C Battery 94th Field Artillery

C Battery 94 Field Artillery – updated 7 July 2024
Adams, Mark moondog –at– journey.com12/27/19842/19/1987
Anderson, Danny sfc92a @ gmail.com4/20/19833/6/1986
Archuleta, Curtis D. cdarchuleta –at– yahoo.com8/13/19838/13/1986Served in 3/6 (later 5/502) FIST
Atwater, William P.atwaterwilliam41 –@— gmail.com8/1/19762/1/1981Fire Support (FIST) CSC 3/6
Bailey, Richardrdbailey896 –@– gmail.com1/1/19801/1/1983
Berrevoets, Adriaan “Dutch” adriaanberrevoets –at– gmail.com7/26/19661/20/1968arms room
Blankenship, Donnie dtbmbb –at– gmail.com3/15/197311/4/1974FDC
Boxler, Benbnboxler –at– yahoo.com5/1/19755/1/1978cannon cocker
Brechbiel, Dave breech1021 –at– yahoo.com10/17/19806/4/1982
Bullard, James W. jaybull1 –@– verizon.net9/15/19664/11/1969It was an honor to serve in Berlin
Carter, David Whatdoyouknowdc –@- gmail.com4/1/19833/1/1985Would be nice to hear from the ones in C-94th FA..go bang bang
Clements, Walter wclements97 —@– yahoo.com11/5/197411/5/1977looking for members and a roster of those assinged to my unit during this time..
Cosby, William wcosby –at– netcourrier.com3/10/19854/10/1988Battery XO then Asst S-3, Combat Support Bn.
Cupicciotti, Allan cupicciotti.allan –at- yahoo.com9/1/198630 days TDY assigned to Btry C ,94th FA, Combat support Battalion
Curtis, Kurt V krtcurtis –@ — yahoo.com12/10/19776/15/198063 charlie (mechanic)
Darter, Stevenstevendarter –at– hotmail.com1/1/19741/1/1977
Donkers, Daviddedonkers –@– yahoo.com10/1/198510/1/1988
Dowdy, CharlesDOWDYH5 –at– AOL.COM5/15/19711/10/1973
Garcia, LesLes.garcia –at–  yahoo.com10/1/19654/1/1966
Goings, Billbgoings –at– yahoo.com1/1/19861/1/19895/502 FIST
Gonzalez-Cosme, Rosalygonzo65019 –@— gmail.com6/21/197112/20/1972I was a cook
Gruszczynski, Gary ggruzz –at– yahoo.com9/1/198310/1/1985
Harper, David pastorharper –at– centutytel.net1/1/19771/1/1980
Hill, Jamesjhn2 @ verizon.net1/23/196512/12/1966
Hirsch, Calvincalvinhirsch399 -@- gmail.com2/1/19726/1/1974FDC Artillery Mechanic
Holaway, Danny danny.holaway.civ –at– mail.mil11/1/19786/1/1981
Hopkins, OscarOSCAR LHOPKINS –at– HOTMAIL.COM1/1/19702/1/1972
Hughes, Frank W. hughesfm2003 –at– yahoo.com9/1/19849/24/1987
Hume, Michaelberlinerbears –at– aol.com5/23/197612/19/1977Red Leg
Jackiejlgillean –at– yahoo.com5/10/19743/19/1976
Jenkins, Steveslbear –at– aol.com3/1/19832/1/1985
Kolb, Richard cobra54634 –at– aol.com1/1/19721/1/1974
Kupfer, H. Leehlkupfer —@– gmail.com7/7/197210/14/1974
LaCour, Richard rwlacour –at– optonline.net9/1/19632/1/1966
Laney, Alanbigallaney –at– aol.com11/1/19712/1/1973
Langley, TomTPLRANCH –at– aim.com1/1/19731/1/1974
Lascelles, Louis lou_susan357 –at– frontier.com7/1/198410/1/1986
Lennex, Keith  Theberlinbear –at– aol.com12/7/19793/1/1982
Lind, Steveselind –at– ilstu.edu2/1/19726/1/19741st Section
Lowman, Kevin klowman –at– hotmail.com4/11/198411/9/1985Commo
Malbrough, Raymond malbroughraymond –at– bellsouth.net11/11/19632/28/1965
Martinez, Raulremartinez718 –@— gmail.com7/1/19807/1/1980Worked as 54E10 N B C C94 FA
Martinez-Rodriguez, Raul E.remartinez718 -@- gmail.com8/15/19808/25/1982MOS 54E Chemical Specialist. Remember Sgt Yepez, Sgt Hearing (Fish) and other great gentleman that do not come to my mind
Mitchell, Toddmitchell.todd1963 —@— gmail.com2/15/19742/15/1987
Nash, Larrylordlarry2226 –at– netscape.net1/1/19651/1/1967
Nolen, Bruce J.bnolen53 @ yahoo.com7/1/19856/1/1988
Ordones, Freddie freddie_ordones95 –@– yahoo.com8/6/19791/30/1983CCF
Owens, Brian owensbp –at– jmu.edu6/1/19811/1/1983
Padilla, Josejypadilla –at– aol.com5/1/19845/1/1987Fire Support Team
Pavlik, Bobbobpavlik –at– yahoo.com7/1/19817/24/1984
Pollock, Mitchell MiKoRaVin –at– aol.com6/1/19848/1/1987FIST and BTRY Clerk
Quignon, David P. myintrepid96 –at– yahoo.com6/18/19762/13/1979
Ramos, Harryharry.ramos -@– icloud.com3/21/19783/18/1981
Reineberg, Jere jere.reineberg –at– gmail.com7/12/19708/14/1971
Remfry, Kenneth A. kenneth.remfry –at– us.army.mil3/3/19762/22/1978
Robertson, Doyle Melfred.dr– AT –gmail.com2/1/19722/1/1974
Rodgers, Terence rodgerster –at– msn.com3/1/19823/1/198413B
Rogan, Patpat-rogan –at– hotmail.com1/1/19811/1/1984FIST
Schroeder, Shane theshanecompany –at– yahoo.com1/1/19851/1/1988also E 320 FA
Sharp, DonzelleSharpd –@– precision-infra.com10/1/19762/1/1980
Tate, Robert rtate –@— eutaw.us12/27/19696/21/1971
Tate, Thomas H tmont007 –at– comcast.net1/1/19775/1/1983
Taylor, Lyndell tylynde –at– aol.com2/15/19838/30/1984
True, William J. dorcey32571 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19821/1/1984
Wacks, Georgewacksfam –@— gmail.com5/20/19714/8/1973
Walker, Paulp_twalker –at– bellsouth.net2/1/197011/1/1971
Willett, Rogerrogerwillett026 –at– earmyu.com1/1/19821/1/198513B
Wood, Richard Alanrwood_80469 @ yahoo.com7/1/197212/1/197313B Cannon Cocker

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