4th Battalion – 502nd Infantry Regiment

A Company – updated 21 April 2024
Aguilar, Arturo R.aguilarl320 –at— live.com11/23/19891/17/1992The last from 4 BN, went to 5 BN when deactivated
Altman, Leroy geraltus  –at–  hotmail.com12/7/19886/14/1992
Anderson, Bjorn bjandsteph  –at–  yahoo.com12/19/19861/19/1988
Athen, Richard nehtar  –at–  yahoo.com7/3/19887/8/1990
Baildon, Matthew matthew.baildon –@- jfksberlin.org2/21/19842/19/19871st Plt
Barnes, Jeffree S.jeffreeb63  –at–  gmail.com12/3/198512/3/1986
Bauer, Steven M Gipper101104  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19861/1/1989
Boyles, Jesse helinjdb  –at–  aol.com2/1/198810/1/19891 Plt Wpn Sqd
Boyles, Kyle kyle942  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/19861/1/1990Sqd Ldr
Burns, Chuck cb2571  –at–  verizon.net6/10/19886/10/19902nd Plt
Compton, Rich burdy13  –at—- sbcglobal.net2/11/19878/22/1988
Cuaresma, Jesus mannycuaresma  –at–  ymail.com8/1/198411/1/1988also in HHC
Dickens, Joe Joemd1  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/199012/1/1990
Fields, Ricky Thomas ricky.fields  –at–  us.army.mil6/1/19876/1/1990Still in the Army as a SGM
Finley, Todd toddnchristina  –at–  comcast.net8/1/19888/1/1990
Foster, Joseph J josephfoster67  –at–  hotmail.com1/7/19878/10/1988
Gagni, Paul paulgagni  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/198710/1/1989
Gauci, Andrew agauci2   –at–   yahoo.com1/15/199012/7/19901st Plt
Giardinella, Thomastgiardi  –at–  aol.com7/1/19835/1/19851st plt M67 gunner
Graboyes, Frederick graboyes  –at–  optonline.net4/1/19853/31/19882nd Plt
Guthman, Korey guthzilla18  –at–  yahoo.com3/15/199012/17/1990
Ham, Donald 1hambone  –at–  embarqmail.com3/1/19862/15/1990Weapons Squad Leader
Hoeve, Lawrence W. doc3218  –at–  hotmail.com10/1/198610/1/1988
Hopper, Gene Clintonghopper699 –@— gmail.com11/1/19884/8/199090mm Gunner
Itomura, Edison Richarde8itomura ==@= gmail.com2/7/19843/30/1987
Jackson, Dwayne dvjac83311 –@- gmail.com1/4/19841/19/1987Supply
James, Mark RANGERJAMES2  –at–  Aol.com1/1/19841/1/1985
Jensen, Lonnie Paul reeferlon  –at–  comcast.net4/17/19879/25/1988
Kelsoe, Brian briankelsoe —@– gmail.com8/21/1989
Keomalu, Kyle fknt2p  –at–  hotmail.com6/15/19856/25/1988
Laczko, Bill williamlaczko  –at–  yahoo.com8/6/19879/13/19893rd Plt
Lemon, Terry muley7403  –at–  yahoo.com7/1/19877/1/1989
Menchion, Eric coolxl3  –at–  yahoo.com3/12/19863/13/1989
Myers, Frank ssg2967  –at–  hotmail.com12/1/19865/13/19883rd Plt
Noles, Thomas s_noles  –at–  bellsouth.net6/1/19876/21/19892nd Plt
Ortiz, Jose R. papo9112001  –at–  yahoo.com12/20/19846/30/1990Mortars
Parker, Sean A. sap_19460  –at–  yahoo.com11/1/19878/1/1988
Pitulej, Robert Walterpitulej –@– aol.com12/20/19866/21/1991Gator Tough!
Rainey, Scottie dboo1967  –at–  yahoo.com8/1/198612/1/1988
Rios, Freddie freddie.riostorres  –at–  us.army.mil8/1/198812/1/1991Sqd Ldr
Rodriguez, Ramon  A[email protected]7/16/19841/28/1988
Roth, John P.john.roth66 -@-  yahoo.com1/10/19858/15/1986
Sanders,  Regneld LREGNELD.SANDERS56 —@— GMAIL.COM6/6/19846/15/1987
Schott, Tom lastone2cu  –at–  yahoo.com11/12/1989
Simbeck, Darrell ascensionlife  –at–  aol.com6/1/19876/20/1989
Stapleton, Michael msspue01  –at–  hotmail.com5/28/199012/18/19902nd Plt
Stunja, Johnjstunja  –at–  yahoo.com12/1/19854/1/1987
Trott, Thomas trottiii  –at–  msn.com1/1/198912/1/1991also in 6/502
Vincent, Bernard capttripv  –at–  aol.com6/2/19871/5/19901st PLT/Co Armorer
Warford, Jeffrey jeffrey.warford  –at–  us.army.mil1/1/19871/1/1991
Wells, Jason M. calvinhobbes_1999  –at–  yahoo.com10/19/198910/19/1991Mortar Plt
Williams, Michael R. aidata  –at–  aol.com1/1/19871/1/1990
Willis, Keith A my70cuda  –at–  gmail.com3/1/19873/1/19901st Plt. 1st Sqd
Wotring, Mark mark.wotring  –at–  us.army.mil5/1/19861/1/19893rd plt 90mm / Nijmegan
B Company – updated 5 March 2023
Adolph M. Litrenta Jr.adolphlitrenta  –at–  yahoo.com2/1/19854/1/198760 gunner, grenadier, rifleman, deuce and half driver (B23) HQ plt.
Brian Brownbrwn12568  –at–  aol.com1/1/198812/1/1990 
Brown, Briansailingchi –@– gmail.com1/3/19886/28/1991 
Bruce Marvinnymet2 )at( yahoo.com8/1/19849/1/1987 
Burns, Gilbert[email protected]8/18/19859/25/1986I am unsure of my exact arrival and departure dates.
Charles Hagmaiercharleshagmaier  –at–  yahoo.com5/25/19875/1/1988 
Cory Simpsoncory.simpson1  –at–  us.army.mil1/1/199012/28/1990 
Dale.Guntzvillergrunt8810  –at–  sbcglobal.net12/20/198611/9/1989 
David Thompsondavid  –at–  woccinc.com2/4/19892/2/1991 
Demory, Johnjohn.demory —@— regina.org8/15/19825/20/1986I was also a member of 2nd Bn 6th Inf.  Unit changed to 502nd about halfway through my tour
Don Selldonald.sell  –at–  us.army.mil6/1/19878/30/1992 
Don Stewartdonald.g.stewart  –at–  us.army.mil7/15/19865/20/1990 
Douglas Bergermacrda –at–  aol.com10/1/19852/1/1988 
Eusebio Bretado Jr.eusebio.bretado  –at–  clint.net4/20/19848/22/19873rd Platoon
Frederick Greengreenf33  –at–  msn.com12/18/19895/1/1990 
Gary Harwoodgary.harwood  –at–  creditone.com11/1/19859/1/19871st Platoon…..Headquarters Platoon…
Gilliland, David Lh81627allegheny –@- yahoo.com3/15/19853/10/19882nd Platoon; HQ Platoon
Harry Mark Yockeyharry.yockey  –at–  us.army.mil5/30/198910/11/1993C&B/5-502, B&A/4-502, XO HHC USMCA
James A. StubblefieldJimStubblefield — @– outlook.com5/15/19885/20/1990Also in CSC
James Briggsbriggsje2  –at–  yahoo.com11/1/19853/1/19881st Plt 90/SAW & Drill Team
James Cornellink4jc  –at–  sbcglobal.net1/1/19831/1/1985 
Jason Lopezsirjasonlopez — @– gmail.com5/1/19865/1/1988 
Jean Whitejhw1275943  –at–  yahoo.com9/1/19853/1/1987 
John Raderraderj1 –@– msn.com2/1/19853/1/1987 
Jon Rickettscre8spase )at( gmail.com1/1/19881/1/1991 
Keith A. Herrwarlock31  –at–  msn.com12/28/19891/1/1991 
Kurt Woodwardkurwoo  –at–  msn.com3/5/198710/23/1993 
Kyle Reichardsuvupi  –at–  yahoo.com3/23/19841/18/1987 
Lawrence, Philip stormy40d -@-  gmail.com5/1/198411/1/1986 
Lloyd Ellismr_lloydellis  –at–  hotmail.com 2/5/1991 
Marvin, Bruce Efinnigen4 –@– gmail.com9/15/19846/19/1987 
Michael Fiskthe4fisks –@— msn.com7/3/19883/15/1990patrolman, radio operator, traffic accident investigator, and on Wall patrol
Michael Myersmoose932 —@– juno.com7/1/198412/20/1995Swift Strike to all my brothers in arms. Feel very fortunate to have served and experienced the divided city
Mort, Johnxlhiron148 —@–gmail.com10/15/19882/15/19913rd Platoon, Rifleman
Norris W. Brownnorris  –at–  redshift.com12/1/19803/1/1987 
Patrick Kellypat  –at–  willis-consulting.com1/1/19891/1/1991 
Perry, Arvel bigarv65  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/198410/1/1985 
Philip Lawrencepl3logistics  –at–  aol.com5/1/198412/1/1986 
Ramon Cabanelflcoqui –@– aol.com12/5/198712/4/1980 
Remijio M. Galvan Jr.gunsup_galv  –at–  yahoo.com2/1/198511/1/1987Weapons Sqd, M-60 gunner
Richard Colemanrickcolemanjr  –at–  gmail.com8/14/19855/4/1988 
Ronald Wrightshawnwright31  –at–  yahoo.com11/22/19891/5/1991 
Simpson, Gerald A.simpsonusa —@— aol.com11/4/19837/14/1987I was a member of 2nd Bn 6th Inf.  1st Platoon, I remained in 1st Platoon when the unit changed to 4th Bn 502nd in 1984/85. First started in 3rd Squad then Wpns Squad 90 AG then Gunner, then back to 3rd Squad as a team leader.
Smith, Thomas F.SmittyKool –@– yahoo.com1/5/19881/5/1995 
Steven Sicssic  –at–  excite.com4/1/198712/20/1989 
Tim Giancolatimgiancola  –at–  yahoo.com10/15/198510/15/1987 
Timothy Blueobrestoration –@— gmail.com9/6/19879/4/1992Bravo 4/502nd stand up!  Baby Blue is definitely is the building.
Tom Morganmorgan.201  –at–  osu.edu10/1/19892/1/1991 
Wayne McCunewaynemccune — @ — att.net7/4/19861/12/198990mm Gunner
Welden Englishweldensworld  –at–  yahoo.com2/20/19893/15/1991COMMO BABY!!!
C Company – updated 5 March 2023
Ayala, Xavier ten_bears  –at–  sbcglobal.net11/28/19831/16/1986 
Binder, Robert S. rs57binder  –at–  yahoo.com7/15/19857/2/1988Mortars
Brian K. PittsBRIAN.K.PITTS  –at–  US.ARMY.MIL8/1/19867/1/1989 
Brower, Edward stpetes12lbtest  –at–  yahoo.com1/31/19885/1/1990 
Byers, Danny dsbcub  –at–  yahoo.com11/14/19884/1/1991 
Canady, Eric eric.canady  –at–  att.net6/1/198812/1/1991 
Carter, Rickie air68borne  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/1989 Wpn Sqd
Chandler, William Chandlerwm1960 –at– wowway.com3/7/19832/7/1986also in A/2/6, B/4/502, CSC 4/502
Cotten, Melvincotten050 –@- outlook.com7/3/19877/5/1990
Craig, Jackcraigjfritz -@- hotmail.com4/25/19852/21/19872nd Plt /HQ Plt / The Phantom (1986-87)
DeCory III, Perry H. fearcell  –at–  hotmail.com8/10/198910/15/1991 
DuBray, Scott scottandpattyd  –at–  bellsouth.net10/20/198510/20/19871st Plt Weapons Squad
Gonzalez, Jose A. grumpy_gonzo2004  –at–  yahoo.com10/30/19892/14/19911st PLT
Goode, Mark Mgoode2060 –@– gmail.com6/20/19875/1/1989Best duty station ever.
Greene, Keith keith.greene  –at–  gmail.com1/15/19895/15/1991 
Gutierrez, Alalgutierrez69  –at–  hotmail.com11/15/19863/15/1988 
Holman, Brentbrent.holman  –at–  us.army.mil2/1/19882/1/1991Squad Leader 2nd Plt.  Asst. Ops NCO, S-3.
Houk, James James.houk63 –@— gmail.com10/28/19872/6/1991Mortar Plt
Hritz, Ronald S. Jr.rshritzjr )at( yahoo.com3/1/19872/1/1990 
Johnson, William Bryant jtc_bryant  –at–  msn.com5/15/19857/15/1988 
Lanham, Chuck chuckjr  –at–  lanhamwindow.com10/1/19857/1/19872 PLT
Lape, Jamese8lape —@–gmail.com2/19/19882/19/1990Hands down my favorite duty station!
L’Esperance, Danny cardanles  –at–  excite.com7/6/19843/12/1988 
Luttrell, Marc pamelaluttrell  –at–  yahoo.com12/1/19861/1/1990 
McPherson, Michael W. michael.mcpherson  –at–  us.army.mil12/12/198712/15/19902nd PLT
McQuown, Bruce bruce.mcquown  –at–  gmail.com5/30/19868/19/19892PLT
Metaxas, Sean smetaxas  –at–  aol.com6/1/19899/1/1991 
Osborn, Dain dainosbornsr  –at–  yahoo.com2/1/19891/1/1990 
Paulette, Tommy yanishaul  –at–  yahoo.com6/1/19886/1/1990 
Porter, Brian left_life  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/19881/1/1990 
Rauhut, Mike michael.rauhut  –at–  us.army.mil4/1/199010/1/1990also in B/6/502, HHC/6/502 & HHC/Bde
Reilly, Christopher Seancseansrg —@- gmail.com9/23/19838/15/1988Berlin Return 10/20/1988 , 10/15/1991
Reyes, Juan novyjohn –at– hotmail.com11/1/19854/1/1987 
Rinderle, Francis EClassic_64 –@— hotmail.com1/2/19841/30/19861st Platoon – looking for Joe Adams. Steve Parman Doug Burkes
Sinde, David Ajoz0317 —@— comcast.net9/1/198810/2/1990Assigned to 3rd Plt Weapons Squad mechanized unit miss my boys and the fun we had in Berlin and always dough boy city.., Go street fighting men!!!!
Steidley, Greg gsteidley  –at–  yahoo.com6/24/19845/30/1986 
Sulki, Richard rfs2nd  –at–  aol.com7/2/19873/23/19891st Plt
Vasquez, Paul ponyexprs66  –at–  aol.com11/30/198810/30/1990 
Watkins, Clint cwat53– AT –yahoo.com10/31/19882/28/19911st Platoon
Webster, Raymond raymond.s.webster  –at–  us.army.mil2/1/19835/1/1987Mortar Plt FDC
Williams, Mike backdoordraftdodger  –at–  yahoo.com7/7/19874/13/1992 
Combat Support Company – updated 7 July 2024
Albert Jonesaljones12  –at–  hotmail.com10/4/198810/28/1989
Alden, Charles E.charles.alden1 –@— gmail.com8/5/19882/14/1990Mortar Platoon
Beau Barnettbarnett.beau  –at–  gmail.com6/11/198712/19/1989Scout Plt
Bryan  Howardbryanhd  –at–  hotmail.com5/1/19886/1/19904.2
Burtnett, Richard J.[email protected]10/1/19866/1/1990
Charlie D. Norrischarliednorris  –at–  bellsouth.net8/10/19852/8/1987TOW PLT
Danny A. L’Esperancecardanles  –at–  excite.com7/7/19843/7/19884.2 base gunner.
Dave LeahyLeahy_dave –at– yahoo.com1/1/19901/1/1992
David Hollingerdavid.m.hollinger  –at–  us.army.mil3/1/19897/1/1991
David K. Revillmrdrevill  –at–  yahoo.com4/1/19906/1/1993
David Schaumschaumdavid  –at–  yahoo.com7/14/19887/14/1990Sniper Plt
Davis, Shurnfighting29th —@– gmail.com6/27/198912/12/1992TOW Platoon
Dean La Vellemuonwar  –at–  yahoo.com10/15/198411/20/1985
Don Izzodpi04401  –at–  yahoo.com12/1/19886/20/1991Scout Plt
Douglas Lowedouglas.lowe1  –at–  us.army.mil3/10/19873/10/1990Recon
Edwin CaraballoEddieCar2000  –at–  yahoo.com5/1/198712/15/1989TOW
Filbert Romerofilbert.romero  –at–  va.gov8/15/19881/22/1990TOW Plt
Frank O. Chavezbronco5452  –at–  msn.com11/12/19856/2/19874.2 Mortar
Gary Pattersongaryp1965  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/198412/10/1988TOW Plt
Greg Parisienparisien  –at–  ndak.net3/25/19856/29/19874.2
Harry Goldhgold  –at–  kc.rr.com11/21/198612/19/1989
Hunter, Timothytimothyhunter1 -at— yahoo.com4/1/198310/26/1984
James Austinjamesaustin59  –at–  hotmail.com5/15/19848/15/1987
Jeff Goedertjgator07  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19871/1/1990
Jeff Mirajmira  –at–  eufaulahousing.com11/1/198412/7/1987Best duty station EVER
Jeff N. Curdjeffro812  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/19856/1/1988TOW Plt
Jeff Streznetckyjeff_streznetcky  –at–  yahoo.com12/1/198812/1/1990HQ Plt
Jermier, DanielDJERMIER —@– rainforrent.com10/1/19844/1/19884.2
Joe Arenasasattajoe –@— gmail.com9/1/19859/1/1987Scout
Joel J. Kulowcjkulow  –at–  comcast.net8/1/19837/1/1985
John Stunjajstunja  –at–  yahoo.com10/1/198712/1/1990Recon
John W. Mingusjwmingus  –at–  aol.com
King, Mauricembkairborne –@- aol.com12/15/19866/22/1988
Ken Sponslerkenspons  –at–  bellsouth.net6/1/19866/1/1988I served as the Heavy Mortar PLT PSG and PLT LDR
KENNY BURGOSkennyburgos –at- hotmail.com12/1/19861/1/19894/502 MORTARS, 1985-1989
Kevin ElisKELIS1  –at–  roadrunner.com2/1/19898/1/1991
Matt Crumppastormattcrump –@-  gmail.com9/1/19891/2/1992Tow 11-H
Matthew S. Olsonmatthew.olson  –at–  mchsi.com10/17/19887/10/1991Temp assgned to 3rd Armor for Desert Shield/Storm
Michael Dellissemdellissecvso  –at–  yahoo.com3/30/19876/15/1991Communications Chief
Michael KerryMmanbat  –at–  aol.com6/9/19873/31/1989TOW Plt
Phillip Laduechetladue –at— hotmail.com8/1/198510/25/1987Scout Plt
Ramon C. Perearamon.c.perea  –at–  us.army.mil5/1/198611/1/1987Scouts
Randy Davissparhawk86  –at–  hotmail.com6/1/19864/1/1988
Randy H. Deweeserandeweese –@— gmail.com1/1/19841/1/1989
Robert Stocktonrobert.stockton  –at–  gmail.com9/1/198612/28/1988TOW
Rock, Gary Deancsmrock1 -@– gmail.com2/15/19849/20/1988Hellcats!!!
Rodney Schwartzrodler66 –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19881/1/19924.2 inch Mortar Plt.
Ronald Mackrlmack62  –at–  hotmail.com12/11/19856/29/19874.2 inch mortar
Roy Kingroyking62  –at–  gmail.com6/1/19843/1/1987Scouts
Sammie Sax IIIsaxfeb65  –at–  aol.com11/3/198311/3/1985
Scott Bensonjsbenson  –at–  email.com5/1/19861/21/1989Recon
Scott Swallasfcswalla  –at–  yahoo.com2/22/19892/24/1991Snipers
Stephen Frankumsteve.frankum  –at–  yahoo.com7/15/19851/14/1987
Steve Williamssteve  –at–  sfwilliams.com1/1/19851/1/1988TOW Plt
Terence J. Walkertjpwalker  –at–  msn.com8/25/198511/3/1988Recon
Thomas R. JesseRangertjesse  –at–  aol.com1/1/19841/1/1986Recon
Tommy Williamsfrksho69  –at–  yahoo.com12/23/198912/18/1990
Tony Guntharpfusion94  –at–  fusion94.org12/1/198612/1/1988TOW Plt
William Gurnbpgrn67  –at–  aol.com8/11/19876/5/1989
Headquarters & Headquarters Company – updated 12 February 2023
Arnold, Stewart Stewartarnold – at — live.com6/1/19878/1/1989Plt Ldr, Company XO
Asp, Albert alasp  –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19891/1/1990Mechanic
Bishop, Steven dda846  –at–  yahoo.com4/1/19864/28/1989S-2 Clrk
Brown, K.C. brownkc  –at–  cox.net7/2/19847/12/1986Bn Cdr
Chafin, Ralphchafinrj  –at–  hotmail.com5/1/19866/1/1989Medical Platoon
Cook, Rex EmmanuelRexCook60 –@— yahoo.com6/6/198810/19/1995 
Cooper, Timothy D. timdcooper  –at–  hotmail.com12/1/198612/31/1989PAC
Fore, Aaron[email protected]10/1/19823/28/1986 
Gentzler, David dvgentzler  –at–  msn.com2/1/19883/1/1991 
Guillory, Randall coldwarrior2000  –at–  hotmail.com12/11/198710/24/1990 
Hodges, Mark-Anthony hodgesm  –at–  realtracs.com1/21/198812/1/1994PLL, Maint Plt./ Bn. S-4.
Honeycutt, Joey Dean leavingout  –at–  aol.com1/1/19882/1/1990 
Huff, Gordon Ailobeakman1 –@— yahoo.com7/1/19832/1/1986PAC
Irish, Delbubishere64  –at–  hotmail.com1/8/19848/14/1986Battalion Welder  EMT/ CPR Instructor for IRC
Jones Sr, Steven Lmrjonessr07 —@–yahoo.com9/28/19849/28/1988
Koenig, Kevin D. kevin.georgia  –at–  hotmail.com12/1/19864/30/1988 
Lamberton, Bruce millsimnc  –at–  yahoo.com9/1/19897/1/199294B
Ledlow, Jim Jledlow  –at–  aol.com1/5/19873/10/1988Med Plt
Lind, Georgegloi212 –at– yahoo.com6/1/19826/1/1985 
Lund, Roger rlund  –at–  belenjesuit.org2/1/19827/1/1985S-1
Martinez, Hamilton hemarti –@— aol.com2/5/19872/5/199176Y, BN SUPPLY SPECIALIST, S-4 Section
Michaelmoose932 —@– juno.com7/1/198412/20/1995Swift Strike to all my brothers in arms. Feel very fortunate to have served and experienced the divided city
Millard, Keith texaspostman1960  –at–  yahoo.com5/11/19874/23/1990 
Morgan, Richard D. Jrrichard.d.morgan –@– us.army.mil9/15/19899/15/1992Mechanic (63B)
Pentecost, David sandman336903  –at–  yahoo.com4/4/19898/23/1993also in 42Eng
Pippen, David pipwax1  –at–  gmail.com1/1/19891/1/1992 
Schauber, Carlos carlosalbertoschauber — at– gmail.com10/28/198612/28/1989also in CSC
Scouten, Mark A. mascouten  –at–  hotmail.com 12/18/1989Food Service
Shisler, Allenaeshisler —at- gmail.com9/1/19874/1/1989Asst S3 / S3 Air / S1
Sireno, Markmark.g.sireno.civ –at– mail.mil10/1/198611/1/1989Motor Pool Track Mech
Smith, Thomas F.SmittyKool –@– yahoo.com1/5/19881/5/1995
Tabor, Daviddearth74ab  –at–  aol.com8/6/19822/28/1986S-2
Thompson, Robert robertstwfarm —@– gmail.com4/1/19847/1/1991Motor Pool
Vizcarrondo, Victor vizcarrondov  –at–  hotmail.com4/1/19884/2/1990MED Plt
Whitaker, Craig cwhit40131  –at–  aol.com3/1/19876/1/1992S-3
White, James B. jbwhite65  –at–  hotmail.com1/1/19841/1/1987Food Service
White, LarryLarry.whiteL –@— Gmail.com6/11/19867/14/1989
Wilson, Major L. major58  –at–  msn.com4/22/19874/9/199094B Food Service
Wood, Danny R danny.r.wood  –at–  us.army.mil3/1/19868/1/1987 
Woodcock, Otis E. oew2  –at–  suddenlinl.net4/2/19834/1/1986Med Plt Assistant & Plt Sgt.

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