5th Battalion – 502nd Infantry Regiment

A Company – updated 21 APRIL 2024
Adams, Timothy dawg82nd –at– bellsouth.net7/25/19877/27/1989
Anderson, John CKMcbain –at– aol.com6/1/19887/1/1991
Bankhead, Michael michaelbbankhead –at– yahoo.com10/1/19901/1/1992HHC
Blain, David dave.blain –at– us.army.mil6/25/198811/9/1991Company Commander
Boot, Reginald C reg.boot –at– us.army.mil3/13/19836/12/1985
Boyles, Kyle kyle942 –at– hotmail.com7/1/19927/1/1994
Brittle, James kkmikes239 –at– aol.com1/1/19841/1/1986
Brownlee, John C.brownleej551 –@— gmail.com6/5/19056/8/1905
Cannon, Colinmxajs4304 —@– bex.net10/25/198510/25/1987HQ & 2nd Platoon
Charris, Christian redian5c –at– yahoo.com11/19/19899/17/1992
Clark, Norman E. Norman.Clark –at– us.army.mil8/20/19854/3/1988
Clark, Robert Lerxc43 –at– gmail.com9/1/19939/1/1994
Cobb, Bill wmcobb1 –at– yahoo.com1/9/199012/5/1991
Conner, Allenconnor12333 –@— yahoo.com1/1/19831/1/1986
Cuaresma, Jesus last email address not working7/1/199211/1/1994
Daddio, Robert robert.m.daddio.nfg –at– mail.mil2/1/19837/15/1984Mortar Plt
Dale, William acavsoldier –at– hotmail.com2/23/198910/28/19912nd Plt
Deese, Clayton claytondeese –at– aol.com8/1/19812/1/1988also in A 3/6
Dwight, Gregory S. gsdwight –at– gmail.com9/1/19855/1/19871 PLT
Foxx, Larry foxx.larry05 –at– gmail.com1/5/19881/5/1991
Franklin, Charles W.Charles.W.Franklin –at– us.army.mil7/1/19926/1/1994Also in C/6/502 05/84 – 01/89
Frederick, Gary last email address not working1/1/19938/1/1994
Ganous, Gerald glganous207 –at– yahoo.com7/1/19877/1/1989also in B Co.
Grayson, Geoffreyggrayson0126 —@- gmail.com11/23/199111/27/1993I started in mortar platoon and then 3rd platoon. I finished up as the unit Armorer. I loved being there although, at the time I was there I didn’t know how great it was. I moved on and got out eventually. I now work as a RN in a Cardiac Cath Lab. 
Guldager, Marck W. alpenjaeger –at– live.com6/24/19896/23/19922 PLT
Havens, Ray rayhavens –at– bellsouth.net
Henderson, Alton L. alton.henderson –at– dc.gov6/6/19899/15/1994
Hicks, Gerald Atonyhicks –at– live.com12/15/198312/15/1985
Jackson, Jr., Maurice simplebutcomplex3 )at( gmail.com12/10/198912/23/1991Infantry/Super Sqaud
James, Gregory jessjam247 –at– yahoo.com4/15/198410/15/1989
Kitts, Derek Bigdaddyk007 –at– aol.com10/1/19914/1/1994
Knuckles, Don donknuckles –at– yahoo.com1/1/19871/1/1989
Kowalczewski, Dale F. last email address not working9/1/19938/1/1994
Jones, Thomas Atoter43 –@- yahoo.com3/1/19838/10/1984
Levi, Teddy F teddy.levi –at– us.army.mil9/21/19916/15/1994
Little, Cliff halfengine –at– sbcglobal.net5/1/198712/1/1988
Mack, Bobby Alvin CPTMACKANDMACK –at– YAHOO.COM7/10/19877/10/19891st Plt
Mathis, Dannymathisdanny90 —@— gmail.com1/7/19871/7/1988Wild place to be stationed for partying and history
McGlone, Michael Dlast email address not working3/1/19939/30/1994
McIntosh, Matthew mattmc89 –at– gmail.com4/1/19881/10/1990also in C Co.
Mead, Todd ssgmead –at– msn.com
Miller, Davidtrekker-laxer0a @  icloud.com1/1/19901/1/1994
Moore, Dalton daltoncortez –at– yahoo.com5/1/19889/13/1990
Nation, Scott william.nation –at– us.army.mil4/1/198810/30/1991
Overberger, Michael J. mikeusarmy41 –at– yahoo.com4/1/198411/1/1991
Penrod, David davidjpenrod –at- gmail.com5/1/19837/1/1986Platoon Leader of the 3rd Platoon of Alpha Company & A/3/6
Philmon, Karl rattchief –at– yahoo.com4/1/19894/1/1992Commo Chf
Pinto, Darryl acmesecurity –at– hotmail.com3/26/19844/27/1986
Polk, Mitch bgbdsmp –at– hotmail.com1/4/1990
Powell, Dennis sunsetartsltd –at– yahoo.com4/15/19926/6/1994
Reynolds, Christophercreynolds2671 —@– gmail.com10/1/19884/10/1992
Rocha, Fernandohuntsafe308 –@— aol.com11/2/19856/15/1987
Rockwell, Stuart 242stuart –at– gmail.com11/1/19918/1/1994
Sanders, Joel E.joel.e.sanders –at– web.de4/1/19867/1/1988
Sanford, Dennis dennis.e.sanford –at– boeing.com1/1/198612/1/1987Mtr Plt
Santos, Gerald g_santos112565 –at– yahoo.com10/1/19857/1/19881st Plt.
Schoen, John john.schoen –at– us.army.mil5/1/19863/1/1989Bn S-4 ’86-’87,A Co Cdr ’87-’89
Sellers, Terry L. sellerstd –at– aol.com3/1/19862/1/1989
Seppelt, Troy L. troy.seppelt –at– us.army.mil7/20/19895/10/19912nd Plt
Shoots, Steve sshoots1 –@– hotmail.com1/1/19881/1/1991Mortar Plt
Simien, Kevin k82264 –at– gmail.com7/4/19878/5/1991Mtr Plt
Starnes, George Templetongeorget1 -@— live.de6/2/19863/11/1992
Swiantek, Stevestevesplumbing88 -at– gmail.com3/1/1992
Torres-Ramirez, Hector L. usaret311 –at– yahoo.com2/5/19862/5/1989HQ PLT Commo Chief and PLT SGT
Turley, Michael Chapman michael.turley –at– us.army.mil8/19/19896/6/1992Mrtr & 2nd PLT
Usakowski, Rodney Skigo13 –at– yahoo.com1/5/19855/13/19933rd Plt 85/86 2nd Plt 87/93
Waldhoff, Roy roy.waldhoff –at– us.army.mil10/27/19853/29/198890mm Gunner/Tm Ldr
Watson, Ken kenneth.d.watson –at– us.army.mil2/1/19882/5/1991ACo Plt Ldr, TOW PLDR, C Co XO
William Nolanwilliam.a.nolan –at– us.army.mil7/6/19907/2/19932nd Plt
Wilson, Michael mike.wilson14 –at– us.army.mil11/1/19881/1/1992HHC Scout/Sniper
Winters, Daryle A. jumper32 –at– windstream.net9/20/19916/15/1994
Young, Chris Cyoung1054 –at– aol.com10/1/198511/1/1987
B Company – updated 21 APRIL 2024
Andra Brownandrab –at– hotmail.com4/4/19878/8/1990 
Anthony J Musaamusa –at– nc.rr.com5/29/19875/13/1990 
Art La Ruecocoalarue –at– yahoo.com6/23/19885/1/1991PSG for 1st Plt
Bob Dickmanbob_dickman –at– hotmail.com6/1/198612/1/1988Co Clk-Driver for CO Soter and Dougherty
Brian D. Nelsonsuknls –at– yahoo.com12/8/198912/8/19913rd Platoon Warriors
Bryant K. Oberschlakebryant_oberschlake –at– yahoo.com1/1/19891/1/1993 
Charles Nunnerycrnunnery –at– sbcglobal.net6/9/19843/1/1987 
Chris Dreherchris.steves –at–  1791.com10/1/198510/1/19892nd Plt & Training NCO
Chris UlrichChristopher.Ulrich –at– us.army.mil12/9/19892/14/19922nd Plt
Collier, Kennethmazes.nicker.0m  @  icloud.com7/11/19896/11/1991Mortars
Cuff, Michaelmichael.cuff1 –at– us.army.mil3/14/19925/18/1993
Darryl L. Dunlapracerextreme –at– hotmail.com10/10/19871/1/1991 
David Earledaecee2 –at– yahoo.com8/7/19842/27/1986 
David Marianodavid.mariano –at– madisonal.gov6/1/19874/1/1994 
David R Williamsdavid.r.williams56.mil –at– mail.mil4/1/19882/1/1991 
Duane Andersondtenator –at– gmail.com8/1/19876/1/1990 
Earl Smithearl3626 –at– yahoo.com7/11/19887/13/1990 
Ed Eppsed.cara –at– sbcglobal.net12/1/19891/1/1992 
Eric Rudolphepjcmr –at– msn.com12/12/19897/15/1994Mortars
Erik Larsoneandalarson –at– cox.net11/18/199110/24/1993 
Eroyl Cambreceroyl –at– yahoo.com12/1/198512/1/1987Drvr/RTO
Feazel, Chrismymq32 –at– yahoo.com4/1/19855/1/1987 
Gerald E. Sorensensorensen905 —@– gmail.com7/1/19851/1/1987 
Gitta Hertergherter –at- web.de   
Holmes, Timholmestimothy67 –at– gmail.com11/3/19853/23/19882nd Plt
Ingraham, David Rdavidingraham53 –@— gmail.com1/1/19851/1/1988Served with great guys
James Abneyjjabney –at– gmail.com6/11/199010/2/1991 
James E. (Jim) Piercejpierce987 –at– hotmail.com9/15/199112/10/19933rd Plt & S-3 Driver
James M. Brittlekkmikes239 –at– aol.com1/1/19841/1/1986 
Jason G. WilsonManacle –at– juno.com1/7/19871/7/1990 
Jefferson MorganJeffersonmorgan –@— outlook.com1/1/198512/1/19865th 502nd d company 2nd platoon
Jeffrey Reedjsreedtx –at– hotmail.com11/1/198511/1/1987 
Jimmy A Oldingjamesolding –at– yahoo.com10/13/19856/16/1989 
John J. Penstock IIIJJKKPEN1 –at– YAHOO.COM9/15/198612/15/1990 
John Wrightwrightjaws69 –at– yahoo.com2/2/19898/6/1991also in HHC
John Yanceyjohn.yancey –at– us.army.mil3/20/19874/10/1990 
Jonathan Driggersjdrigge71 –at– yahoo.com11/1/19899/1/1993 
Joseph P. Walshwalshj –at– shikbraves.org1/1/19899/1/19922nd Plt Ldr  Mortar Plt Ldr Co XO S3 Air
Julio C. Mirandajuliomiranda_160 –at– hotmail.com9/1/19907/1/1994 
Justin Stevesjustinsteves –at– sbcglobal.net1/7/19907/25/19922nd Platoon, 11B
Keith McDonaldkmcdonald_82839 –at– yahoo.com9/1/19906/1/1992 
Keith.Stanleykeith.stanley –at– yahoo.com1/28/19829/17/19853rd Plt, HvyWpnsSqd, HQPlt
Ken HuntKen –@— attleboroknives.com11/1/19884/1/1992Plt Ldr, XO, Scout Platoon BN S-3 Air
Kenneth R. Brownspetznaz75 –at– aol.com1/1/19841/1/1986 
King, Jamesbrian_00_29 –@– yahoo.com05/01/199301/01/1994
Leroy Altmangeraltus –at– hotmail.com1/1/19901/1/1992 
Luis G. UtrerasGUTRERAS –at– HOTMAIL.COM7/16/19927/14/1994 
Madrigal, Carlos M.carlosmadrigal1084 –@- gmail.com1/1/19881/1/1991Airborne/Mess Hall
Mark BarnettK9COPUNO –at– HOTMAIL.COM9/1/198911/1/1993 
Martinez, Mark C. mcmarti –at– hotmail.com1/10/198812/10/1991 

Mas, Robert
robmas9339 –at– gmail.com3/28/19913/28/1993 
Michael Kooistraimkooistra –at– t-online.de4/1/19927/1/1994 
Michael Lewismlewis –at– photonewsmedia.com2/1/19892/1/19913rd Platoon
Michael Mitchellmichael.mitchell7 –at– gmail.com8/8/19908/8/1992 
Michael Westfallmw406 –at– hotmail.com1/12/19928/14/1994 
Mike Rogersmroger7 –at– yahoo.com6/1/19869/30/19881SG
Mike SwinkunasSWINKUNAS –at– YAHOO.COM10/1/19862/28/1988 
Paul MarneyPaul.marney –at– hotmail.com8/1/19888/1/19903rd Herd 3rd Squad Saw Gunner extraordinaire 
Peter C. Yankowskipeter.yankowski –at– us.army.mil7/1/19867/1/1989also in A Co. & HHC
Peter J. Flanaganpeter.j.flanagan –at– uscg.mil1/1/19851/1/1988CSC Sniper PLT and B co. 1st PLT
Prentice E Massey Jr.pmasseyrn –at– cox.net2/27/19873/4/1989WEAPONS SQUAD – AG W/ JEFF HEALY; 60 GUNNER & SAW
Rich Sattgastrich.sattgast –at– state.sd.us12/10/19836/3/1985Commo also 3/6th
Russell Beebegrbeebeii –at– hotmail.com10/29/19907/5/1994 
Scott McCraniescott.mccranie –at– us.army.mil11/1/199011/1/1992 
Scott Weitzelphouqedup –@— gmail.com1/1/198812/1/1989 
Stanley, Keith Rkeithstanley2002 –@— aol.com1/28/198210/17/1987Stayed in Berlin as civilian until 2008
Steve Owenssowens004 –at– woh.rr.com7/15/198812/24/1992Mortars
Steven Brownlast email address not working3/1/19938/2/19942nd PLT  WPNS SQD
Smith, John M. IIInasa_cougar86 –@- yahoo.com9/1/19879/25/1990B Co, 2nd Plt; Spt Plt Ldr; S4
Stringham, Daviddstring0517 –@— gmail.com11/1/198911/1/19912nd Platoon
Sweeney, Kenneth Fkensvg64 –@– gmail.com7/22/19842/26/1988 
Thomas Arellanothomasa187 –at– yahoo.com12/16/19892/10/1992 
Victor Melendezvmelendez5 –at– verizon.net8/1/19842/15/1986 
William Ensleywilliamensley –at– gmail.com11/17/199111/17/19932nd Platoon / Infantryman
William Fellsl_fells –at– yahoo.com1/1/19901/1/1993Mortars
William Harvey[email protected]5/1/19908/1/1991 
William Ridenswilliam.t.ridens –at– us.army.mil10/22/199010/21/1993SqdLdr in 2nd & 3rd Plts
C Company – updated 21 APRIL 2024
Adams, Dale dale.newhomedeals –at– yahoo.com11/1/19846/1/1988
Altrui, Brian Baltrui –at– hotmail.com2/1/1993
Baldwin, Waynewabaldwin2 —@–yahoo.com4/26/19884/26/1990
Boehme, Michael boehme_bma –at– yahoo.com6/1/19876/1/1990C & HHC
Bolduc, Miek azjuiceman –at– yahoo.com9/15/19879/23/1989
Bonhomme, Higinio M. Ginobonhomme –@— gmail.com11/21/19858/27/1988
Brake, Brandon brandon.brake –at– cox.net4/1/19934/1/1994
Bridwell, Steven M. sbrid42 –at– hotmail.com10/1/19925/1/1994
Came, Patmonkeysb20 –at– hotmail.com6/13/19826/12/1985Rifle Team Ldr /Sqd Ldr/Motor Sgt
Campbell, Roy royvadas –at– yahoo.com8/9/198911/15/1992Mortar Platoon
Danna III, James W. james.danna –at– us.army.mil2/28/19868/8/1989
DeFord, Monty wctex118 –at– aol.com9/10/199012/11/1991
Dorer, Brianmodmini97 -at– gmail.com1/1/198310/1/1990
Farmer, Greg gpfarmer65 –at– yahoo.com4/27/19865/16/1988
Felty, Scott feltysco –at– hotmail.com
Fields, John-Paul Johnpaulfields –at– comcast.net11/1/198911/1/1991Mortars
FitzHugh, Michael michael.fitzhugh —@–g.austincc.edu4/1/19939/9/1994
Flowers, Larrylflowers —@– qcc.mass.edu10/1/198510/1/1987
Foster, Stephen C. stephen.foster –at– us.army.mil4/1/19814/1/1986
Franklin, Alonzo Dale lonniedale68 –at– yahoo.com2/1/19902/1/1993
Freeman, Chuck charles.d.freeman –at– us.army.mil10/1/19858/1/1987
Greene Patrick J patrick_greene –at– comcast.net5/1/19867/12/1989
Harrison, Chuck charles.harrison1 –at– us.army.mil7/1/19923/1/1994HHC
Hughes, James Jimhughes727 –@— comcast.net2/15/19934/20/1994
Iglar, Eddie matchlessmo –at– yahoo.com5/1/19851/1/1988commo
Jimenez, Rosalio  (Charlie) cax222 –at– hotmail.com1/1/19861/1/1987
Joe, Steve sjoe0688 –at– aol.com12/3/198312/11/1985
Ker, Matt matt.ker –at– hotmail.com1/20/19904/22/1992Mortar Plt
Knight, Danielroyalknight1010 @ gmail.com3/5/19905/30/1993
Kuhn, Chris ckuhn67 –at– embarqmail.com10/24/19852/18/1988Thundering Herd
Lewis, Don MOJODON –at– MSN.com6/1/19885/25/1990BN mail clerk
Lewis, John lepercolony68 –at– hotmail.com11/4/198412/4/1986
Logue, Jim lgj227 –at– aol.com7/6/19887/6/1990
Lounsbury, Pete Yahjeep –at– yahoo.com10/25/19898/25/1992Mtr Plt
Lusk, Brett brettl72 –at– yahoo.com10/30/199110/30/1993
Marney, Paulpaul.marney –@- hotmail.com7/20/19887/21/1990
Marney, Paul marneypc –at– gmail.com7/20/19887/20/1990
Matuszak, Paul-Gregory grendel.matuszak –at– us.army.mil10/1/19909/14/1994HHC
Mays, Wayne waynemays –at– hotmail.com9/4/19844/15/1986
McAbee, Theodore W[email protected]4/1/19844/1/1986
McAulay, Greg Greg_McAulay –at– yahoo.com2/7/19852/7/1987Mortar Platoon & Berlin Rodeo Team
McClure, David mcclure.david –at– gmail.com3/12/19861/5/1990Supply SGT
McIntosh, Matthew mattmc89 –at– gmail.com4/1/19881/10/1990also in A Co.
Meagher, Jeffrey A. caspian364 –at– hotmail.com5/1/19871/27/19903rd Herd
Miller, Dave cdlmmiller –at– aol.com2/1/19883/4/19921st PLT
Montes, Jose L. jjoselusa –at– aol.com2/1/19927/1/1994
Morris, John tforcej –at– yahoo.com5/1/19867/1/19893rd Plt and Mortars HHC XO
Ochoa, Albert T.Albert.t.Ochoa –at– us.army.mil2/14/19872/14/199290mm
Oliver, Michael sargeo1 –at– hotmail.com12/1/19852/1/1989
Orchard, Mark Rangr2be –at– aol.com1/18/19925/10/1994
Powell, Douglas H. H2ODVNFUN2 –at– YAHOO.COM6/22/19871/25/1990
Powers, Jeff pow6ct –at– aol.com5/20/19881/17/19921st Plt
Prater, Robert rdprater10k —@– knology.net2/15/19892/15/1991Originally assigned C Company 5/502nd as a team leader, later assigned to CSC Company 5/502 as a sniper squad leader then a scout squad leader. Scouts Out!!!
Quintanilla, Gerard gquint67 –at– yahoo.com10/1/198510/1/1987
Ray McCleeseraymccleese –at– hotmail.com11/1/19924/1/1994
Rhodes, Michael sfcrhodes –at– yahoo.com1/25/198910/1/1992
Rhue, Michael eglstrk1 –@— gmail.comMortar Platoon
Richardson, Darryl drichard01 –at– aol.com4/12/19839/12/1985
Robinson, David B david.b.robinson –at– us.army.mil6/1/19927/15/1994Mtr Plt
Rodriguez, Eusebio rodrieuse –at– hotmail.com2/2/198810/10/1991
Rumple, Raymond C. rump.rumple –at– us.army.mil5/17/198812/5/1991
Sandack, David davesandack –at– rocketmail.com1/14/199012/5/1991RTO for Cpt. D. Owens.
Schmidt, Ken ken.elena.schmidt –@— gmail.com1/1/19911/1/1994
Shephard, Leonard N. LSHEPHARO –at– GMAIL.COM11/1/19916/1/1994MORTAR PLT SGT
Sly, Eric eric.s.sly –at– us.army.mil7/1/19879/1/19893rd PLT M-60 Gunner, TM LDR
Snow, Jeff budking1357 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19881/1/1992Mortar Plt
Spooner, Garrett garrett.spooner –at– us.army.mil6/17/19877/27/1991M60 Gunner
Stagner, Dale dalestagner –at– hotmail.com1/1/19881/1/1990
Starr, Joshua joshuapstarr –at– hotmail.com11/1/19927/1/1994
Strelow, Michael strelowml –at– gmail.com9/1/19843/1/1986
Thomas, Kenneth kenneth.thomas1 –at– dcma.mil4/1/19864/1/1989Heavyweight Boxer
Todd, Caleb C. Omegaguardian15 –at– Hotmail.com4/5/19874/4/1990
Van Kirk, Steve svksb –at– yahoo.com12/10/19875/31/1990
Vickers, Eric BIGE1971 –at– AoL.CoM4/1/19904/1/1992
Wall, Rickrickwall02 –@— comcast.net3/1/19828/1/1985
Walton, Donald donald.walton1 –at– us.army.mil12/9/198612/9/1989M60 Gunner, A TmLdr I am in Flowers pictures
Weinberg, Jason jason.weinberg –at– medford.k12.or.us6/10/19841/5/1986
Weinberg, Jason jason.weinberg —@— medford.k12.or.us3/24/19003/26/1900I was glad to be part of the fight against communism, however small my contribution.
Whitby, Calvin whitby96 — @– gmail.com1/1/19881/1/1990
Wilkins, Bill william_wilkins –at– hotmail.com8/1/19857/1/1987
Williams, Darryl otbalaw –at– aol.com8/1/19848/1/1987
Williams, Ken k9willi –at– yahoo.com2/1/19896/27/1991
Willsey, Nate willseyn –at– yahoo.com3/30/19874/15/19893rd platoon, 2nd & Wpns Sqd
Yahn, Kevin Grunt580 –@— aol.com10/1/198710/1/19903rd Platoon
Combat Support Company – updated 8 October 2023
Ahuja, Alfonso alfonso_ahuja –at– yahoo.com1/5/198612/15/1988also in A Co & B Co
Beaty, Blair blairbeaty –at– yahoo.com11/18/19873/3/1990BN Mortars
Brady, Jimjbrady94 –at– gmail.com12/1/198912/1/1992TOW Platoon
Brainerd, Brian ebdonaldson –at– gmail.com7/1/19874/1/1991AT Plt
Brust, Bernie Berniebrust –at–  gmail.com12/1/19897/1/1992 
Bush, Frankbushfrank –at– aol.com2/1/198411/25/1985 
Cannon, Ken [email protected]9/1/19909/1/1992Scouts
Carter, Johnny R. cypress66 –at– hotmail.com11/14/198512/28/1988 
Falcon, Lance lffarrier1 –at– aol.com1/1/19821/1/1987 
Fells, William l_fells –at– yahoo.com10/1/198610/1/1988Mortars
Foster, Joseph J. josephfoster67 –at– hotmail.com9/10/19906/25/1993 
Gauler, Edeagcsg1 –at– hotmail.com9/5/19819/5/1985Recon Plt Sqd Ldr.
Godfrey, Mikerangod82 –@– gmail.com7/1/19897/1/1992 
Grabke, Paul M. polgrabke –at– aol.com3/18/19884/18/1991 
Hayek Jr, Garygarhay2006 –at– gmail.com2/2/19893/15/1992Scouts – C/CSC/HHC
Howard, Guy guyjii –at– hotmail.com1/1/198512/1/1988 
Hyde, Alan Russell Soldier6231 –at– gmail.com3/1/19829/1/1986Sniper Plt
Ingraham, Donald shdocaga –at– aol.com10/10/19855/24/1988Sniper Plt
Johnson, Charles Waynewyochas  @ cs.com2/22/19894/24/1993Scout Plt – Scouts Out
Jones, Albert aljones12 –at– hotmail.com10/1/198610/1/1988TOW Plt
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Leahy, Donald dedebrown46 –at– yahoo.com2/15/19861/15/1989 
Lester, Marc marc.lester –at– hotmail.com11/14/19853/18/1988SCOUTS
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Olson, Brian J. abndad1 –at– aol.com9/1/19858/1/1988AT Plt
Prater, Robert rdprater10k —@– knology.net2/15/19892/15/1991Originally assigned C Company 5/502nd as a team leader, later assigned to CSC Company 5/502 as a sniper squad leader then a scout squad leader. Scouts Out!!!
Pray, Douglas E. DPRAYJR –at– AOL.COM8/14/19848/2/1990 
Richard Allisonrickanna31621 –at– msn.com6/1/19896/1/1992AT Plt
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Schodowski, John Michael gijohn777 –at– yahoo.com9/1/19832/1/1987Dragon Gnr, Drill Team, Scout/Recon Plt, Armorer
Scott Mooremoore.jscott –at– gmail.com8/1/19848/1/1987 
Shope, David davidshope –at– hotmail.com5/23/19845/23/1986Mortar Platoon
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Steve MarriottSteve.Marriott –at– kcc.com6/1/19876/1/19894.2Mtr Plt
Sweeney, Kenneth Fkensvg64 –@– gmail.com7/22/19842/26/1988Recon Platoon
Sylvester Wilcoxsylvester.wilcox –at– us.army.mil10/26/198610/29/1989AT PLT AND UNIT ARMORER
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Terry W. Slagleretired04 –at– yahoo.com10/19/198610/18/1988AT Plt
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Tom Krafttjk28025 –at– hotmail.com5/1/19844/1/1987Sniper Plt
Trawick, Jamesjstrawick —@—- gmail.com5/5/19853/18/1987TOW Platoon
Van Essen, Garygavanessen –at– hotmail.com1/1/19841/1/1986 
Whisman, Perry M perrywhisman  –at– gmail.com1/1/19881/1/1991Scout Plt. Wall Patrol
William Coblejumper505 {at} yahoo.com12/1/198212/1/19854.2 Mortar platoon
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Headquarters & Headquarters Company – updated 21 APRIL 2024
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Anthonyabstonyone —@— aol.com3/1/19878/15/1992Thanks for the great memories 
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Brandon Morrisnorthvike30 – at — yahoo.com1/9/19915/20/199360 gunner
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Camp, William williamcamp10 –at– gmail.com12/11/198912/20/1993
Chad Treloarchad.treloar –at– us.army.mil3/11/198912/1/1992
Chapman, Samlast email address not working4/1/19939/1/1994
Chiles, David A da579 –at– aol.com6/1/19877/15/1988A
Dorr, Kyle rdsoxfan61 –at– yahoo.com6/1/19845/1/1986Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic
Elsenheimer, ScottSCOTT.ELSENHEIMER –at– GMAIL.COM11/15/198811/12/1992MEDIC
Etter, David etter97 –at– yahoo.com1/10/199010/30/1991PAC Office
Falco, Joseph hqas –at– aol.com8/3/19902/1/1992
Hackworth, Michael L. michael.hackworth –at– us.army.mil1/16/19919/22/1992Commo Plt
Henderson, Jason jabril_muhammad –at– yahoo.com2/6/199011/19/1991Medic
Holman, Sanfordseholman —@— verizon.net3/1/19839/16/1986This was my company command tour. It was a rare broadening military assignment for the time – almost instant credibility. 
Hughes, Scottfirsttenor –at– hotmail.com10/1/199112/17/1992Scouts
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Matthewmbk0007 — @— auburn.edu2/1/19938/1/1994
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Mead, Mark mamead –at– earthlink.net11/1/198611/3/1989Medic
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Miller, Edward hellfireah64 –@— gmail.com3/18/19938/19/1993
Mullins, Michael mullinssat –at– yahoo.com9/30/198811/15/1990also HHC
Musgrove, David classic_rock_photos –at– yahoo.com12/1/199011/16/1993PAC
Neubauer, Mark marken64 –at– yahoo.com12/3/198712/15/1991
Nix, Huey darth_nixster –at– yahoo.com9/21/19917/14/1994Support Plt
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Smith, Thomas F.SmittyKool –@– yahoo.com1/5/19881/5/1995
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Washington, Kenneth “Chubb” kenneth.washington1 –at– gmail.com12/1/19894/1/1993HHC5/502 Maint Plt & D/6/502
Watson, Dave Ablumax_96 -@– yahoo.com10/2/19897/22/1994
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