766th Military Intelligence Detachment

766th Military Intelligence Detachment – updated 01/10/2021
Albrecht, Paul Jude paul.jude.albrecht —@– gmail.com4/28/19855/17/1987 
Ashworth, Richard “Scott” asher74 –at– hotmail(dot)com12/1/19804/1/1984 
Bowles Jr., Robert BOWLESJRB– AT –AOL(dot)com1/1/19711/1/1973w/ 66MI (55-59)
Brunet, Ronald H. RBrunet –at– aol(dot)com1/5/19869/1/1989 
Carlsen, Guyguyc –@— pipeline.com8/20/197012/28/1971 
David Hornolderndirt –at– triad.rr(dot)com4/20/19851/3/1988 
Garland, Jeriel S. jerielg –at– ix(dot)netcom(dot)com8/1/19757/31/1978 
Hopkins, Ken A.hopcop13 –@— gmail.com5/21/19855/20/1988support 6/502 w/ intelligence/counter-intelligence operations & presented OPSEC Briefings to School of Standards
Jeffers, Ronald ron.jeffers —@– gmail.com9/15/198610/1/1988 
Jordan, Guy D. guy.jordan14 –at– yahoo(dot)com7/1/19886/1/1994 
Kirkland, John jro_kirkland –at– hotmail(dot)com10/1/198310/1/1986 
Momkus, Alpegmonkus –at– aol(dot)com9/19/198211/9/1986 
Morrison, Tim kfd41802 –at– yahoo(dot)com12/1/197012/1/1971 
Osborne, K.W. kosborne –at– yahoo(dot)com10/1/1980  
Rodriguez, Guadalupegroovinay –at– hotmail.com8/15/19771/10/1981Operations Specialist/Supply Room Specialist/
Whitney, Robert ishedizzy –at– hotmail(dot)com4/1/19709/15/1971 

If you do not see your information please consider having your contact info added to the REGISTRY.
Please use the NEW REGISTRY SUBMISSION page to provide the following information:
• Your Name:
• Your Unit Assigned:
• Date Arrived Berlin:
• Date Departed Berlin:
• OPTIONAL – What was your assignment/what did you do in Berlin? (i.e., 3rd Plt M60 Gunner)
• OPTIONAL – What State do you currently reside?

IMPORTANT: Do NOT contact anyone listed on this page with unsolicited services or offers.