Combat Support Battalion

Combat Support Battalion
Archer, Robert Adttech2003 -@— yahoo.com10/1/19896/1/199140 ARM
Beranek, Joe zulu6334 –at– hotmail(dot)com7/1/19778/1/1980 
Braswell, Kimberlee ktbras07 –at–  gmail.com8/5/19907/29/1993 
Broad, James james.broad —@– cyber-recon.com2/4/19894/4/1991Dates are approxamate!
Camacho-Martinez, Angel Luis acamacho60 -@– att.net7/3/198210/8/1985 
Canady, Frankie fcanady357 )at( hotmail.com12/1/19926/1/1994
Champion, Michael surgpa– AT –yahoo.com6/1/19847/1/1987also 6/502 & AVN DET
Cunningham, Hugh P hughsan –at– earthlink(dot)net1/5/198212/12/1985 
Day, James vatexan02 –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19823/25/1987 
Donahue, Jim donahue124 –at– gmail(dot)com2/1/19739/1/1974Lifeguard at Recreation Center Pool
Ehrhart, Eric enehrhart –at– aol(dot)com12/27/198312/19/1985ADA
Esparza, David digitalclick –at– hotmail(dot)com1/30/19747/30/1976Morning Reports Specialist (Special Troops)
Falterman, Carroll  Jrfsunascar –at– yahoo(dot)com1/20/19872/5/1989ADA Plt
Ford, Jonathanford37040 —@— gmail.com6/5/19879/7/1990 
Gonzales, Daniel Sfctopdawg  –@–   gmail.com5/18/19875/18/1989ADA PLT
Goza, Kenny kennygoza –at– hotmail(dot)com4/1/19898/1/1990 
Grose, Chrissportshound3855 –at– hotmail(dot)com4/15/19869/25/1989 
Hackett, Linda Linlouhkt –@— gmail.com1/1/19842/1/1994Remembering my ten years in Berlin and those I served with.
Halbritter, WilliamBillHalbritter –at– msn(dot)com11/1/198811/1/1992 
Hazell, Christopher M. chris_hazell73 —@– hotmail.com6/14/19937/15/1994 
Heisler, Darren dkmheisler –at– aol(dot)com12/1/19857/1/1987ADA PLT
Hernandez, Jr., Juan jhernandezj1510 —@—att.net12/1/198311/8/2018DCSI-Security Branch
Hewitt, Roger rlhewitt45 –at– yahoo(dot)com7/6/19827/5/1985 
Hicks (Lutz), Jackie [email protected]1/1/1980 Transportation as  an MTO
Hillier, Kirk capnkirk454 ==@= gmail.com9/20/19859/20/1987 
Holman, Sanfordseholman —@— verizon.net3/1/19839/16/1986This was my company command tour. It was a rare broadening military assignment for the time – almost instant credibility. 
Hume, Michael berlinerbears –at– aol(dot)com12/19/197712/10/1980Weapons Specialist HHC
Jenkins, Mark mark737jenkins –at– yahoo(dot)com1/4/19875/30/1990ADA Plt Ldr 87-88 / HSC XO 89 / AsstS-3 89-90
Johnson, Ricky rjohnson2 –at– mcshi(dot)com3/1/19725/15/1974EOD Section Ammo Br
Kennette, John C. chriskennette –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19771/1/1980Trans Div/ RTO/ Airport Liason
Leehan, Michael J. drivenbymike – at — yahoo.com12/6/19826/30/1985An awesome tour of duty!
Long, Dale M. DLong1505 –at– comcast(dot)net4/26/19834/25/1986 
Majdanski, David djmajdanski  –at — yahoo.com1/9/198212/5/1984Transportation Division: Duty Train Commander/Motor Pool Officer
Michel, John  micheljohn –at– hotmail(dot)com2/10/19881/7/1992 
Mills, Paul Phil paulmills069 –at–  hotmail.com5/1/19887/15/1991ADA Plt
Moffett, Donald dmoffett –at– mdmgs(dot)com6/9/19716/5/1972Special Troops
Pauline, Joseph bozo194 –at– aol(dot)com1/1/198712/1/1988ADA Plt
Redinger, Michael m_redinger –at– hotmail(dot)com6/8/19844/15/1987 
Renteria, Francisco fsrenteria68 –@— yahoo.com12/1/1983 Stinger Platoon from 83- 85
Schuster, Edward (Sam) samschuster –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19731/1/1976HHC
Thompson, Rhonnierhonnt —@– att.net8/31/19936/14/1994Company First Sergeant
Towne, Scotttownesa122 )at( att.net2/1/19912/1/1993 
Woodruff, Chris cjwood –at– ptd(dot)net10/28/19886/14/1991ADA PLT
Yancey, Chaplain Hershel Don hdyancey1 –@— comcast.net5/1/19875/1/1990Battalion Chaplain

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