Unknown Units / Incomplete Entry Submissions

Allen, Daviddallen –at– pmp.org11/1/19717/1/1975 unk4/18
Armstrong, John B (Jack) jackarm –at– hotmail.com9/1/19708/1/1974Commo Spec. UNKNOWN
Arnold, Stewart sarnold30  –at–  yahoo.com   unk3/6
Auton, James Earl Autonj –@— yahoo.com1/1/19561/1/1958 unk6 INF
Bethea, Michaelmichaelbethea –@- msn.com7/15/19707/15/1971 HHCUNKNOWN
Blake, Charles hopemills3 –at– yahoo.com    UNKNOWN
Bratcher, Steve rudyzack2058 – at — gmail.com6/2/19776/20/1980unk4/6Maintenance Plt.
Bridgers, Dewey R. dbridgers –at– myglnc.com11/1/19692/1/1971Mortar PltAUNKNOWN
Broxton, Richie brock101 –at– hotmail.com5/18/19895/16/1993 Unk5/502
Carey, Frank whitehog69 —@— yahoo.com02’17/19792/4/1982was stationed at McNair barracksunk4/6
Carrazco, Ron roncarrazco  –at–  hotmail.com1/3/199012/15/1991 unk4/502
Conner, Kerry C cca60 –at–  outlook.com3/1/19873/1/1990ADA Platoon UNKNOWN
Cotten, Melvincotten050 –@- outlook.com7/7/19877/5/1990C Company
Crockwell, Margot MARGOT.SARACENO –at– ATT.NET3/26/1967   UNKNOWN
Dablock, Joseph joseph.dablock –at– yahoo.com12/31/19697/4/1971 CUNKNOWN
Dashjian, Gary gary-dashjian — @– sbcglobal.net1/16/19681/29/1969 A18inf
Davis, Jess Shannon sdavis7692 –at– aol.com12/1/19689/1/1970 unk4/18
DellaFave, Jamesjamesdellafave –@— gmail.com1/1/19793/1/1981TOW PLTUNKUNKNOWN
Diaz-Lagares, Ezraezra.diaz –@- outlook.com2/1/19893/1/1993HHCUNKNOWN
Dubay, Daryl ddubay2257  –at–  aol.com8/1/197211/1/1975Motor PoolUNK4/6
DePuy, Philflyrc101 -@– gmail.com8/15/19744/15/1976MOS 71T20UNK3/6
English, Lonnie callmenglishle –at– msn.com1/1/198712/1/1989member of Honor GuardUnk
Ernst, Fred corpfe50 –at– hotmail.com2/1/19715/1/1972 HHCUNKNOWN
Fager, Harold eking750 –at– gmail.com1/1/19691/1/1970 AUNKNOWN
Farmer, Kevin blindkev –at– aol.com9/1/19882/1/1992 BUNKNOWN
Faurie, Leslie L lwfaurie57  –at–  gvtc.com1/15/195011/1/1952also in Co. L 16th Infunk3/6
Follas, Terrance L tfollas1 –@— comcast.net3/1/19707/1/1971 unk4/18
Fulbright, Christopher sonofsasquatch –at– hotmail.com10/20/19924/14/1994 HHCUNKNOWN
Gallimore, James james_gallimore –at– yahoo.com10/22/19823/23/1984 HHCUNKNOWN
Garcia, Angel W.mr.goyito –at– hotmail.com5/13/19851/22/1987STINGER PLT.HSCUNKNOWN
Gibson, Anthonytonygg –@— icloud.com11/1/19908/1/1993 HQUNKNOWN
Gibson, Vernon C. vern  –at–  duganinc.com6/1/196312/1/1965Reconunk2/6
Halinski, Edithhatinwashingtonstate –at– yahoo.com 8/19/1992  UNKNOWN
Harding, R.A.eriesloop1 —@– aol.com6/1/197312/1/1974AT PlatoonCSCUNKNOWN
Hassenboehler, Timothy byronhassen –at— hotmail.com 9/7/1993 UNK6/502
Hasty Jr., James L. jastwo –at– gt.rr.com6/1/19532/1/1955Line Medic UNKNOWN
Hehir Jr, John J. jhehir –at– comcast.net9/1/19631/1/1965 HHCUNKNOWN
Helige, Larry larimus –at– yahoo.com1/1/19831/1/1984Comm UNKNOWN
Henry, Robert jeriwayne –@— bellsouth.net8/1/1964 I was in 3rd squad of the mortar platoon.  I was gunner on the 4.2 mortar about the last 5 months before rotating.unk2/6
Herrera, Roberto bobbyherrera –at– aol.com1/1/19831/1/19853 Pltunk6/502
Hish, John H.johnfishcares —@— gmail.com1/1/19681/1/1969 2 Bn1st Inf?
Horvath III, George L.ghorvath1 -@– live.com1/15/19611/15/1965Had a wonderful first tour. Spent 32 years in the Army. Ended as thr CSM of Army Europe.
Jacombs, Rebecca bex_1973 –at– hotmail.com1/1/19901/1/1994  UNKNOWN
Jenkins, Richard cosmo631 –@— gmail.com1/1/1961 APC Driver, also was Colonel’s driver for a few months before rotating.HHCUNKNOWN
Kaylor, John H.BamaBelleRc  –at–  aol.com1/15/19533/6/1954 unk3/6
Keller, Lloyd E. LnDKell71 –at– aol.com4/18/19626/30/19621st Bg 26th Inf TDY augmenting 47th InfUnk
King, Daryldsknco —@— hotmail.com1/1/19801/1/1983unk3/6
Lara, DanielDamdan007 –@— gmail.com9/15/19751/28/1978 unk4/6
Leville, David Rossdavidleville —@– yahoo.com4/19/19596/12/1961unkUNKNOWN
Lockhart, Steve D. slock12543 –at– yahoo.com2/19/19659/1/1966  UNKNOWN
Mace, Walter waltmace –at– gmail.com10/28/19771/14/1980 BUNKNOWN
Madrigal, Carlos M. rrmcu –at– hotmail.com1/1/19881/1/1991 unk5/502
Mars III, Harry harry.marsiii –at– us.army.mil5/1/19892/10/1992S-4unk6/502
Medina, Elfido elfidomedina  –at–  hotmail.com6/10/19766/12/1978UNK4/6
Milbrodt, Patrick patrick.milbrodt –at- gmail.com11/9/19927/1/1994UNK5/502
Miller, Thomastomschobee –@— att.net5/1/1975  4.2 Mortar PltUNKNOWN
Moon, Thomas tmoon –@— bellsouth.net3/1/198211/1/1983Unk6/502
Moore, William C. Dial911inVegas –at– aol.com1/1/19675/1/1968G-1  Plans & OperationsHHCUNKNOWN
Moran, Joseph Daniel moran9643 –@— sbcglobal.net2/1/19702/1/19715th of the 3rdUNKNOWN
Morgan, Jefferson bunkerboy69  –at–  gmail.com   Unk4/502 
Morris, Carl V. REDGLDWGRIDER –at– AOL.COM1/1/19898/1/1992 CSCUNKNOWN
Nelson, Larry R. harleyandcharlie53 –at– gmail.com6/1/197910/10/1980unkBBN: 6TH INFANTRY BATTALION 
Oakley, DuaneDoakley2469 @ comicast.net7/29/19632/15/1964UNKNOWN
Picart, Jose picartpryde –at– hotmail.com11/21/199111/21/1993  UNKNOWN
Pray, Douglas E dprayjr –at– charter.net8/2/19848/2/1990TOW PltCSCUNKNOWN
Pulley,  Leonardpulley291 —@– hotmail.com5/13/197410/9/1976Best duty assignment, still remember it. Sad how the area looks now.  I wonder if the bar out the back is still there.A 
Rohan, Richard J.rjrohan –@-  aol.com2/20/19669/2/1967HHCUNKNOWN
Samuel[email protected]6/15/19835/30/1987 CUNKNOWN
Seiler, John j.seiler –at– charter.net7/15/196312/12/1965  UNKNOWN
Shannon, Robert rshannon61 –at– gmail.com10/1/198112/20/1984Commo PltUNKNOWN5/502
Shay, Jon jon.shay –at– yahoo.com8/1/19733/1/1976UNKNOWN
Shepherd, Ken ksheph –at– yahoo.com9/1/19775/1/1980AUNKNOWN
Smith, Harold “Smitty” hfsjr52 –at– hotmail.com6/1/19711/1/1973assigned to Inf Co. worked @ F&AO w/ Maj. GriffeyHHCUNKNOWN
Smith, Johnsjohn0724 —@— yahoo.com12/1/1974Hello Brothersunk3/6
Smith, Jr., Thomas F. SmittyKool — @— yahoo.com7/24/19889/1/1994UNK4/502
Stangel, Dan tomkarrs –at– yahoo.com    UNKNOWN
Strauther, Darryldarrylstrauther –@— yahoo.com2/1/1979 INFORMATION  ABOUT THE SOLDIER THAT  JUMPED  FROM THE THIRD FLOOR BARRACKS IN 1979 OR 1980 4 BATTALION  6 INFANTRY UNK4/6
Susan M Vettedavesusankeller –@— outlook.com2/1/19802/1/1983 HHCUNKNOWN
Swaniger, Jim jrswaniger –at– aol.com12/8/19636/6/1966CUNKNOWN
Trinca, Joejtrinc24 —@–gmail.com1/1/19738/28/1975CO DriverUNKUNKNOWN
Uphouse, Richard ridaup –at- yahoo.com   C-4UNKNOWN
Valdez, Juan vlasvaldez —-@– yahoo.com   UNK4/502
Weckesser, Robertrgweck –at– hotmail.com11/1/19709/1/1972CUNKNOWN
Wilbanks, Ted L. tlwilb -@– aol.com4/14/19804/14/1983CSC heavy weapons specialistUNK3/6
Woodard, Ronald ronnancy –at– bellsouth.net1/1/19761/1/1981 B-3/11UNKNOWN
Worthington, Jarrod jworth69 –at– gmail.com3/1/19904/1/1993also in 42nd Engineersunk5/502
Wright, Bobbybobbywright –@— knology.net1/1/19616/1/1964unk4/18

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