3rd Battalion – 6th Infantry

A Company – updated 20 March 2022
Allison, Andy D. dallison  –at–  wcs.k12.va.us12/1/19597/1/1963Cook and Mess Sgt for C Co from 69-73
Ballue, Donald scareme2  –at–  hotmail.com8/10/19757/18/1978 
Bevan, Robert S Bevanfam  –at–  yahoo.com4/10/19636/10/1965 
Brauer, Ronald R. ronchong  –at–  bellsouth.net7/7/19626/30/1964 
Brunk, Richardrbrunk –at– hotmail.com8/13/198010/22/1982 
Buck, Donald A. wackandstack  –at–  aol.com2/1/197710/1/1979A co.3/6 -Drill Team
Burwin, Jerry Ijibski00 –@– aol.com3/2/19678/2/1968 
Calhoon, Dan dan.calhoon  –at–  yahoo.com3/1/19699/1/1970 
Conner, AllenConnor12333 –at– yahoo.com8/1/19828/1/19852nd Platoon
Daddio, Robert robert.m.daddio.nfg  –at–  mail.mil2/1/19837/15/1984Mortar Plt
Eric Smitheric.smith –@— gmail.com8/6/19768/4/1978Berlin Brigade was a great experience for me.
Erkfitz, Craigcre –at- reagan.com1/1/19821/1/1984 
Eugene Danielsgdanielsc8  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/197612/1/19792nd Plt
Feaster, Billy billyfeaster  –at–  hotmail.com9/3/198312/14/1989 
Frazer, Mike ms_frazer  –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19669/1/1969 
French, Daniel daniel.french– AT –sbcglobal.net6/1/19806/1/1983 
Frenette, Ronne L ronnelfrenette –@— gmail.com8/1/19792/1/1980Co Motor Sgt. Bn Mech
Gano Jr, Vernon ganoshome  –at–  sbcglobal.net6/15/19648/20/1966 
Gaulden, Rick rgaulden  –at–  hotmail.com12/1/197812/1/19801PLT
Glass, Jeff glassjeffery  –at–  rocketmail.com4/15/19814/20/1984 
Hallonquist, Leslie Allen[email protected]11/1/198011/1/1982 
Harris, Bob rharris413  –at–  comcast.net4/12/19681/12/19692Plt Grenadier
Herman, James  tman2000_98312  –at–  hotmail.com8/13/19763/9/19792nd Plt
Hinkle, David joejotheshop  –at–  yahoo.com8/1/19693/1/1971 
Hoffman, Michael Ray [email protected]2/1/19806/1/1983I was in 1st platoon and in morter platoon
Jerry Burwinjibski00  –at–  aol.com3/31/19678/5/1968 
Jerry Carrgobcarr49 –@— yahoo.com9/1/1969  
Jerry Paulsonjpaulson )at( yahoo.com5/1/196812/1/1969 
Jim Millsjamesdmills  –at–  comcast.net11/2/198011/1/19833rd Plt
John BroweOODblBarel  –at–  aol.com8/1/19757/20/1978Wpns Sqd 2Plt
John Gillardjohngillard  –at–  comcast.net5/30/196511/20/1967 
John Petersmohawk  –at–  excite.com8/1/198111/1/1983 
John Skokoskokojohn  –at–  yahoo.com9/1/19692/24/19712nd platoon M60 gunner
Johnson, Douglas N. douglas.johnson.10  –at–  us.af.mil6/1/197312/9/1975Cdr’s RTO/Driver
Keene, Terry R. keenot02 –at- gmail.com1/1/19788/27/1981 
Kent G. Saunderssaunderskg  –at–  hotmail.com10/1/197811/1/1980 
Kirby, Steven sgkirby55 —@– hotmail.com10/10/196912/5/1970LOVE 2 SEE MY OLD FRIENDS
Larry Furrlarry_furr  –at–  bellsouth.net11/1/197712/1/1980 
Lederman, Danlederman43  –at–  yahoo.com2/1/19632/1/1966Wpns Plt / HHC 4.2 mort
Leon Coodyleonrn1951 –at– gmail.com5/1/19715/1/1972 
Les Hallonquistsusan8133– AT –att.net   
Mallick, Bruce A. bmallick  –at–  yahoo.com8/2/196811/30/1968XO also B/3/6 2nd Plt PLDR
Mario Lunatexvet79  –at–  hotmail.com8/1/19809/1/1983 
Mark Kopycienskimarkkopy  –at–  hotmail.com10/7/19807/5/1984also in HHC
Milburn, Marshall Troytroymilburn —@– cox.net6/10/19799/5/1985 
Milewski, William F milewskiw ==@= cfl.rr.com6/30/19777/7/1979 
Morris, George “Ken”gkenmorris -@— gmail.com5/12/197112/16/1972 
Morris, William T. blademan  –at–  embarqmail.com9/20/19665/5/1968 
Morrison, Robertcaptainrobert —@— earthlink.net2/1/19739/1/1974Howdy from Texas to all my buddies I served with in Alpha Company. Berlin has changed! I arrived in Berlin only 28 years after WW2 ended. Got to go back…
Morton, Terry G termor52  –at–  aol.com6/21/19719/10/1973 
Mustard, Donald mustard3rdof4  –at–  cox.net12/1/197911/1/1981 
Nelson, Robert J. nelsonpc  –at–  aol.com8/1/19624/1/1963 
Obrien, Paul obisme –@— yahoo.com1/1/19724/1/1973 
Overberger, Michaelmikeusarmy41 –@— yahoo.com4/4/198410/25/1991I was stationed in Berlin for 7 and 1/2 years, my best duty assignment of my 22 years…
Peterson, J. Terry jterryp  –at–  aol.com8/1/19705/21/1972Rifle & Wpns. Plt. Ldr. / Bn MO
Pinkerton, Rogh combato  –at–  hotmail.com11/1/197810/1/1981 
Popovich, Daniel popovich  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/196910/15/1970 
Quezada, Nestor Snestorq1956 –@– gmail.com7/20/19757/5/1980
Roberts, Chuck chuck_e_bob  –at–  yahoo.com10/21/197810/15/1981 
Salazar, Pedro lapedro2  –at–  aol.com10/8/19792/2/1982 
Schrank, George gschrank977 –@— gmail.com1/1/19737/29/1974 
Simons, Darrell A.darrellsimons51 –at— gmail.com5/1/19715/1/1972Weapons Platoon as a 81mm mortar gunner.  Finished tour as the company CBR/NCO
Swiggett, Douglas C. ndswigg  –at–  qx.net3/1/19745/1/1977 
Vargas, Richard rvpa31  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/19815/1/1983 
Wallin, Billbill.wallin –@— gmail.com1/5/19705/28/1972 
Walter E. Torreswtorres1957 –@— gmail.com11/10/197612/12/19791st Plt, 1st Sqd
Westberry, Charliepigout175 —@— aol.com11/1/1982  
Williamson, Ivan  Jriwilliamsonjr26 –@— gmail.com1/1/197212/31/1973 
Wingfield, Sherman B sbpwingfield -@-  yahoo.com1/9/19749/18/1975 
B Company – updated 3 June 2023
Albert Stringerahstringer  –at–  yahoo.com6/21/19693/1/1972Played football for the Berlin Bears.
Allen M. Beebeallen.m.beebe  –at–  gmail.com2/1/19651/1/1968 
ALVIN D. HAKEtxtpr –@— suddenlink.net6/10/196312/10/1966I was assign to B company, at first Arms room, then Training NCO, then Orderly Room NCO . I was also detailed as a member of the G2 patrol units that entered East Berlin through Check Point Charlie.
Art Domeartdomejr  –at–  aol.com6/1/196812/11/1968 
Arthur Matteart0188  –at–  yahoo.com1/10/19827/21/1983 
Belt, John Qjqbjr —@— earthlink.net3/19/19728/11/1973 
bobby wright[email protected]1/1/19618/1/1964CSC / 4/18 G2 patrols
Bruce A Mallickbmallick  –at–  yahoo.com4/1/196811/1/1969 
Butler, Douglas Richard[email protected]2/1/19723/1/1973 
Carl Dukebthree6  –at–  yahoo.co.uk1/1/19811/1/1982 
Carlton “Pete” Elamdodger7012  –at–  yahoo.com7/1/197312/1/19743rd Plt
Charles CrossSsycros  –at–  aol.com2/2/197710/15/1979 
Chris Newportoutremere  –at–  ca.rr.com6/1/19729/1/1974 
Chuck Hughesssg774  –at–  hotmail.com3/1/19803/1/1982 
Craig TreadwayCTread91671  –at–  msn.com11/1/19766/15/19802nd plt
Dan Sentersdkters4440  –at–  hotmail.com8/23/19642/5/1967Fwd Obs. w/ B Co.
David Correlldcorr2  –at–  verizon.net3/1/19753/1/1978 
Davies, Stephensgt.tank –@— gmail.com3/1/19849/29/1985Thank you for your site
Dennis R. Johndrowdjohndr  –at–  aol.com7/4/19711/11/1973Weapons
Dennis S. Longkocody  –at–  safeplace.net1/1/19661/1/1968 
Diaz, Joseph Dominicndiaz55 –@– ca.rr.com10/1/19747/18/1977 
Donald G Harmon Jr.donniejack2001  –at–  yahoo.com7/14/19828/4/1983 
Donald Waakwaakman  –at–  yahoo.com12/5/19705/22/1972Forward Observer and 106MM Crew Chief
Douglas Stefekdougstefek  –at–  yahoo.com3/1/19739/1/1976 
Ed Cooleycooleye10  –at–  charter.net11/1/196711/1/19696th INF & Spandau Prison Guard Honor Guard
Ed Ortizsocaled1 –@– hotmail.com12/1/196311/1/1966 
Floyd Herbert Williams,IIIfloyd.williams1  –at–  us.army.mil10/7/197410/8/1976 
Fred Meadfmead  –at–  torresco.com9/1/19819/1/19832nd Tour 03/86 – 09/91 (C&CSC&HQ/6/502)
Gerald D Littsmannie1223  –at–  hotmail.com9/23/19819/22/1983 
Gerald W Taylortaylormade  –at–  logantele.com10/15/19774/20/1980 
Helmut Bunjorammoman7811  –at–  aol.com5/1/19754/1/1978 
Ike Garciaparatrooper_garcia  –at–  yahoo.com10/20/19814/20/1983 
Joe Kripchaksmartmanjoe  –at–  gmail.com6/1/196412/2/1966Known as “Krip”
Joel YoungJoelnychef  –at–  att.net1/1/19801/1/1983 
John McDougalvietvet65 —@– outlook.com11/1/196911/1/1972Redeye Missle PLDR, Bn. Adjutant, Honor Guard CDR, G4 Operations Officer at Brigade HQ.
John W. Oswaldjwosw  –at–  aol.com9/14/19691/13/1971 
Joseph Millerjoe101airborne –at– gmail.com11/17/197411/12/1977 
Joseph Nick Diazcalinick  –at–  hotmail.com10/3/19746/12/1977 
Ken Mendenhalliamdewon  –at–  aol.com7/1/19705/1/1971Co Clrk
Larry W. Mustonlarmus  –at–  juno.com7/15/19664/30/1968 
Michael M. KeohaneLongwalker21 –at– aol.com12/4/196011/6/1963TmLdr, SqdLdr,Ammo-CBR-Training NCO
Michael P. O’Daremike.odare  –at–  detroitdiesel.com1/1/19661/1/1968 
Paul Martinpjmintx04  –at–  hotmail.com12/31/197812/24/1980 
Phil Sammonsschmo1463  –at–  yahoo.com3/1/19815/21/1983HHC CO Driver & Mail clerk
Ralph Hansenrockinralph1  –at–  sbcglobal.net8/15/1969 
Ray Westbrookgravybiscut  –at–  hotmail.com1/22/19732/1/1976 
Raymond Mancinenancy mancine  –at–  yahoo5/1/19664/1/1968 
Richard M. Thomasmrthomas29  –at–  msn.com1/19/197911/19/1982 
Robert (Bobby) WinesBobWines7  –at–  aol.com10/2/198110/1/1983 
Robert Dobbinsrobertcd12  –at–  yahoo.com2/9/19714/9/1972 
Robert..JohnsonB92277  –at–  aol.com3/20/19697/22/1969 
Roger Shaferroger  –at–  ppsiwv.com12/24/19647/3/1967 
Ronald E. IsomRIsom4  –at–  aol.com5/25/197512/13/1977 
Ronnie Dempseyldempsey47 –at– hotmail.com3/19/197612/1/1979 
Ronnie Shellyronnieshelly  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/19747/1/1977 
Stanley, Keith R.keithstanley2002 -@– aol.com1/28/198210/17/1987Stayed in Berlin as civilian until 2008
Stephen Allowaysteve.alloway –@ — gmail.com10/1/19728/1/1974Weapons Platoon
Stephen E Lilessel  –at–  swbell.net6/1/196912/1/1970 
Thomas P. Bendertombender  –at–  zoominternet.net7/1/19746/2/1976 
Timothy Hinztimhinz  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/19815/1/1983 
Weeks, Johnjweeks968 —@- gmail.com6/10/19746/10/1975
William C Henrywchenr5  –at–  aol.com10/15/196010/14/19642nd Plt
William Lawrencelaw1215  –at–  aol.com12/30/19786/30/1984 
William RaynorWlraynor  –at–  hotmail.com4/4/19606/6/1962 
C Company – updated 12 November 2023
Adams, Lawrence N. lshaft  –at–  aol.com1/2/196710/20/1969 
Austin, Cornelius N. pknick42 –@– gmail.com9/15/19699/10/1972Squad Leader, also C 4/18
Ballard, Carlos (Tony) tjballard76 –at– gmail.com6/1/197112/1/1972Headquarters platoon, Operations and Training NCO.
Bartlett, Richard rnbbike  –at–  aol.com4/1/19659/1/1967Wpn Plt
Blaine, Charles JrCharlesblainejr –at— yahoo.com  
Bonilla, Ricardoricbon0125 –@- yahoo.com12/12/198012/15/1982 
Burt, Alphis RANGER3  –at–  WINDSTREAM.NET3/1/19758/1/1976 
Cirillo, Orlando SOsc41 —@— msn.com5/29/19055/31/1905To all my brothers who are still out there this is for you Steven Smith and Enrique Rodriguez its been awhile I wish we could meet up again stay safe Brothers .
Cox, Richard dickcox1  –at–  comcast.net9/1/19669/1/1968Berlin Brigade Honor Guard 09/66-06/67,
Deleon, Tony Jose tonydeleon28 –@— gmail.com7/1/19773/3/1980 
Downer, Dean gemtekpcs  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/19771/1/1982 
Doyle, Chris E. Wetandryprotect  –at–  Yahoo.com12/17/198110/5/1982 
Gonzalves, John johngonzalves  –at–  yahoo.com6/30/197110/24/1972 
Goode, Hiram Hirampwd )at( aol.com5/15/19761/8/1978 
Griffith, Josephgriffith0706 -@– gmail.com1/1/19781/1/1981
Hamre, Neal nealhamre  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/196712/13/1969Wpns Plt
Hernandez, Louie spoc711  –at–  aol.com7/21/19773/3/19801st PLT
Hightower, Brian doughboy 903  –at–  aol.com6/15/19806/15/1982 
Holloway, Jack jhollow5  –at–  tampabay.rr.com6/24/197411/16/1977 
Howard, Michael miphy  –at–  msn.com1/10/19682/14/1969 
Jenkins, William R. lone_lm  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19723/1/1973 
Jewett, Everett G egjewett -@- me.com7/14/19775/1/19811st & 2nd Plt
Kramer, Nick pnkramer– AT –verizon.net1/1/19671/1/1969Company Commander
Kromm, Franklin justgratefuldead  –at–  gmail.com6/15/19796/1/1982PLT LDR
Kushner, Herb Fly2Far –@— aol.com   
Langdon, Tim tllangdon  –at–  hotmail.com7/1/197710/5/1978 
Laubhan, Eugene Carlclaubhan @  wbamarillo.com2/2/19658/2/1966
Lebo, Don[email protected]11/22/19781/15/1981Would be great to hear from anyone from the unit! Great memories, PTSD buku!!
Lestochi, Louis louis.lestochi  –at–  us.army.mil5/18/196510/31/1966 
Long, Johnnypeglegjohn –@— gmail.com1/1/197312/1/1974 
Lowe, George R grlowe1  –at–  cox.net11/1/19663/1/1968 
Mangers , James Gary Jgmangers –@— gmail.com9/1/19804/1/1982 
Marquez Jr., Arturoarturo207112 -@– yahoo.com9/12/19742/15/1976 
Marquez, Arturo Jr.arturo207112 –@– yahoo.com6/30/19742/16/1976 
Mason, Timothy C Wl370zoom  –at–  live.com10/1/198110/1/1984 
Matos, Ruben rbnmts  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/19747/7/1977m-60 gunner
McCollum, Doug Seagullgeneral  –at–  aol.com10/1/19771/1/19803rd Plt
Miller, John jpmiller613 –at– gmail.com9/1/19683/1/1970 
Miller, Phil phmiller1  –at–  yahoo.com7/1/196912/1/1970HHQ Co.
Nickerson, Robert Bnl –@— epix.net1/1/19739/1/1974 
Pilkey, Jonathan johncpilkey —@– att.net1/1/19621/1/1965 
Pulcifer, David outlander53  –at–  yahoo.com11/1/19742/1/1977Wpns Plt
Rimrodt, Ernest W. rgdanfor  –at–  mchsi.com2/3/19638/27/1965Co.C 4th Bn 18th Inf.in 1964
Robinson, Jack oakdaleredneck  –at–  aol.com7/16/19767/19/19792nd Plt
Schamburg, Garygrschamb  –at–  hotmail.com1/6/19807/1/1981 
Screws, Bruce bruce –@— billssigns.com6/15/197512/17/1977Supply Clerk
Sheehan, John johnsheehanhome  –at–  comcast.net5/1/19805/1/19823rd Platoon
Simpson, Richard oldschoolross —@– gmail.com12/1/1964 Drum & Bugle
Smith, John sjohn0724  –at–  yahoo.com12/6/19746/1/1977 
Streeper, Gerald gastreeper  –at–  yahoo.com10/28/19747/13/19763rd Platoon
Taylor, Tomtomht1962 -@- outlook.com12/31/19814/6/1984 
Valdez, Joe fiftyfivejoe  –at–  yahoo.com5/15/196512/7/1967 
Valdez, Joseph fiftyfivejoe  –at–  yahoo.com6/15/196512/7/1967 
Vazquez Suarez, Rafael ravasu  –at–  hotmail.com10/1/19603/1/1962 
Wall, Rick rickwall02 –@— comcast.net3/1/19828/1/1985 
Wantland, Jeff firebad41  –at–  yahoo.com3/3/19813/3/19833rdPLT
Whitworth, Victor Wayne waynewhit80  –at–  hotmail.com9/1/19664/11/1968 
Wolff, LeRoy leroywolff  –at–  hotmail.com6/1/19743/1/1975 
Wood, Billy billmar37303  –at–  yahoo.com12/1/19796/1/1983 
Wright, Dennis dsw3211  –at–  aol.com7/1/19777/1/1979 
Zahorik, C. John [email protected]1/1/19738/21/1975 
Combat Support Company – updated 3 April 2022
Alan, Chastainchastainalan  –at–  yahoo.com9/1/198210/1/1984TOW Plt.
Ayers, Charles cayers1385 —@– aol.com12/1/197712/1/1980I was company commander of both C Co and CSC 3/6 in Berlin
Barth, Ernest C. ecb_tmb  –at–  ymail.com9/1/19779/1/1981Scout Plt also in HHC BBDE
Bowens, David E [email protected]1/1/19717/20/1974 
Bush, Frank P bushfrank  –at–  aol.com2/1/198411/1/1985 
Chastain, Alan chastainalan  –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19827/1/198411H10
Darryllabrat  –at–  npacc.net12/1/198112/1/1983TOW Plt
Eytcheson, Scott Rseytcheson –@— centurytel.net3/1/19764/1/1979 
Gene Sullivanltcsullivan –@— charter.net4/4/19783/15/1980Scout Plt.
George Nehrgeorge.nehr  –at–  navy.mil8/1/19798/1/1981Redeye
George Wankmuellerwankmueller  –at–  aol.com6/1/197512/1/1978Medic
Grant S.Jacksonbravooneone  –at–  aol.com1/1/196612/28/1968Recon plt.
Herbert D. Weferhdwefer  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/197812/1/1980 
Hewardbuckheward  –at–  hotmail.com9/6/19789/9/1981NBC NCO
Heward II, A. Melvin buckheward  –at–  hotmail.com9/6/19789/27/1981 
Hyde, Alan R. Soldier6231  –at–  gmail.com4/1/19839/1/1987Sniper Plt
James E. Koyamajimkoyama  –at–  hotmail.com5/7/19781/7/19814.2 Mortar Plt
James F. Winnenjwinnen -@– hotmail.com11/10/198111/10/1983Scout Platoon & Unit Armorer
James Y. Soto23soto  –at–  msn.com6/25/19721/28/1974 
John Fishernardskifisher  –at–  aol.com2/12/19829/25/1983Scouts
John L. Hubbardoldhubb  –at–  comcast.net5/1/197612/8/1979Recon
John LaClairjpl54321  –at–  sbcglobal.net10/1/19755/23/1978 
Jon JohnstonEMONE_51  –at–  yahoo.com2/19/19795/19/1983 
Jones, James Burchard1953sparky1953 —@— gmail.com5/20/197212/14/1974 
Ken Crabtreechaplainkenny  –at–  sbcglobal.net12/1/198212/1/19844.2 mortars
Larry Knightglassman34116  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19748/1/1977TOW PLT
leonard belchertarsp724  –at–  aol.com4/10/197310/6/1974 
Mallick, Bruce A.bmallick  –at–  yahoo.com4/1/196811/1/1969Recon
Manuel Benitezmaben7459  –at–  aol.com11/1/197810/1/1981Mortar Platoon
Manuel Medinaraphiki6  –at–  charter.net5/1/19716/7/1972 
McDonald, Jerrymacpac579 –@— gmail.com3/1/19832/28/1985Served in the 4.2 Mortar Platoon.   Am trying to locate other members from the time frame of early 1983 to early 1985.  
Michael GonzalezMGMATRIXX  –at–  AOL.COM7/14/19789/12/1981RECON PLT
Michael T Verdonverdon  –at–  sbcglobal.net8/14/19754/1/1977TOW Missle Gunner
Pacheco, Raymond ray.pacheco59 —@– yahoo.com   
Palermo, Daniel shardan –at– usintouch.com1/1/19761/1/1980Special Troops
Peter J Flanaganpeter.j.flanagan  –at–  uscg.mil1/1/198212/1/1984Scout Plt
Philip Tracexprez1165  –at–  hotmail.com1/7/19725/25/1973RECON
Pieratt, Clifford cpieratt  –at–  ckt.net8/21/19754/10/1978Recon
Raymond Kaloplastosrpkal –at– aol.com11/1/198011/1/1982Was in CSC at the front gate. Pulled wall patrol
Richard DorseySPEDYD13  –at–  AOL.COM3/1/19793/1/1981ALSO 82 TO 85 IN CSC4/6 AND A 3/6
Richardson, David drichardson_all4one  –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19766/1/1977Recon Plt
Robert M. Bowenoldroman43  –at–  aol.com11/1/19776/1/19804.2″ Mrtr Plt Driver/asst gunner/ gunner
Robert Whittlerwhittle_j  –at–  hotmail.com9/1/19766/10/1979Redeye / Company Armorer
Rollin D Elliottrollin.elliott –@— sbcglobal.net8/21/19723/22/19744.2 MORTARS, FO
Salinas, Frank A fsalinas4 –@— satx.rr.com6/1/19768/1/1979 
Schamburg, Gary grschamb  –at–  hotmail.com7/1/198112/20/1982 
Schmidtling, Kenneth kschmidtling24 —@— gmail.com8/31/19828/31/1984 
Scott Eytchesonseytcheson  –at–  centurytel.net5/15/19765/15/1979Redeye
Steve Woodwardsberlin77  –at- —  yahoo.com3/30/19744/25/1977TOW Sec & Training NCO
Thomas P.McGarrythomas_m12309  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/19785/1/1981 
Timothy Hufftahuff69  –at–  hotmail.com4/1/19805/1/1982Scout Plt, HHC S3
Tracy Lotttlott01  –at–  yahoo.com12/11/19767/7/19784.2 Mrtr Plt
Vincent A. Thomas Jr.alphadc1  –at–  gmail.com1/1/19741/1/1977Redeye & G-1, BBDE
Wankmueller, GeorgeWankmueller –@– aol.com6/5/197512/12/1977MOS 91B Medic
William Burtdiverdude54 — @– gmail.com2/10/19827/22/1983
William Coblejumper505 {at} yahoo.com12/1/198212/1/19854.2 Mortar platoon
Headquarters & Headquarters Company – updated 12 November 2023
Adamski, Tom TAAdamski –@— aol.com5/15/19779/15/1980 
Allen, James allen138  –at–  hotmail.com6/15/19817/1/1983XO 3/6 Inf 6/81-12/82 then G3 Ops-HQ BBDE
Arthur, Michael L.yeloprwlr –at– aol.com5/15/196810/13/1969Commo Platoon
Baze, Ronald jblack  –at–  accs.net7/1/19797/1/1981 
Benoit, Rives rjpatsy  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/196811/1/1969Senior medic for C company 2rd. Batt. 6th.
Black, James H. jblack6317  –at–  sbcglobal.net1/5/19776/10/1981 
Blecha, Brian Bdeke1  –at–  aol.com1/1/19675/1/1969 
Briggs, Curtcurtbriggs04 —@— gmail.com9/12/196812/10/1969Honor Guard
Butler, Richard richy7144 -@– yahoo.com1/14/196512/5/1966Recon/G2/Special Opps
Chambers, Tomtchambers19  –at–  cox.net10/1/19608/1/1962 
Christopher, Andrew J. chrismickey  –at–  comcast..net2/1/19579/1/1959 
Daves. Jay jeda —@– umich.edu11/5/19691/15/1972 
Degrange, Robert Ltroutjaegar –@— atlanticbb.net4/1/19683/31/1971Was the Bn Legal Clerk. Col’s Secretary for LTC Abt & LTC Burack
DeRosa, Ray rayder9889  –at–  yahoo.com5/15/19812/20/1984Battalion Chemical Officer
Dick, Randy randy.l.dick –@— gmail.com7/1/19809/1/1983Capt. Driver
Dotson, Richard A. richarddotson  –at–  comcast.net6/1/197312/10/1975Medic
Eades, John jbein03  –at–  yahoo.com  Drum & Bugle Corp/Bn Cdr Clrk
Eiting, Ricky A.rickeiting1712 -at- gmail.com1/1/19724/1/1973Drill Team
Espelin, Gary ncomsg  –at–  aol.com3/1/19628/1/1964Commo Plt
Farnham, Michaelmbfarnham  @ yahoo.com1/7/197310/7/1974Medical Plt
Flores, Danny loc4xchamp  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/197712/15/1979Maint. Plt/Trans. Plt
Gregson, Wayne kayalon  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/197510/21/1977Battalion S-1
Grice, Terrance W. twgrice  –at–  aol.com9/1/19728/1/1974medic
Griffith, Josephgriffith0706 -@– gmail.com1/1/19781/1/1981
Guinn, Eugene`Wkhx1333 -@-  gmail.com6/4/19561/4/1958I was assistant to the Regimental Sargent Major who was MS Holbrook
Haggerty, Michael Smsphaggerty –@– gmail.com1/24/19825/22/1983Support Platoon
Harlan, Mike jharlan  –at–  btes.tv2/25/19793/25/1981BN Maint
Harper, John A1957sph —@— gmail.com9/1/1973 would like to contact other members
Hartman, Lynn lynndeeh  –at–  msn.com12/22/19636/15/1965Bn CO Asstt/Staff car driver
Hebda, Norbert E. hebdae – at — wowway.com10/1/1962 Turner Barracks, M1 HQ5 Driver/Gunner and unit armorer
Henry Rodriguezhrodrig46  –at–  gmail.com1/1/19687/28/19694.2 Mortar
Hightower, Melvin melhightower  –at–  sbcglobal.net1/25/19708/24/1971Maint.Plt
Hillman, Donald dhillman16 —@– yahoo.com3/1/19759/1/1977Commo Platoon
Hinson, Barry W. barryw  –at–  grnco.net5/1/19826/1/1986Hqrs BBde G-3
Jenkins, Richard F. cosmo631 –at- gmail.com1/1/1962  
Kinnerup, Nels A. tinplate2 )at( yahoo.com10/1/197810/1/1981BN COMMO
Kirkish, Jerry jerry.kirkish  –at–  hotmail.com2/1/197012/28/1971Company Armorer
Kunze, Larry larryk13 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19581/1/1960 
Lajeunesse, Rene major197 –@ — comcast.net1/1/19679/30/1968Mortar Platoon
Laningham, Joe Mpkrojml77 -@- yahoo.com12/1/197612/1/1979Track Driver
Larue, Darrell Ray rlarue –@— recordpub.com11/1/19777/1/1980MED PLT
Lorentz, Gerard Gregory GGL225 –@ — hotmail.com7/1/19778/1/1978 
MacDonald, Don macdonalddonald2000  –at–  yahoo.com11/1/19637/1/1965Recon
Macion, Lionel lmacion1  –at–  gmail.com9/1/19732/1/1976 
Mack, Gregory mackgr1 —@– comcast.net11/1/1970  
Mann, Larry tlditw  –at–  msn.com3/1/19823/1/1985 
Martin, Joseph J fishon_01 –@— msn.com6/1/19706/28/1972Support Platoon at McNair Barracks
Mason, Mike twelvepoint46 –at– gmail.com1/1/19695/1/1971recon platoon,training nco
McKenna, James J Jimousa  –at–  aol.com1/4/196411/15/1966Drum&Bugle Corp & Recon Plt
Means, Martin martman58 —@– gmail.com1/1/19791/1/1987Support Platoon
Middleton, M. mdmsjm43  –at–  hotmail.com3/1/19768/1/1979 
Miner, T. Brad downhill6613 –at— gmail.com3/1/197610/1/1978 
Mirasola, Charles P. chuckjanem  –at–  yahoo.com8/15/19626/17/1964 
Mock, Charlie B. rebmedic  –at–  yahoo.com8/19/19824/19/1984Medic; Co F 40Arm
Mooney, Billw.mooney -@– windstream.net6/18/19711/8/1973Battalion senior radio operator
Moran. Joseph Danielmoranjosephd3217 –@– gmail.com2/26/19702/26/1971I was a Medic with HHC
Moussette, Danny C. dmoussette  –at–  sbcglobal.net12/1/19607/22/1963 
Nelson, Kory KoryNKim  –at–  hotmail.com7/17/19811/12/1983PAC Clerk
Nolen, Marvin L. butch1225  –at–  hotmail.com4/1/19717/4/1972Trans Plt
Omdahl, Douglas R. buckhorn  –at–  stellarnet.com1/1/19721/1/1976 
Ouellette, Michael mouellette49 —@— gmail.com8/1/19692/1/1971 
Palan, Michael cityparkcats  –at–  aol.com5/20/19743/15/1976 
Perry, Jim jperry725 –at– yahoo.com12/17/197412/17/1977 
Pinador, Joe hookena2  –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19766/1/1977 
Plys, Martin mpparmy  –at–  gmail.com5/1/19725/1/1976HHC & B
Pugh, Mike pmn001 — @ — comcast.net8/1/19643/1/1966S-1 Battalion Hq
Ranella, Albert Dclaudal  –at–  msn.com3/6/19633/9/1965Recon/driver
Riexinger, Stephen P. sriexinger  –at–  riexingerlaw.com3/1/19759/1/1977CommoPlt
Rockwell, Andrew arockw1067  –at–  aol.com10/1/197910/1/1985Maint. Track / also HHC/5/502
Rowe, Jerry jr095 –@— yahoo.com1/1/1971  
Rowland, William A. warow  –at–  aol.com1/15/19559/15/1956 
Royal, James itnresgp  –at–  msn.com4/2/197411/1/1975S-4
Ruffennach, Ed eruffenn  –at–  aol.com9/19/19684/16/19704.2 Mortars
Sak, Pete psak  –at–  rochester.rr.com10/21/19674/20/1969Spt Plt – APC Section
Sayles, Paul saylesp  –at–  hotmail.com3/1/19773/1/1980
Schwein, Michael Michael.Schwein  –at–  dhs.gov8/15/197912/15/19833/6 Medical Plt.
Scott, David barchen36  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/19626/1/1966MedPlt B/3/6 – Dental Asst McNair Dental Cnc
Scott, Jerry suejer416  –at–  msn.com4/1/19722/1/1973Commo Platoon..Battalion Commo Officer driver
Smith, Landon D. landon_smith  –at–  msn.com5/1/19625/1/1964Commo Plt
Soderbloom, David Rdsods678 –@— yahoo.com12/23/197212/20/1974
Springer, James D jds81051  –at–  yahoo.com1/24/19701/20/1973 
Stoneburner, Garygarystoneburner —@– comcast.net10/1/197710/1/1980
Swalko, Michaelswalkofamily –@— yahoo.com10/1/19764/1/1979S-4
Tankersley, Gerald Max maxtankersley –@— gmail.com7/1/1959Med Platoon
Taylor Sr, John D jtaylor  –at–  bbesolutions.com10/1/19673/1/1969 
Tester, John Testergolf  –at–  netzero.net2/1/19796/15/1982
Toomey, Daniel P dan2me32559 —@— gmail.com10/1/19825/1/1984
VandenBoom, William archerygod1951  –at–  yahoo.com11/3/19825/1/1984HQ Plt, S4 Driver
Varga-Sinka, Stephen T. svargasi -@- comcast.net1/6/19774/12/1980S1 3/6, CO HHC 3/6,
Vincent, Joe joseph.vincent  –at–  aol.com1/1/19744/1/1975Commo Plt
Vitale, Camillo A. mrcv9165 –@— gmail.com1/1/197512/1/1977
von Jacobi, Christian christian.vonjacobi  –at–  us.army.mil4/20/198011/1/1982Bn S2 Also USCOB until June 1984
Wankmueller, Georgewankmueller –@— aol.com7/15/198212/20/1984MOS 91B Medic
Wilson, Roy S.roysamuelwilson –@— yahoo.com8/14/19663/28/1968
Wohlford, David A. dawohlford –at– comcast.net5/1/19727/1/1973
Wright, Brad A. nrubua0 –@— gmail.com2/1/1978  
Yates, Edwin A englandyates  –at–  yahoo.com6/2/19763/5/1979Bn. Commo & 287 MP
Yazzie, Donald Yazzie644 –@– gmail.com1/1/197712/1/1977
Unknown Company Assignment – 20 August 2023

Fischer, Roger – papawfish –@- outlook.com – 1/1/1982 – 7/1/1985 –

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