4th Battalion – 18th Infantry

A Company – updated 7 July 2024
Aldridge, Kelly R joeyaldridge –at– bellsouth.net9/1/19679/25/1968
Almer, Michael D.michaelalmer —@- sncglobal.net7/1/19675/30/1968
Baxter, Garymlb7731 –at– aol.com10/1/19632/1/1965
Bevan, BobBevanfam –at– yahoo.com5/30/19635/20/1965
Boyle, Jr., Edward H. ehboylejr –at– wmconnect.com2/1/19714/1/1972
Breitweiser, Walter S. wsb1274 –at– yahoo.com10/1/196612/1/1966
Brim, Wesley C wbsfc –@ — att.net4/1/19655/1/1967Mortar Platoon. Berlin Brigade Honor Guard.
Cariato, Lawrence A. kathyandlarry –at– aol.com7/6/19692/20/1970
Carter, William linda.carter –at– mygait.com1/1/19641/1/1966Weapons Platoon 81mm Mortar
Coffman, David R.Raysipse –at– AOL.com10/1/19675/1/1969
Cooper, Johnjo2coop –at– yahoo.com9/1/19691/1/1971
Corbett, Rexcorbettrex49 –@— gmail.com4/1/19689/1/1969
Dunbar, Leodunbarleo –at– gmail.com10/1/19675/1/1969Company Armorer
Eldred, Johnjeldred –at– sas.upenn.edu10/1/19675/1/1969weapons plt./81mm mtr
Ellegood, Johnjwellegood –at- aol.com8/1/196912/1/1970Arrived August 69 departed December 70. 
Liebell, Josephjliebell –at– aol.com9/1/19662/1/1968
Little, John A.Gfredredmad –@- gmail.com6/1/19706/1/1972
Martin, Darrelldroaringlamb -@– gmail.com5/12/197011/21/1971
McDaniel, John L.john.l.mcdaniel –at– us.army.mil7/1/196510/1/1967A.M.U. & Honor Guard & B Co.
McDonald, Stephensmcd –at– email.com11/1/19694/1/1971
Person, Gustavpoetlorriott1 –at– verizon.net8/8/197010/23/1971
Schorr, Burtonburt_schorr –at– sbcglobal.net2/1/19714/1/1972Training NCO
Thomas FisherTFibrdog1 –at– aol.com8/1/19662/1/1969
Van Peer, Fred H dutchman2 –at– cox.net3/20/196711/14/1968
Wilson, Richardrfwmmw –at– hotmail.com5/26/19711/25/1972
Winfree, Latham T. twinfree –at– nmsu.edu1/3/19697/30/1970
Wright, Ernsteawright20 –@— yahoo.com5/15/197011/21/1971
Zamora, Eloyzamoraeloy —@– aol.com2/18/197212/18/1972Served with A-4-18 which on Sept. 1972 became A-4-6. I also need to contact someone in my company but don’t remember names to help me with an incident and claim with the V.A..  THANKS. 
B Company – updated 5 March 2023
Achenbach, Bruce A. achenbac –at– sbcglobal.net9/18/19693/26/1971
Born, Bernardbernieborn –at– hotmail.com9/12/19693/2/1971
Brady, William “Lee” billyhamri –@— aol.com12/1/19686/1/1969
Brauer, Ronald R ronchong –at– bellsouth.net10/1/19665/1/1967
Dietrich, Richard rldietrich –at– msn.com10/1/19664/18/1968SGT E-5, Squad Leader
Draney, John jldraney3 –at– msn.com6/1/19663/31/1969
Ford, Kenneth Wkwford1 -@- verizon.net9/1/19631/16/1965
Gongre, Eric J. ericgongre —@– gmail.com10/1/1965
Hay, Robert S. Spyder47 –at– yahoo.com7/1/19708/1/1971
Hollenbeck, Rayfuzz –@- mtaonline.net12/18/19717/6/1973
John  M. Karnatzreinvcpa –@- hotmail.com3/13/19715/1/1972Member of the band “Haze” who won the First Annual Berlin Brigade Showband Contest  
Kuehn, Edward eddkuehn –@— aol.com3/1/19654/1/1967
Ledesma, Joe Hernandez mcnairbarracksvet –@– gmail.com4/20/197210/19/1973Sp/4 81mm Mortars section leader, gun# 3 
Liander, Peter W. rednail47 –at– aol.com1/1/19661/1/1968
Mitchell, Michaelmrm71343 –@- yahoo.com9/29/19671/11/1969
Newsome, Lewin Beaux412 –at– yahoo.com9/1/19669/1/1968
Pecor, Lonnie V Lvpecor –at– aol.com9/1/19673/15/1969
Rea, Donsir.rea –at– gmail.com7/10/196911/10/1970
Robisheaux, Wayne S.werflorida –@— gmail.com6/5/197012/17/1971
Rugg, Larry rugglarry81– AT –gmail.com8/27/19646/6/1966SGT – E5 // AMU
Smith, Howard d6a6d6 –at– aol.com7/1/19688/1/1970
Spears, Michaelmspears12 -@– hotmail.com6/15/19678/14/1969
Stephenson, Donalddonnmichelle2014 –@– yahoo.com11/20/19716/11/1974
Stutsman, Bobby C. bcs453 –at– yahoo.com6/4/19721/15/1975also B/4/6
Vasquez, Robert robert_vasquez –at– sbcglobal.net6/7/196812/28/1969
Young, Billpcso412 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19698/7/1971
C Company – updated 14 January 2023
Ammons, Buddybuddy.ammons –@— yahoo.com6/1/197011/1/1971
Black, Fredfvjjb –at– plantationcable.net6/1/196712/1/1967Redeye Platoon in HHC
Breaux, Barrett J.[email protected]9/1/19692/1/1971
Brock, Ralph Bigstik53 –at– aol.com5/13/19672/7/1968Transferred to Bde Hq Feb 68
Colasanti, Alfred M.mikecolasanti7 —@– gmail.com11/1/19675/1/1969
Crocker, JohnJwc1273 {at} yahoo.com1/1/19681/1/1971Weapons Plt
Dawkins, Cary carydawkins47 –at– yahoo.com5/6/196610/1/19684/18th Inf. then 1st Infantry Div. Vietnam.
Detweiler, Dennisdetsolon2 –at– webtv.net5/19/19711/19/1972
Eskew, Brent29brent –@- gmail.com7/20/19692/23/1971
Harding, James A.jimharding42 -@– gmail.com8/1/19641/1/1966
Kahofer, Frankfrankiediemond2 –at– aol.com6/1/196812/1/19692plt supply driver&HHC recon
Langford, Covie covie –at– planttel.net9/1/19679/1/1968
Lee, Thomas tplees48 –at– msn.com11/1/19666/1/1967
McKenna, James J.  Jimousa –at– aol.com1/4/196411/15/1966
Measley, Billbillmeasley — at– bellsouth.net3/5/197211/3/1975Co C 4/18; Co C 4/6; CSC 4/6; Maintenance Division
Mitchell, Michaelmrm71343 –@- yahoo.com9/29/19671/11/1969
Nichols, Mike mikes71nova –at– hotmail.com10/1/19672/24/1969Wpns Plt/ 81mmMortar
Perez, Al altriman –at– msn.com6/1/196812/19/1969Wpns plt
Ryder, Norm L. Genr5555 –at– aol.com4/8/19649/18/1967
Sassaman, Kevin kks117 –at– hotmail.com12/15/19716/15/1974also in 4/6
Smith Jr, Harold hfsjr52 –@— hotmail.com7/1/19711/1/1973
Sovereign, Danieldwsrotc —@– gmail.com8/10/19652/5/1967
Stephens, Robert DSTEPHENSW –at– AOL.COM12/1/19717/1/19741st Plt
Townsend, Luther M LOUT7489 –at– cablelynx.com10/1/19653/1/19671SG
D Company
Kidd, Joejoe-kidd –at- t-online.de1/1/19711/1/1975D
Headquarters & Headquarters Company – updated 16 July 2023
Amundsen, Jimamundsen –@— sccoast.net3/11/19676/6/1968 returned 2/15/71 to 7/30/72
Baker, Bruce (Creature)JBBVBaker –at– msn.com8/1/19691/1/1971
Bouley, Dennis denandcarole –at– yahoo.com5/8/19707/28/1971
Bourne, Michael W [email protected]1/1/1972
Boyer, David E heyboyer –at– hotmail.com2/25/19715/20/1972
Bradley, Richard R. tunnellrat25thinf34cav –at–  yahoo.com2/1/19651/1/1966also A/2/6
Carbone, Don  dcarbone —@– carolina.rr.com3/1/196510/1/1967
Cruz, Kenneth S. kennethcruz45 –at– yahoo.com7/4/196512/11/1966APC/2 1/2ton Driver
Cusick. Gerard F. cusickjerry –at– gmail.com4/1/19654/16/1968Recon Platoon
Degrange, Robert Ltroutjaegar –@— atlanticbb.net4/1/19683/31/1971Went to 4/18 in 1970 HHC as the Bn Legal Clerk LTC Howard (Bn Cdr)
DeSoto, Billandydesoto –at– aol.com2/25/196210/18/1963
Dietz, WIlliamjust000me –at– aol.com4/5/19695/6/19704.2 Mortar Plt
Edward Russell Riddleerriddle —@– aol.com12/22/19661/18/1968Mortar Plt
Francis, Robertrlfranc )at( comcast.net3/1/19666/1/1967
Gansen, William Mgoosegans @ hotmail.com6/20/19691/5/1971assigned to S4 at McNair Barracks
Harrigan, Timothy J. tjh229143 –at- gmail.com11/1/19703/2/1972Commo
Hood, Rodney Lbigrod1946 –at– hotmail.com4/19/19656/19/1967S-3 and 4.2 mortar
Hurrel, MikeJhurrel –at- live.com1/21/197012/8/1971Commo
Ingraham, Rodneyripi –@- pwless.net1/1/196610/1/1967
Keen, Willwkeen –at– netins.net4/1/19695/20/1970Driver & Trng NCO
Lathrop, Richardrichardlathrop –at– hotmail.com1/1/19713/1/1972Commo
Leaman, Jeffrrsafety1 –at– msn.com1/1/196512/1/1966Drove trucks and APC
Mitchell, Michaelmrm71343 –@- yahoo.com9/29/19671/11/1969
Molbach, Erik G. emolbach —@— mac.com3/1/19659/1/1967Interested in finding people from S4
Morin, RichardBuick1977richard –at– gmail.com1/1/19621/1/1964
Nash, David A. dnaish092846 –@- gmail.com1/8/19686/19/1969Commo Plt
Nye, Ralph H. rhandmenye –at– comcast.net8/31/19642/10/1966Company Clerk
Peterson, Jon cabanapete1 –at— hotmail.com1/1/19629/16/1965Communication Plt
Peterson. Jon  N cabanapete1 —@— hotmail.com12/19/19639/13/1965
Rice, Billwjricd949 –@— aol.com4/22/19685/18/1970The best time of my military duty.
Riggi, Santosriggi348 —@— comcast.net1/1/19631/1/19654.2 Mortar group
Schlagel, Robert W detsgt507 -@— comcast.net6/1/19696/1/1972
Slanker, R. Todd slanker –at– att.net6/14/19692/1/1971Drvr for LTC Baxter/LTC Howard
Stanley, Gary L. garystanley –at– sspud.net8/12/19691/11/19724.2 Mortar Plt
Talpalar, Leon L Lt4cor –at– aol.com4/10/19693/10/1970
Townsend, David dltlouky –at– juno.com9/1/19691/1/1972S4
Wanner, Dale dale.wanner.1 –at– hotmail.com8/1/19701/1/1972PIO
Whetstone, Ronaldrwhetstone –at– hotmail.com12/29/19636/23/1966
Willig, Robertchawk101 –at– comcast.net9/1/19698/1/1970Recon
Wollard, Michael L. shermcca –at– hotmail.com8/1/196611/1/1967Message Center
Wood, Robertboho1010 –at– hotmail.com8/1/19642/15/1967

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