HHC Berlin Brigade

HHC Berlin Brigade (A-L) – updated 16 July 2023
Allen, Daviddallen –at– pmp(dot)org11/1/19717/1/1975
Alvarado, John Rpplcol06 –at– gmail(dot)com2/3/19862/21/1989RTO –  HHC BBDE Chief of RTO 1986-1989
Alves, Mikestinger1110 –at– cox(dot)net7/15/19919/15/1994ADA (Stinger) Plt
Arce, A Alex[email protected]1/1/19872/1/1990HQ, Office of the Commanding General, Berlin Brigade 
Asher, Rick rasher6659 –at– yahoo(dot)com7/1/19917/1/1994ADA (Stinger) Plt
Barnes, Brian Rbrbckc01 –@- aol.com5/16/19866/23/1989Past Commander of the VFW Post 10506
Barrett, ThomasTherapy143 –@– gmail.com7/19/19892/4/1993
Bartee, Brad A. bradbartee –at– hotmail(dot)com7/1/198810/25/1991
Basker, Jeffery jbasker –at– carolina.rr(dot)com7/1/19816/1/1984
Bates, Daniel G. Karindan1 –@— aol.com6/1/19929/1/1994USAREUR Regional Contracting Office, United States Berlin Command
Beam, Charles handloader99 –at — hotmail.com5/10/19704/20/1972Finance and Accounting Office
Behymer, Monika (Schmalenberger] monika8 –at– embarqmail(dot)com5/1/196812/31/1972Finance and Accounting Office
Billy (no last name provided)bnorthcut –at–  hotmail.com12/1/196812/1/1969AG Records
Blume, Heidiheiblume –at– gmail(dot)com10/1/19898/1/1992Radio Room, Commo Plt
Booker, Robert rbooker_04429 –at– yahoo(dot)com4/1/196710/1/1969G-2 Security
Borkoski, Sigmund J sborko —@— sbcglobal.net5/1/19646/1/1966The Berlin Brigade assignment I had with the United States Army was and still is a great experience.
Bowman, Gregorygregory.bowman1 –at– us.army.mil1/1/19877/15/1989G-2
Branlund, Robert rbranlund –at– gmail(dot)com1/1/19861/1/1988G-3 & DBC
Broad, Jamesjames.broad –@— cyber-recon.com2/4/19894/4/1991
Brown, Barbara BFRED88 –at– YAHOO(dot)com6/1/19885/1/1990
Brown, Michael R. Cabin2100 –at– gmail(dot)com1/1/198012/1/1986USCOB – Office USCOB Protocol
Brune, Larry D. larry.brune –at– hotmail(dot)com6/2/198212/15/1984
Bucklin, David davidbucklin –at– yahoo(dot)com1/7/19916/15/1994Commo PLT
Burtnett, Richard J.[email protected]10/1/19866/1/1990
Chalifoux, Richard J richard.chalifoux –at– sbcglobal(dot)net11/1/197610/1/1980
Cimral, Ted t.cimral –at– aol(dot)com7/1/19667/1/1967
Clayton, J.E.jec157 –at- sbcglobal.net6/1/19666/1/1968CINCUSNAVEURREPBER (US Navy)
Cleaver, Bobcleaverb –at– hotmail(dot)com10/1/196710/1/1969Finance and Accounting Office
Coady, Paul G cchpgc –at– yahoo(dot)com11/19/19715/21/1973Bn HQ
Cobb, John G.jgarteth –at–  gmail.com1/1/19801/1/1985ACofS, G-2
Comer. Dwayne Metteau H70C152 –@— aol.com7/13/20617/5/2063
Conner, Herbhdmbe5 —@— embarqmail.com2/1/19737/1/1976G-3 Operations
Cooley, John L.jcooley1147 —@– gmail.com12/2/19691/4/1971AG Postal Unit Main APO //HHC Special Troops, AG Div.
Coronado, Yoly yoly24seminole –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/197512/1/1975Post Gym on Andrews
Cottrell, Michaelcottrellmic28 –@- gmail.com1/5/19841/4/1986Transportation Division
Cummins, Patrick thecomyn –at– aol(dot)com
Dalton, Domenica djdalton58 –at– yahoo(dot)com10/10/198110/10/1983SIDPERS
Donndelinger, Jimjdonndelinger1 —@– yahoo.com11/23/19725/25/1975G-3 Training and Admim
Dorer, Brian[email protected]1/1/19821/1/1985EOC  returned in ’87 to ’90
Dreibelbis, Tom tdreibelbis –at– yahoo(dot)com12/14/19616/15/1963S-2
Eckerberg, Peter A manwithnoname –at– att(dot)net2/1/19916/4/1994
Ellis, Howard A.luftbrucke1 –at– aol(dot)com2/1/19492/28/1950Berlin Observer
Evans, Davedjevans77 –at- centurylink.net9/1/19663/3/1969 Andrews Barracks, RM 318
Farina, Cheryl (Keirstead)cherylfarina –at– ymail(dot)com4/14/198210/14/1983Dining Facility
Fitzgerald (Roberts), Phyllis A. fitzmiss –at– yahoo(dot)com5/1/19815/1/1985 ODCSI Clay Compound
Foreman, Perry PalmaCeiaBoys –at– msn(dot)com1/2/19766/12/1978
Fowler, Barbara barb13 –at– windstream(dot)net8/13/19697/1/1980Finance and Accounting Office
Frye, JohnJFrye13 –at– tampabay.rr(dot)com5/6/19716/20/1974USAG
Gaither, Gary D. gdgaither –at– gmail(dot)com1/1/19861/1/1994ACofS, G-2(then USMLM)
Genzel (Strangmann), Achim achim_deh –at– yahoo(dot)com5/15/196812/31/1993Dir of Eng & H  Util. Div./Eng. Plans & Svcs Div
Gerhart, Richardgerhart_richard –@— comcast.net9/15/19663/15/1969Supply & Service Division. Loved the duty over in Berlin
Gill, Lawrence Odbert –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19871/1/1988
Godfrey, Mikerangod85 –at— gmail.com7/1/19897/1/1992Company Commander
Grim, Paul paul.grim –at– us.army.mil12/2/19737/5/1975Finance and Accounting Office
Grabowiecki, Robertbob —@– bomardesignct.com4/15/19681/23/1970Berlin Engraver Nick name Witchy
Green, Robert Brucerbgreen @ fct4us.net6/1/19806/15/1982USACC
Guenther, Heinzhguenther911t —@— gmail.com1/1/19641/1/1961General’s Driver
Guy, Douglas dguy –at– provisionlogistics(dot)com3/1/19915/1/1993
Guyden, Thomast2guyden –@— gmail.com8/1/198910/1/1992
Hatfield, Duanedadco102751 –at– hotmail(dot)com3/1/197310/1/1975Chaplain’s Division
Hicks, Jacqueline jackieztalkradio –@— outlook.com1/1/19811/1/1982Berlin Brigade Motorpool 
Hiner, Charles Pchuck508 –@— yahoo.com7/15/19871/4/1990
Holman, Sanford E. sanford.holman –at– us.army.mil3/1/19839/1/1986Allied Staff
Jacob, JakeJake_jacob– AT –mail.com12/27/19927/8/1994287th MP Co.
Jones, Willard E. ahoskie –@— roadrunner.com12/28/19694/1/1972Postal Unit
Joseph, Jerryjdjtn– AT –comcast(dot)net6/1/19736/1/1976DCSI
Kelly, John J.jkelly3428 –at– aol(dot)com4/1/19856/1/1988G-3
Klinner, William (Billy)billy.klinner —@— gmail.com4/1/19719/16/1973Radio Branch
Kornutick, Peter W. pwkcpa –at– ptd(dot)net2/1/19713/1/1972
Lara, DanielDamdan007 —@– gmail.com10/14/19751/28/1978
LeBlanc, Dennisleblancdr –@- – live.com12/8/196810/20/1971G3 – Served with then SFC JC Moss, MAJ Gunter Rathnow. Looking for 1LT Terry Trimble
Lowsen, Sheree Bradley sheree1704 –@— aol.com1/1/196712/31/1968Teacher @ Berlin-American High Schoo
HHC Berlin Brigade (M-R) – updated 5 March 2023
Madsen, Pamela pjp1014 –at– hotmail(dot)com8/31/19747/21/1977Finance and Accounting Office
Makerick, Richardrkmliz -@— comcast.net1/3/19788/1/1979S-1
Martinson, Dennis George slimray30 –@— gmail.com9/1/19693/16/1972USCOB – Office of the Chief  of Staff, Berlin Brigade
Mawer, Howard K kent29542 –at– comcast(dot)net2/1/19618/1/1963AG Classified Control
McArdle, James jmcardle33 — @— gmail.com9/1/1986 AG
McCarty, Mario murdoc30 –at– yahoo(dot)com 7/18/1994 
McGuire, Desmond Pdesmcguire –at– yahoo(dot)com1/1/19601/1/1963Rec Center at Wannsee
McKim, Michael [email protected]7/1/19631/1/1965Office of DBC
McKinney, Ray nsnty4x –at– yahoo(dot)com11/15/19926/15/1994Commo
Metzler, Phil pmetz10212 –at– aol(dot)com1/30/19603/31/1963Postal Unit – Postal Ofcr & Admin. Svcs. Ofcr AG Staff
Michael J Bikmikbik –@— aol.com1/2/19672/18/2068AG – Personnel 
Michel, Johnmicheljohn –at– hotmail(dot)com2/10/19881/7/1992 
Miner, Anna T. annaminer –at– hotmail(dot)com12/1/197310/1/1976Reenlistment, DCSI
Muller, Frank mfs7672 –at– comcast(dot)net1/1/198610/1/1989G-3
Mullins, Andyandymullins –at– comcast(dot)net12/15/198411/7/1986521st Maint
Neyland, Mayo Wneylandbobbi49 –@– gmail.com6/1/19807/10/1984
Parr, Joeawrise95– AT –aol(dot)com2/1/19685/1/1969US Army Evaluation Unit
Parson, Clayton (Skip)Cl.parsons –@— yahoo.com6/16/19699/13/1971 
Perry, Davedaveperry –at– hotmail(dot)com1/17/19779/15/1979 
Pettit, Edward H. edsupusa –at– msn(dot)com1/25/19637/24/1965 
Pike, Frederick “Rick” W.Fwchatham –@— yahoo.com1/1/1967  
Piquero, Jose Jpiquero –at– optonline(dot)net4/1/19815/1/1982AG Postal
Plys, Martin mpparmy –at– gmail(dot)com10/1/198310/1/1986USCOB – Office of the US Commander Berlin
Poethke, Horsthpoethke –at– yahoo(dot)com1/8/19827/31/1985RTO Berlin Passnger & Freight Sec ITT Tour Guide
Pool ,Thomas W.twpool62 –@–  aol.com5/21/19865/26/1989 
Preissle, Frank ponkapp –at– gmail(dot)com2/1/19597/18/1961Berlin Observer – Sports Editor
Prill, Wilhelmina L. thebaybug– AT –yahoo.com10/1/199012/1/1993 
Ranfos, JoeRUF122000 –at– YAHOO(dot)com5/20/19701/18/1972Recon plt
Rangel Jr, Ernesto[email protected]8/1/19822/1/1987NCOIC Wannsee Recreation Centrr
Raymond, Janjanbo84043 –at– yahoo.com6/15/19836/5/1989Andrews Education Center and Central Texas College
Reese, Richard Essgre –@— yahoo.com1/10/19886/15/1993 
Reilly, Christopher Seancseansrg —@- gmail.com9/23/19838/15/1988G3, Berlin Return 10/20/1988 , 10/15/1991
Rickerman, Rick r_rickerman —@– yahoo.com1/5/19705/21/1971Finance and Accounting Office  Officers financial records
Roberts, Mark markrob904 –at– yahoo(dot)com5/21/198011/30/1981287MP 42Eng HHC
Roberts, Mary Angelo maryar –at– aol(dot)com10/1/19828/31/1985G-4 – Bde G-4
Rogers, Valetta reacz2 –at– yahoo.com2/12/19845/11/1987 HHD/CSB, 287MP, Brigade Trans Div
Roseboro, Linda A. roseboro –at– hughes(dot)net1/1/19801/1/1983 
Rynd, Billwrynd –at– yahoo(dot)com6/25/198410/1/1991G-4
Rynerson, Robert W. rw.rynerson –at– worldnet.att(dot)net9/1/19698/1/1971 
HHC Berlin Brigade (S-Z) – updated 12 February 2023
Saathoff, Lynn lynnsaathoff –at– embarqmail(dot)com4/26/19727/21/1973Finance and Accounting Office Pay Disbursement Specialist
Santiago, Jose M.jose.m.santiago –at– dhs.gov11/1/19857/1/1991 
Sato, Gregory mandu3 –at– hotmail(dot)com12/7/19745/22/1977 
Schmidt, Johnjschmidt —@– gtvinc.com7/15/19852/1/1988 
Seminski, Frank C  fseminski –at– aol(dot)com8/1/19767/1/1990ODCSI
Smith, FredMisterShuus –at– aol(dot)com3/20/197310/13/1975Postal Unit – Mailroom
Smith, Joseph leatherbro1000 –@— gmail.com11/1/19862/1/1992 
Sousa, David Anvraiderfan –at–  me.com4/1/19919/1/1995 also 287 MP & CSB
Sowell, Mikesowellm1– AT –mac(dot)comBerlin Observer – Editor
Spears, LaMonte laspears001 –at– msn(dot)com   
St John, Edwin gelderland –@— sbcglobal.net6/30/19626/30/1963
Stambaugh, Kelly CADESM –at– PTD(dot)net6/25/19886/25/1990FOOD SERVICE
Staso, Miketraveler790 –at– hotmail(dot)com1/1/19861/1/1988 
Steffen, Lynn nitropower100 –at– yahoo(dot)com2/1/19879/1/1990
Stoneburner, Garygarystoneburner —@– comcast.net10/1/197710/1/1980
Stout, Daniel R mowermandan –at– yahoo(dot)com5/28/19649/24/1967AG Postal G-1 Div
Swearngin, Thomas todoswear –at– aol(dot)com9/1/19664/1/1967ACA Air Control Bldg
Tebaldi, Harold T. HTomteb –at– aol(dot)com5/1/19702/1/1977Maint Div
Tetlow, Stanley setetlow –at– aol(dot)com1/1/19696/1/1971
Thorstad, Gary[email protected]5/1/19895/1/1992First Sergeant
Tuller, Robert Jeraldrjtuller1962 —@–gmail.com7/14/19821/14/1984COMM Center Specialist / USACC Det.
Varga-Sinka, Stephen T. svargasi -@- comcast.net1/6/19774/12/1980G3 Training Support Officer
Veal, John D. jdvealjr –at– yahoo(dot)com1/22/197312/7/1974 
Wesley, Bill fountainhead000 –at– cs(dot)com3/15/19743/15/1975 
Wheat, Donald H. dwheat1 –at– rochester.rr(dot)com10/1/19701/1/1972AG Msg Ctr
Woolard, Troy A.alexwoolard –at– hotmail(dot)com11/15/19904/15/1992

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