3rd Battle Group – 6th Infantry

A Company – updated 24 July 2022
Carpenter, James james.carpenter1242 =@= gmail.com2/13/19618/23/1963 
Kellogg, David M davemkellogg –@— icloud.com11/15/19603/23/1962 
Libonati, Robert boblibonati– at—  gmail.com3/11/19597/10/19603rd Platoon 3rd Squad A Team Leader. Played drums in jazz band at all American service club.
Paz. Napoleon nappypaz –at– yahoo.com11/15/19604/15/1963 
Pickler, William F (Fred) flashbang93 –at– gmail.com10/1/196010/18/1962RR Gunner Recon Driver for G2 Missions
Pignataro, Frank J. fpignataro –at– comcast.net1/1/19622/1/1964 
Rinehart, Dewick dewpatrine –at– gmail.com1/1/19594/1/1960Was a gunner on the 106 also forward observer for the 81 mm motors
B Company
Makris, Tony tmakris1 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19591/1/1961 
Southard, Daniel E.deltad1 –at– cox.net11/1/19607/1/1962A, HHC
C Company
Barron, Daniel bdbsr –at– aol.com9/10/19607/9/1963 
Hayes, Haroldzstrike4124 –@— gmail.com8/1/19609/19/1963I’m known as Harold Hayes, station 60-63, I’m 78 and I’m using my grandsons G-mail on this site. I want to find my buddies like Sims, Sanders, Lee, Lewis Garcia (Best buddy, California), Lupe Coronza (Sacromento CA), Gary Wilson (west virginia), Bodoain
Rimrodt, Ernestrgdanfo -@- outlook.com2/1/19639/1/19651st Sqd 1st Plt RTO with Plt Sgt Salazar
Vazquez, Rafaelravasu –@– gmail.com12/19/19603/15/1962 
Combat Support Company
Ridge, Francis BERLINRECON –at– aol.com9/1/19609/1/1963 
Searcy, Ted portlandhouseofprayer –at– hotmail.com7/1/196010/6/1962Recon Plt., Hq. Plt.,1SG’s driver
D Company & E Company
Casey, Robert opakc70 –at– yahoo.com11/15/195510/15/1958 
Armstrong, Benbengineer1941 –@— gmail.com1/1/19611/1/1963 
Capps, Ray L. nowayray38 –at– hotmail.com8/8/196212/19/1963 
Marr, Franklin J. fjmarr –at– aol.com11/28/19602/20/1963 
McLaughlin, Denis B. denisbmcl –@— aim.com11/1/19606/1/1963 
Robertson, Oscar A.margeandoscar –at– hotmail.com12/7/19617/9/1963 
Smith, Arthur F. asmith9063 –at– Aol.com7/1/19601/1/1963 
Headquarters & Headquarters Company
Blazick, Richardblazickrs —@— gmail.com10/12/19603/23/1964 
Cazares, Manuel A. mcazares39 –at– msn.com1/8/19615/10/1963 
Clements, John J skylark3957 –@— gmail.com2/1/1961 Served in the administrative section at Headquarters Company until October 1962.
Donohue, Robert P dblbogey –at– cox.net12/1/19576/26/1959 
Espelin, Gary O. ncomsg –at– aol.com3/1/19628/1/1964Commo Plt
Fawcett, Robert Brhfawcett –@— sbcglobal.net9/9/19583/29/1961S-4
Goodwin, Lewis C. lewis527 –at– berlin.com11/25/19581/16/1951Med Plt
Gray, Harry (BO) hjoeg –at– bellsouth.net1/3/19611/18/1964Motor pool Mech, and Wrecker operator.
Keenan, Gerald jerryk1234 –at– frontier.com10/1/19574/1/1959 
Kerrigan, John johnkerr1 –at– comcast.net7/1/19607/20/1962 
Kunze, Lawrencelarryk13 –at– yahoo.com5/12/19055/14/1905 
Mixon, Billie S. bmixon2009 –at– hotmail.com7/1/19603/1/1964 
Rhodes, F.R. lefty77 –at– atlanticbb.net12/1/195712/1/1959.C. Com. Vehicle gate,walk in gate, Spandau prison.,Honor Guard
Sayre, Clark lou.sayre –@– gmail.com2/1/19621/1/1964Driver HHCO and later C Co.,
Scheder, Frankpatriciascheder– AT –comcast.net10/1/19585/1/1960 
Summer, Robert rms1220 –at– hotmail.com6/1/196012/1/1962 
Tankersley, Gerald Max maxtankersley –@— gmail.com6/1/19607/30/1961Medic
Dittmeier, Robertbobditt2 –@— aol.com1/1/19574/1/1959Medical Company