Company F 40th Armor

Company F, 40th Armor – Last Update 7 JULY 2024
Addis, Thomas J. sgtas3 –at– yahoo.com2/1/19823/1/1987
Alley, Michael D. otoeman –at– aol.com3/1/19741/30/1978
Andrews, Lawrence lawrence.andrews –at–
Anello, Vincent vjanello –at– earthlink.net9/24/19633/1/31656th Platoon, Tanks 65-61-62
Archer, Robert JAdttech2003 -@– yahoo.com10/9/19896/24/1991 1st Platoon Sergeant of D Co. 6/40th, Asst S3 NCOIC of CSC 6/40th Armor.
Atherholt, Stephen hcsbed –at– aol.com3/28/19758/28/1978Maint Plt
Austin, Tommy J tommyjaustin –at– hotmail.com2/19/19724/19/1974
Ayala jr., Jorge H senseiaya –at– yahoo.com6/1/19706/1/1971
Baker, Grandyongrandyon –at– msn.com11/15/198312/20/1986Maintenance/Recovery
Balistreri, Salvatore [email protected]3/1/19633/24/1966Gunner & Driver on M60A1 Tank
Ball, David Leepatanddaveball @ gmail.com11/20/19733/20/1977
Ballard, Gary gjballard65 –@— gmail.com11/1/198511/1/1987Gunner on 2-1
Banner, Claude Taterbugbanner –at– aol.com7/16/19858/1/1987Driver F-12
Barker, Gary D. barkergary –at– sbcglobal.net4/1/19724/1/1974
Barnes, Bill  barneshhc375 –at– hotmail.com10/2/197110/12/1974Commo Sgt
Barnett, John hisdudeness21 –at– gmail.com11/1/19871/1/1990
Battaglia, Steve SteveBattaglia –at– Freightliner.com3/1/19716/6/1972
Baugh, Freddy fredpetra –at– sbcglobal.net9/17/19798/27/1982tc F-32
Bingham, Richard rb4panzer –at– msn.com1/12/19856/15/1989
Boardman, Charleschasboard2 –at– aol.com1/1/19781/1/1981
Bolandrina, Daniel T.danbola –@- rocketmail.com3/10/19853/10/1988
Bousquet, Michael MBousq6698 –at– aol.com3/23/19731/20/1975Tank Turret Mechanic
Brasseaux, Toddtbross –at– kabelmail.de1/1/19891/1/1992Medic
Britt, Ralphrbrit2 –@- cox.net6/22/196911/11/19713rd platoon 31
Butkus, Stephen C. scbmeddic –at– aol.com3/1/19779/1/19802 & 4 PLT
Buzzelli, Theodore P tpbuzzelli –at– comcast.net9/29/19746/28/197745K Maint
Caillier. Charles Le’on wolfnboots1965 –at– yahoo.com11/1/198510/1/19882nd Plt/ Loader and Driver on tanks F23 and F21
Capps, Glennronald.g.capps –at–
Carruthers, Joseph carruthersj –at– comcast.net8/19/1990Scout Plt
Cavanaugh, Patrick W. cavanaughpat –at– yahoo.com1/13/197611/15/1979F13 & F31
Champion, Steven C. motordaddy13 –at– gmail.com6/1/19806/1/1983
Cole, Charles E colecharles275 –at- gmail.com6/27/196610/8/1969
Conrad, Benjamin bconrad3 –at– carolina.rr.com2/1/19656/1/1968
Cowart, John ccowart2 –at- yahoo.com9/1/1967Served in Company F, 4oth Army 1969-1970
Currie, Thomas currietp —@–gmail.com2/1/198112/1/1982
Daly, James T. JPMPDaly –at– aol.com5/21/19916/28/1994ON
Decker, Robert R rdecker –@– sc.rr.com10/10/19686/16/1970Miss Berly
Denger, Lance ldenger –at– yahoo.com9/1/19821/1/1984
Doster, Torence tdoster –at– tds.net7/1/197012/1/1971
Doug , Kobsmdkobs –at– q.com1/1/197012/1/1971Maintenance Platoon
Downing, Roy lawdawg006 –at– aol.com5/30/19875/30/1989F-66
Dufresne, Paul E paulatped –@— aim.com3/16/19639/16/1965Maint. Section
Eatmon, Michael T Tim421Out –at– aol.com1/1/19841/1/19872 Plt
Eldreth, Rich vb68amtr –at– aol.com8/1/19907/1/1992Scouts Out
Elkins, John irmoelkins —@– gmail.com2/15/19872/1/1989S-3 40th armor
Ellis, John cg2er410 –at– aol.com2/1/19645/1/1967
Engel, Kennethkengel4343 –@– gmail.com8/14/19627/1/1965and BERLIN COMMS
Erz, David R. bjthhe  –at– bbtel.com4/1/19745/1/1980
Esser, JohnJohnEsser1959 —@–gmail.com1/1/19793/1/1980
Fasanella, Michael FTROOP40 –at– AOL.COM11/1/19746/1/1977F32
Feyes. Aaron aaronfeyes –at– pga.com1/1/19901/1/1992
Fisher, Jason jfisher90 –at– att.net10/15/19906/14/1992
Ford, Jonathanford37040 —@— gmail.com6/5/19879/7/1990
Ford, Jonathan ford37040 –at- gmail.com6/1/19879/1/1990
Foster, Kent boogerandbeau –at– hotmail.com9/1/19719/1/1974
Francis, Robert rlfranc )at( comcast.net6/1/196712/1/1968also 69-72,3rd Plt and Co Ops Sgt
Freeman, Billbf1196 –at– yahoo.com8/16/19802/18/1985
Garrett, Jesse jessegarrett –at– sbcglobal.net2/14/19712/14/1974
Girardot, Stephen R AttorneyGirardot –@— aol.com2/1/19829/16/1983F24. SFC Greene Spc 5 Wallace Spc4 Smith Spc4 Girardot Top Gun 1983
Goss, James L.jgoss1944 -@— gmail.com1/1/19651/1/1967
Grabowski, Mike tesla60 –at– insightbb.com11/21/197812/20/1982
Gresham, William wngresham –at– yahoo.com5/19/19915/19/1993HHC
Grott, Roger dragon1sg –at– yahoo.com11/1/19845/1/1990
Guidry, William Ray timeoutcards –at– hotmail.com8/15/19659/20/1966
Guinan, Tomt_dooley99 –at– yahoo.com9/1/197812/1/1980
Gurecki, Emil emilg7831 –@— gmail.com1/1/19746/1/1976Unit Armorer
Hale, Steve stephen.hale –at–
Hall, Alan D. kctfgone –at– aol.com11/1/19788/1/1982Medic, orig assign to HHC 3/6 Inf
Harmon, William last email address not working1/3/19928/23/1994
Harold J. Smithharoldjacobsmith –at– yahoo.com1/1/19581/1/19622nd tour 1968-1970 w Berlin Brigade Aviation Detachment.
Harris, Bradbandcharris –at– wwdb.org1/1/19897/1/1991
Harrison, BIllybh6933 –at– YAHOO.COM9/1/19798/1/19822nd Plt
Healy, Pat healysattc –at– comcast.net4/1/196710/18/1968
Hertenstein, Bob trickpony46 –at– hotmail.com8/1/196611/1/1967Commo
Hill, Brian K.bkhill516 —@— yahoo.com4/26/19877/2/1989Looking for soldiers of my unit during this time.
Horst, Ray rhorst –at– charter.net10/1/19881/1/1991F24, B34, HQ66
Houssock, Mike mhous –at– epix.net8/1/19759/1/1977
Huckeba, George ghuck515 –at– hotmail.com12/1/19755/15/1979F34
Huey, Preston L. Berlin1964 –at– comcast.net7/20/196211/10/1964
Isaacs, Robert W. izx –at– seacove.net7/4/19636/1/1966
Jackson, Billjacketfan –at– yahoo.com3/1/19714/15/1972
Jerry (NO LAST NAME)Jayyorky –at–  aol.com6/1/19706/4/1972
Keeler, Russellruss –@— hasonconsulting.com2/10/19679/23/1968
Klingman, Danieldan.klingman @  gmail.com4/15/197211/8/1974
Knapp, Robert Hullratmech2 –at– aol.com8/1/19908/31/1993 “F” Co then assigned to HHC.
Kochan, Frank J. ,Jr.NPJoe1 –at– AOL.com8/10/19655/20/1968
Kuhn, Steven E. stevnekuhn –at– aol.com7/15/19916/10/1992
Kuntz. Larry T. kuntzl –at– yahoo.com11/1/19645/31/1966
Lambrix, Donald H. dlambrix –at– msn.com12/1/198412/1/1987Platoon Sergeant, 3rd Plt
Lathan, James W. zona2james –at– yahoo.com9/1/19799/1/1982
Lawyer, Brian[email protected]3/1/199110/1/19926/40 Armor Scout Platoon
Lear. Jeffrrey jll4041 –at– yahoo.com4/1/19678/1/19683rd Plt
Len, Robertlen.gregory –@@— yahoo.com1/7/19871/28/1990They called me Bama.
Leonard, Delbert P. bugsoup223 –at– hotmail.com3/1/19686/1/1969
Madaris, Jamesjamesmadaris –at– earthlink.net1/1/19741/1/1978
Mancuso, Martin martinakm –at– hotmail.com10/12/19896/4/1992
Martin, Richard pilgrim19701 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19776/1/1979Tank driver/loader. 2nd platoon. Tanks 25 and 21
Masel, Daviddavid_masel –at- comcast.net5/5/196710/14/1969
Mathena, Gary D. garymathena –at– gmail.com3/1/19796/22/19803rd Plt/F-34, 4th Plt/F-43
McKeown, Robert bmac6446 –at– hotmail.com12/16/198111/13/1984
McMullin, Edward R. Eedmsge8 –at– aol.com6/17/19685/23/1974
Messenger, David damessenger –at– cox.net8/7/197312/7/1975Maint Plt
Michel, John micheljohn –at– hotmail.com2/10/19881/7/1992
Moneypenny, Chuck ckmoneypenny –at– comcast.net5/1/19907/1/19931SG for HHC, CSB and A Co 6th Bn 40th Armor
Monticone, JoeJRMonticone –at– msn.com2/1/197410/1/1975
Moore, Steve Crashdbike –at– aol.com1/6/19779/23/1977Tank 12 Driver
Morgan Jr, Richard D richard.d.morgan –@ — (63B)
Morse, Dandsmorse61 —@— hotmail.com7/1/19817/1/1983F31
Mullins, Raymond A. raymond.mullins123 – at — gmail.com6/1/198911/1/1991Cisco,  I remember you.
Murken, Martin texasranger1860 —@– att.net9/15/19774/2/1980
Newman, David L.newman2288 –@- yahoo.com9/1/19773/19/1977
Neyens, Ron rrneyens –at– yahoo.com6/1/19712/1/1976
Nunez, Anthony policefan71 at yahoo.com8/1/19907/1/1992Scout Platoon
O’Brien, George S. turnertankers –@— comcast.net3/1/19581/19/1959founder TurnerTankers (visit website througn links page)
Oelklaus, Ed oelkla –at– att.net2/1/19678/1/1968
Orenzo Daniels Jrbigodjr –at– gmail.com1/1/19847/1/1985
Orlosky, Raymond ro14raymond –at– aol.com4/23/19695/4/1970
Orlosky, Raymond C.ro14raymond –@— aol.com3/4/19695/23/1970
Osman III, John E. rdnckmothr -@— icloud.com2/22/19743/10/1975
Padgett, George kilrathy3 –at– comcast.net10/1/197310/1/1974
Paquette, Paul E panzerzo –at– yahoo.com8/20/19758/23/1978F35
Parinas, Gene parinasgene –at– aol.com3/1/197412/1/1977
Parrish, Richard canalrich –at– bright.net1/1/19725/1/19744th Platoon, Tank 41
Plemmons, Robert rango46 –at– aol.com9/1/196310/1/1965
Poole, Mark markpoole –at– bellsouth.net1/10/19884/4/1991
Powell, Billwr_powell –at– yahoo.com2/1/19782/1/19811st & 2nd Plt
Randolph, Jack, LJackRandolph48 –@— msn.com3/19/19691/6/1971
Reed, Ricky Lee rreed3 –at– hot.rr.com6/1/198811/1/1991
Reidinger, Steven reidinger525 –at– netzero.net12/26/19894/1/1992
Reifsnyder, Jason jreifsny –at– rochester.rr.com10/14/198912/12/1991
Renard, Martin martin_renard –at– hotmail.com2/1/19876/1/1987French Exch Off
Roborecky, Joseph ble373 –at– optonline.net2/1/19658/1/1967
Rodrigues, Joe woodwalker70 –at– yahoo.com9/6/19906/3/1992Scout Platoon
Rone, Rick rickrone –at– mncable.net2/19/19821/19/1992
Samas,Frank R. tmfO6 –at– sbcglobal.net1/1/19659/14/1966
Sandoval, Joseph P. ruth_sandoval –at– sbcglobal.net1/1/19669/1/1968Cook
Sayler, Lloydcny40536 –@– yahoo.com09/20/196011/10/1962
Schafer, Steven stschafer –at– gmail.com1/26/19844/25/1987
Schornhorst, Connie cas6644 –at– sbcglobal.net2/15/195811/28/1959
Schultz, Steven W. swschultz08 –@– yahoo.com9/1/19688/1/1971I am Happy now 40th Armor was on line.
Shea, William Edwardbshea ==@= ksu.edu12/3/19601/10/1964
Shiprak, Daniel dshiprak –at– yahoo.com6/1/19906/1/1992also 42nd Engineer 3rd Plt
Shoup, John E. phaserburn –at– yahoo.com10/1/198411/1/1987
Slocum, David david –at— slocum.us4/1/19894/1/1992
Smith, Bernard twoferone2005 –at– yahoo.com7/1/198611/1/1992Co F / Co A
Smith, Robert F captsmith46 –at– aol.com6/17/196710/6/1968MOS 63c20
Smith, Thomas66gp —@–rhcac.com12/18/19717/5/1974HQ Plt
Snyder, William Lewis blsnyder –at– swbell.net3/1/198110/1/19822nd Plt
Spears, Gary StevenFreedom4all1 —@–comcast.net7/22/19702/27/1973
Spears, Steve Fredum4all –at– aol.com8/1/19702/1/1973
Spencer, Dan Boyne808 –at– yahoo.com11/1/19906/1/19923rd Platoon Tank 33
Stanley, Scott sstan11 –at– hotmail.com11/1/19896/1/1992
Starks, Charles PerryPerrystarks —@—hotmail.com11/1/19896/1/1994Deployed with the 6-502 to Able Sentury one and Operation Provide Compfort.
Steyee, Bretbayside –at– gmail.com9/1/19865/1/1988
Strobel, Carlcpps_100 –at– hotmail.com4/25/19728/11/1974
Swango, Garry-Owen Garry12 –at– aol.com7/25/19828/4/1985
Taylor, William W. etet –at– brookings.net1/1/19701/1/1973
Thompson, Ronnie RLT1015 –at– AOL.COM9/15/19637/15/1965
Toupin, Patrick yaangez –at– htva.net6/1/198811/1/1989
Truscott, JackJaclin81 –at– yahoo.com8/6/19753/12/1979
Turner, James Gordon jturner149 –at– aol.com1/1/19701/1/1971
Tyree, Grego L.tyreegsj @ juno.com10/30/196912/23/1972
Vickers, Kent G. kvickga –at– hotmail.com10/1/196310/1/1966
Wade, Roger Droger2008wade @ yahoo.com1/1/19724/1/1972SP4 Medic
Walker, Jimmy D. walkappr –at– hiwaay.net11/1/19694/1/1971
Walker, Wayne wayne.s.walker –at– 1st & 2nd Plt
Warden, Michael mikwar1 –at– hotmail.com11/1/19885/1/1992Maintenance
Webb, Scott swebb57 –at– hotmail.com6/6/19753/3/1979Maint Plt
West, Donald donald.c.west –at–
Westbrook, Rob rwestb87152002 –at– yahoo.comSgt 3rd Platoon and HQ Platoon
White, Ken roadlt1 –at– yahoo.com7/1/19825/1/1985
Williams, Ronald B rbwilliams_thechief —@- msn.com5/3/196312/1/1965
Wilson, Mark  D. wilson.md63 –@— gmail.com2/15/19822/15/1984Top Gun crew spring of 82 w/ TC SSG Baugh, Gunner Charles Dickerson, Driver Rick Rone on F-32
Zaccaria, Michael A. zaccarim –at– comcast.net5/1/19657/1/1966
Zebrowsky, TedTZebrowsky –at– comcast.net6/1/19716/1/1974
Zitzmann Sr, Philiprocky4u -@- bellsouth.net3/10/19679/11/1967Was in Sgt. Gife’s tank crew

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