Family Members

Family Members – updated 5 June 2021
Anne Ruth Duferardufer –at– hotmail(dot)com6/2/19795/28/1982Wife of Michael L. Dufer
Annette Christina Dufer Ghelfiannettedufer –at– yahoo(dot)com5/28/197910/31/1979Daughter of Michael L. Dufer
Barbara Williamshercreativehands –at– hotmail(dot)com10/1/198511/1/1987Ex-wife of Sgt.Raymond Williams CSC/6/502
Carol Allen Murraycnmurray421 –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19641/1/1966Spouse of E5 Thomas E Allen @ 279th
Carol Bergccbjberg –at– yahoo(dot)com11/1/198310/1/1990USACC/USAISC SPOUSE.
Edna Elliottcsc2700 –at– aol(dot)com5/20/19795/15/1982ACA spouse of David S. Elliott
Joy Whitenerjoy_forehand –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19927/1/1994Ex-wife of C. Whitener/Sister of J. Gorlesky
Kay Davis Peddiekdpeddiehome —@– tds.net10/8/19616/10/1964Looking for a friend, Sharon Starks.  We lived near each other on base near the school.  Our ages now are 68.  She was black and I an white but we still formed a friendship.  Another friend was Penny Post who also lived in base housing.  She is Mormon.
Kitty Scott (Schubert)nbrlady –at– hotmail(dot)com8/1/19858/1/1987spouse
MaryLynn Madrigalrrmcu –at– hotmail.com1/1/19881/1/1992worked in the American Consulate then in the APO.
Michael Dumiakr8lobster -@– gmail.com7/4/1976 editor currently based in Berlin living near Tempelhof, former USAF dependent
Peter WalshWalshpg —@— VERIZON.NET5/18/1905 Father served 766 MI starting 1965 thru 1980
Robby Elliscg2er410 –at– aol(dot)com2/1/19645/1/1967Family Member of SSG John R Ellis Jr. 4th platoon CO F 40th Armor
Stella Brumleystella.brumley– AT –yahoo(dot)com6/1/197110/1/1974Daughter of Frank Rathjen who served as NCO Intelligence. 
William Bowenbowmasterxx –at–  yahoo.com6/6/19756/6/1978

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