Helmstedt Support Detachment

Helmstedt Support Detachment (HSD) – updated 12 February 2023
Basker, Jeffrey  jbasker –at– carolina.rr.com2/19/19892/19/1992 
Blume, Randy arbee7777 –at– aol.com10/29/19713/23/1974Sig Ofcr also XO & Ops 592 Signal Co.
Brown, Stephen L.steveb –at– imaglive.com1/10/19723/19/1973 
Carr, Patrick carrpat –at– comcast.net12/15/198612/10/1989 
Cimral, Tedt.cimral —@–aol.com2/5/19657/1/1967TC officer; ran RTO at Bahnhof.
Curnutte, William dcurnutte –at– bellsouth.net1/1/19721/1/1974Autobahn Operations Officer
Currie, Thomascurrietp —@–gmail.com4/1/19817/1/1981NCOIC
Daves, Jay jeda —@– umich.edu11/5/19691/15/1972 
Detweiler, Irwin Dennis crazycrone –at– hotmail.com3/25/19716/25/1972 
Ewald, John A. jhnwld– AT –yahoo.com1/1/19748/1/1975 
Gray, Lee D w3ldg –at– verizon.net1/1/19682/1/1969 
Gray, Thomas tgparktv –at– tampabay.rr.com3/10/19619/9/1962all radio repair  (#3000)
Highsmith, John jhigh1215 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19876/1/1988MP Section/Checkpoint Alpha
Hines, Chuck Chyck43 –at– yahoo.com1/1/19841/1/1987MP/Russian Interpretor at Checkpoint Alpha.
Horne, Randy RandyHorne1 –at– aol.com5/20/196510/3/1968CommCenter
Howard Jr., Tony W. tony.howard –at– us.army.mil1/5/198511/2/1991 
Jepsen, Gary L. [email protected]1/1/19821/1/1986NCOIC Checkpoint Alpha
Johnson, Johnjohn.johnson9 –at– us.army.mil10/22/198710/20/1990 
Klein, Jr., Francis J. woodsrunner –@— hotmail.com12/1/19706/1/1976Transportation NCO/Russian Interpreter
Klimes, Joseph jgklimes –at– hotmail.com12/2/197111/1/1975 
Knapheide, Donald G. knapheidedg –@– hotmail.com4/20/19689/3/1969Communications Center
Lattray, Gerry galbenzz –at– sbcglobal.net 5/23/1971 
Manley, Leonardbam417 —@– roadrunner.com1/2/196810/25/1970RTO & Comm Ctr
McCartt, Peterpmccartt —at–  cfl.rr.com10/7/19671/1/1969Supply Sargeant
McClanahan, James P mrjimmy2 –at– hotmail.com12/5/198312/1/1986 
McCown, Thomas J. mccowns –at– aol.com5/5/197211/1/1975287th Chkpt C
McLaughlinaplaceincyber –at– aol.com7/7/19873/2/1989 
McRee, Chad B. Chad-McRee –at– us.army.mil2/1/19894/1/1992also 287 MP 04/90-04/92
Osherhoski, Jim jimosh1 –at– aol.com12/15/19691/4/1971 
Perkins, Cy cyperkinsjr –at– comcast.net4/15/198512/15/1988 
Pietroboni, Robert masterpietro –at– hotmail.com1/15/198510/2/1987MP DESK SGT
Rossbach, Rogerrogerrossbach1963 –at– yahoo.com7/22/198411/5/1985 
Schafer, Roger A. RASchafer –at– aol.com11/1/19608/1/1964 
Sebastian, Roy rsebastian –at– mchsi.com8/17/19611/10/1964Berlin Brigade Helmstedt Support Detachment
Sexton, Grady sales –at– gradys.com7/1/19664/1/1972 
Sockrider, Vic vsockrider –at– comcast.net1/1/197112/1/1972 
Summe, Michael maiklsummy –at– gmail.com9/1/19724/1/1974Checkpoint Alpha MP and Russian interpreter
Vesic, Mike vesicmike –at– comcast.net11/10/19688/21/1971Russian German Interpreter M.P. Unit Historian

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