Service Company

Service Company – updated 8 October 2023
Alkula, Jacqueline E. jackie.alkula –at– juno.com3/2/19735/26/1976Special Troops
Barnes, Randy jlrlb –at– juno.com11/1/197611/1/1979Spc Troops
Bayless, Charles R CRBAYLESS –at— MSN.COM11/1/19608/1/1962
Bingham, Bruce brubing43 @ gmail.com9/18/19653/23/1967MOS; 76K30 Gen Spec. Quartermaster corps Specialist 4th Class
Branson, Fred bigkawi620 –at– yahoo.com6/1/19768/1/1979duty train interpreter
Caswell, Gregory cazmanaz –at– comcast.net1/27/19788/10/1980Service Company which converted to HHC.
Cholewa, Ted choltj –at– yahoo.com2/1/197112/22/1971
Christian, Glennglennc6 –at– cox.net1/1/196811/1/1970Special Troops, Col. driver/RTO
Cimral, Ted t.cimral –at– aol.com2/10/19658/1/1965
Day, Timothy  t.day1 –at– cox.net5/15/196910/15/1969Life Guard at Andrews Barricks Swimming Pool
Flach, Dwightdewhiteflash -@— gmail.com2/1/19738/7/1974Special Troops
Garbo, Bobbob –at– bomardesignct.com9/1/19681/1/1970Berlin Engraver
Gautsch, William bgautsch –at– charter.net11/1/19698/1/1971
Gibson, Don W. dwg7858 –at– yahoo.com3/1/19726/1/1974Huttenweg Ammo Dump EOD
Hartson, Donald donald.hartson –at– & I Div
Huelsman, Terry L. huelsy –at– charter.net7/20/19637/8/1965
Kellett, Gerald gkelt –at– yahoo.com8/18/19842/5/1986
Kennette, John Chris chriskennette –at– yahoo.com12/1/19761/1/1980Transportation Spec./Rail trans/Airport Liason
Kircher, Leonleonkircher0 —-@— gmail.com11/8/19746/30/1976HHC, Special Troops Bn
Klebar, Michael mklebar –at– aol.com1/1/19676/20/1969Wheel&Track Mechanic/Berlin Autobahn Alert Crew
Knox, Robert rlkj2003 —@– gmail.com1/20/19776/15/1979Supply Sgt for Service Company Spec. Troops Bn.
Lee, Steven Brianlee418 -at– comcast.net2/13/197310/23/1974Special Services
Lockhart Jr., Calvin c_lock004 –@— yahoo.com1/1/197112/1/1971Fire Control Instrument repairmen
Mastroserio, JosephJMASTRO35 –@– GMAIL.COM9/5/19614/1/1964Unit Cdr from 1963 to 1964
Overbaugh, Robert C. christelbob –at– yahoo.com6/1/19642/1/1966G2 Driver
Pagan, Arturonag714 –at– hotmail.com3/1/197510/1/1977Finance & Accounting Office
Perry, Dave daveperry –@— hotmail.com1/1/19778/1/1979
Peskoff, Malcolm malbase –at– hotmail.com3/15/19667/28/1969
Pirell, David lapsteel3 –at– aol.com9/1/19648/1/1966
Rice, BillWjrice949 –at– aol.com3/1/19704/1/1972Maint Div
Riley, George K. romayaw –at– cox.net1/1/19574/1/1959
Rodgers, Gary (Steve)steverodgers006 —@–gmail.com1/7/19676/19/1969CMMI inspector
Sopko, Lonnie (Johnson) lmsopko –at– yahoo.com7/13/19609/27/1962QM (ran the petroleum station)
Tarantino, Daniel W. berlin61 –@— yahoo.com5/15/19618/26/1962
Ward, Lennyltwardie –at– yahoo.com1/1/19731/1/1976 also in 40th Armor
Wilson, Gordoncjwilsonkit -@– verizon.net9/1/196611/27/1967

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