Field Station Berlin

Field Station Berlin – updated 10 April 2022
Adamson, Charles Mac cma2stl –@- yahoo.com11/15/19835/5/1985Lots of memories and stories from working at T-burg
Aguilera, Randy randy_aguilera –at– yahoo.com11/1/19866/1/1989
Allen, Carroll L. carrolllallen –at– aol.com4/21/19666/8/1969
Allen, Steve harrogate –at– yahoo.com7/7/19857/11/1987
Allen, Steven harrogate– AT –yahoo.com7/1/19857/1/198705K. Worked up on the hill
Badertscher, Glenn F. gwhiz1948 –at– aol.com11/12/19689/12/1971
Barrington, Jerry W jursamaj –at– yahoo.com10/1/19897/1/1991USAISC
Bell, William Scott w724bell —@— aim.com3/16/19896/12/1992A and B co, Operations BN
Bennett 3rd, Antonio antonio_bennett_3rd –at– hotmail.com2/22/19884/10/1992DCSI Berlin Bde
Bishop, Wwbishop63 –at– gmail.com7/1/198312/7/1987
Blum, Jeannine(Jan Jackson) jkbmag1 –at– aol.com3/1/19804/1/1982
Bolden, George smilinggeorgie2000 –at– yahoo.com12/31/198312/17/1985USAISC
Britton, Marymaggie.britton0729 –@- gmail.com11/20/198312/4/1986
Brown, David “Ziggy” brownmd –at– bellsouth.net9/1/19769/1/1978
Brown, Rojer rojer_brown –at– msn.com6/2/19907/16/1992
Brown,  Gregory (Gregg) Carroll gregg.brown –@— cw4gcb.net1/2/19823/10/1984
Carson, Tim tcarson1 –at– comcast.net7/15/198312/15/1986
Cerny, Jeff jeffcerny –at– gmail.com5/1/19865/18/1989
Corley, Michael Dennis mdcorley –@— hiwaay.net2/24/196812/3/1971
Cosme-Rivera, Jose A. jcosme –at– hotmail.com11/1/198211/1/1987
Curran, Frank westie10019 –at– yahoo.com12/1/19722/1/1974
Daniels, David david.daniels54 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19773/1/1980Also served Jul 1983 – Oct 1986 (A & H&S)
Denniston, Bernard fouraces6 –at– comcast.net6/1/19548/1/19557781 AU
Donovan, Rick donovanrr –at– netscape.net1/1/197410/1/1977
Doyle, Mike redstag48 –at– yahoo.com2/1/19668/1/1970
Dubanik, Stanleyssd65262011 –@– – hotmail.com12/19/197210/19/1977For my last four years I presided over Race/Relations Seminars at the Wansee Rec center.
Enderle, Tom Tom.Enderle –at– TheEnderles.org1/1/19811/1/1983MOS:05K
English, Christopher travelfan_62 –at– yahoo.com9/26/19843/26/1986
Fassett , Edward Jr.ilike2fish –@— aol.com7/22/19758/17/1977
Franklin, Ruth E. ruth61 –at– gmail.com9/1/19807/1/1987Field station Rocks!!  Go 05Hotels!!
Gallegos, Candyccruzgall –@- gmail.com3/1/196911/21/1972Assiged to site 1 at Rudow. 98J MOS
Gammon, Jeff patitroad –at– yahoo.com5/1/19664/20/1970
Gerry, Tom tgerry –at– maine.rr.com1/1/19761/1/1979A & B
Gonyer, John cyberfd –at– yahoo.com6/6/19645/29/1967USASA 54th & 287
Gorman (Barshinger), Kimberly oregonkim –at– live.com1/1/19831/1/198498C Russian
Harders, Terry rtharders –at– yahoo.com1/10/19667/9/1968
Irwin, Lorie Jloriemccrory –@– gmail.com5/26/19856/26/1987Other names: Wetzel Irwin McCrory
Johnson, Lee A lee.johnson35 –at– gmail.com12/1/19712/1/1973
Joseph (no last name provided)Jsbegue –at–  aol.com7/1/19837/15/1986
Kalbrener, Jay kalbrja –at– yahoo.com7/4/197411/1/1976
Kehoe, David davekehusa –at– yahoo.com1/5/19816/18/1982
Kettenburg, Rob robkettenburg –at– hotmail.com4/3/198511/20/1986
Kunde, Roland (Rollie) rolandkunde –@— comcast.net7/1/19717/1/1974I was one of a small group of civilians working on a special project at FSB
Levenson, Mike Michael –at– Levenson.org10/1/19884/1/1991
Levy, Steve bigflred –at– bellsouth.net8/1/198811/1/1991
Lock, James (Jim) kglock2 –at– aol.com1/1/19691/1/1971
Lock, James F. Jrkglock2 –at– aol.com1/1/19691/1/1971
London, Dale Kdlondon —@– hotmail.com9/9/19839/14/198598J working in Subsection Zulu (Interaction)
Loring, John john.loring –at– navy.mil4/1/19741/9/1975
Loud, Susanne gloud07 –at– comcast.net3/1/19821/1/1984H&S Co. Was supply 76C for the mechs.
McAleer, Michael themcaleers –at– sbcglobal.net1/26/19851/31/198705H
McCormick, Maurajackmaxxsdaughter127 –@— gmail.com7/28/19818/28/1984
McGowan, Daniel dmcgowan -@— cfl.rr.com4/15/19785/25/1981Civilian Tech Rep assigned to FSB, The Hill.
Meredith, Kelly Kellymeredith01 –at– aol.com3/21/19884/18/1991
Mike, Rick gatorrick96 –at– gmail.com7/14/19873/20/1990Military Police at T Berg
Mills, Bill wtm_1959 –at–  yahoo.com1/1/19781/1/1981
Murray, Randall D rdm41354 –at– yahoo.com7/1/19766/16/1979Worked the hill in the comm center
Murray, Sandra sandymurray24 –at– yahoo.com5/15/19834/14/1985
Nelson, Trevor 88trevor– AT –gmail.com11/1/198811/1/1990Team 4 Watchmate
Palubecki, Wayne wrp1010 –at– hotmail.com2/1/19839/1/1984
Pellington, Robert L. (Rob) rleep743 –at– hotmail.com11/1/196212/12/1964 78th USASA-SOU
Rawls, Bruce bruce.rawls –at–
Richards, Royruslan99_2000 –at– yahoo.com4/14/19884/13/1990
Ringstad, Kristi K kristi_ringstad –at– yahoo.com3/20/19804/20/1982
Rodeffer, Gary E.rodeffer1 –at– yahoo.com7/26/19877/26/1990
Rodriguez, Daniel letaa_rod –at– hotmail.com9/5/19839/4/1985Crypto Tech
Rolland, Chet chwc001 –at– tx.rr.com4/30/19785/1/198132F20 Fixed Ciphony Repair – Fixed Ciphony Team
Rouse, Robert rouse2k1 —-@— gmail.com6/1/1990Team 4
Rowe, Michael lunograd –at– yahoo.com9/5/19739/4/1975B & A Trick
Schoenradt, Thomas schoenradt_t –at– yahoo.com8/1/19847/1/1987German Linguist
Scott, Kevin R. kevin.scott –at– cyberscotts.net9/22/197711/16/1979
Seminski, Frank C. fseminski –at– aol.com8/1/19767/1/1990
Settle, Billbsettle76 -@— gmail.com2/1/19842/1/198705K/K9 T-Berg
Slingerland, Carl D. carl.d.slingerland –at–
Smith, Richard smittydidit –at– yahoo.com5/25/19878/31/1992What up Papa Section
Smith, Waynevbcamarillo –at– aol.com9/1/19808/1/198105H10
Strezo, Bruce bastrezo –at– hotmail.com2/1/19779/1/1979
Temples, Andrew (Andy)runutz98 –at– gmail.com6/11/19844/12/1987
Thalacker, Mark thalackermark –at– hotmail.com8/23/19904/4/1992
Thiel, Susann (Viafora) zeetwo98 –at– yahoo.com11/1/19795/1/1982
Tillman, Harry tillmanh –at– hotmail.com2/1/19732/1/1976also in A & B
Tucker, William william_tucker_708 –at– comcast.net4/10/19653/22/1969
Tuller, Robert rtuller –at– att.net8/18/19822/15/1984USACC Det INSCOM Berlin
Turner, Timothy tl4sa –at– hotmail.com11/1/197612/1/1978
Twaits, Lee ltwaits –@— msn.com2/1/1963
Vaughn, Bryan wbvaughn– AT –gmail.com12/20/198212/18/198505H
Vaughn, Thomas tcvaughn –at– hotmail.com2/1/198912/10/1991
Velie, Mike zark_101 –at– msn.com4/1/19705/14/1971
Warren, Ellis ellis.warren –at–
Warren, Ricky A.randalynn91 –at– yahoo.com4/1/19886/15/1992
Watts, Barry A.barrywatts –@— gmail.com12/2/19848/12/198798G German – S2
Whitt, James E whittjew –at– yahoo.com1/4/19899/12/1989
Wilkes, Keith kwilkes –at– newtonoconnor.com6/30/19816/30/1983
Williams, Deidre A. (Shingler) williamsdeidre –at– hotmail.com7/20/19857/1/1987
Willis, Brian K. brian.k.willis63 –at– gmail(dot)com3/1/19843/1/198631J Teletypewriter Repairer, worked 2d shift
Woods, Lynne woodslm79 –@— gmail.com7/6/19837/7/1985
Youngberg, Thomas denverradio –at– dejazzd.com4/15/19674/10/1969C Trick Crypto
Zahn, Clyde defreeed24 –at– hotmail.com9/1/19726/1/1974

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