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Andrew Smithmorcoth01 –at– aol.com1/1/19921/1/1994 HHC
Darrell Shorterdshorterd –@— gmail.com11/5/19925/5/1994Berlin Tech Control Facility
Deirdre G. Lowderdeirdre.lowder –at– & Officer Records Mgr
James E. Whittwhittjew –at– yahoo.com10/12/199212/1/1994  
Jeffrey Parksjparks1966 –at– gmail.com6/1/199410/1/1991also in MEDDAC
Kristie Proykristie.proy –at– HHC
Priscilla Gonzalezprissy367 –at– aol.com4/15/19918/20/1994  
Rodger R. Cameronrodgerreoc –at– aol.com5/19/19893/30/1993CCMF 
Scott Whitelast email address not working8/1/19937/15/1994 HHC
Timothy Mark Knochknocht –@- att.net1/3/19901/3/1993Best assignment of my army career.

If you do not see your information please consider having your contact info added to the REGISTRY.
Please use the NEW REGISTRY SUBMISSION page to provide the following information:
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• Your Unit Assigned:
• Date Arrived Berlin:
• Date Departed Berlin:
• OPTIONAL – What was your assignment/what did you do in Berlin? (i.e., 3rd Plt M60 Gunner)
• OPTIONAL – What State do you currently reside?

IMPORTANT: Do NOT contact anyone listed on this page with unsolicited services or offers.