jr.jagonzojr5  –at–  gmail.com12/17/19865/11/1993B-team, 5/502 FIST
Juergen Scherbarthherrjuergen  –at–  yahoo.com   
Ken Simpsonkennethsimpson  –at–  hotmail.com8/8/19926/5/1994 
Kenneth Goingsbgoings  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19863/1/1989C 94 FA FIST
Kenneth J. Smithklr032  –at–  juno.com3/11/198810/27/1989 
Kevin ElliottNIVEKDAMAN  –at–  HOTMAIL.COM10/8/199010/10/1994 
Mark Muellermmuel18747  –at–  aol.com11/1/19916/15/1993Battery Commander E/320 FA
Martin Hunleymchunley  –at–  yahoo.com12/15/19855/4/1988 
Melton Bunnmeltonbunn  –at–  live.com1/1/19871/1/1989 
Mike Goransonsiblue99  –at–  yahoo.com2/1/19911/1/1994 
Mike Mullenmichaelmul  –at–  comcast.net11/19/198911/21/1991 
Mitchell, Toddmitchell.todd1963 —@— gmail.com2/15/19742/15/1987 
Neil Daviesmrneil6  –at–  gmail.com4/1/19934/15/1994B 6/502 FIST
Rhonnie C Thompsonrhonnie.thompson  –at–  us.army.mil2/22/19938/30/1993Btry Mtr Sgt
Richard Powellcbrichardpowell  –at–  yahoo.com10/30/19896/29/1992A Team 3rd Herd
Richie Rodriguezrichie.rodriguez  –at–  us.army.mil2/1/19933/20/19946/502 INF FIST
Rick Gemirick.gemi  –at–  gmail.com1/1/19923/1/19945/502 FIST
Ron Howardronhoward69  –at–  att.net11/24/198712/24/1992 
Ronald EliasRonElias80 –at- yahoo.com6/1/19845/1/1987 
Scott Baxleyspbaxley  –at–  msn.com12/28/19891/1/1994FDC Chief
Shane Schroedertheshanecompany  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19851/1/1988 
Stacey Brunerstacey1344  –at–  hotmail.com2/1/19918/1/1993Communications
Stanley W.Slocumstanley.w.slocum  –at–  us.army.mil2/2/19883/8/1993FDC
Tim Kennedytjk24  –at–  hotmail.com10/1/19832/1/1991FIST
Vic Alvarezgicat9  –at–  aol.com3/1/19903/1/1992 
William Cosbywcosby  –at–  netcourrier.com3/10/19854/10/1988Battery XO then Asst S-3, Combat Support Bn.
Xenthrus A Mainorblack1x  –at–  hotmail.com1/15/19899/20/1990

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